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How It Works:

This simple process has helped thousands to harness the power of therapeutic psychedelic experiences.

Empowerment Through Learning

The most capable psychedelic journeyer is also the most knowledgable. Use our free educational resources to learn everything you need to know to have an impactful psychedelic experience.

Meet Your Practitioners

Our network ensures experience and quality, but you need to find a practitioner to connect with on a personal level. Our unique matchmaking process helps you find the right fit.

Experience Psychedelics With Professional Support

Your psychedelic practitioner will help you figure out what substance, dosage, and type of experience is best for you. Work together to cultivate the tools and skills needed to navigate your psychedelic state and ignite your healing process.

Continue Growing In Community

The time following your psychedelic experience is where you create real life change. This practice, called Integration, is more impactful when done in community.

“I can’t think of any safer way, or anyone more competent with whom you can journey into this realm than with Psychedelic Passage.”

– Greg C.

Client Success Stories:

“I’m so happy to be experiencing these emotions…psilocybin activated a part of my brain that I was 100% unaware of”

“I wanted to focus on my family…it translated my intellectual intentions into a lasting feeling”

I was connected to my facilitator through Psychedelic Passage, and together we embarked upon a total of five calls, as well as the journey itself. My facilitator also texted me regularly, always taking the time to give me genuine, detailed responses, that were specific to me.

I had been experiencing an overall decline in my happiness and purpose over the past years, and with the help of plant medicine, and my facilitator’s expertise and insights, I was able to identify some of the misplaced value systems I had been living by, that were not serving me.

The experience has helped me tremendously, in terms of seeing that true change is possible, that I do not need to live in the past, and that I do not have to judge how well I am doing in life, based on societal standards. These things may seem intuitive, but often we can become stuck in thought, and not realize our true nature or purpose… this is true for me at least.

Sarah F.

It is with great pleasure that I write in support of Psychedelic Passage and especially of the facilitator they connected me to. Beginning with the consultation call, the process from start to finish was smooth, organized, and, most importantly, conducted with loving kindness. My facilitator was able to arrange a payment plan that met my financial needs, allowing me to access a psychedelic journey that has been life changing.

Throughout my experience, I felt profoundly supported. From starting off each meeting with a meditation to checking in periodically before, during, and after the experience, my facilitator helped me to feel prepared and grounded. They were extremely knowledgeable and, as I was a first time psychedelics user, presented the information in an easily relatable way that put my mind at ease. My facilitator was warm and present throughout the process and worked from both a place grounded in scientific research and psychology, as well as from an incredible intuition.

During the ceremony itself, my facilitator knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it. I felt safe, well taken care of, and loved. Having my facilitator supporting me throughout the experience was fundamental to my letting go and learning what I needed to. After the session, they were extremely helpful in making sense of the experience, understanding its meaning in my life moving forward, and suggesting practices and resources that might help me continue my journey. I will forever have deep gratitude for Psychedelic Passage and for my facilitator!

Charlie D.

This was my first psychedelic experience and I am very happy it was through Psychedelic Passage. From the first consultation, everything was clear and concise what to expect and what a strong influence intention is.

35 days after, this is the longest I have ever been off SSRIs in my life. I have been more active, healthy, social and motivated in my career than in many years if ever. Nothing about this feels temporary, I am now able to influence my own thought patterns and adjust as needed rather than a constant state of flight or medicated dullness. It is new as a long term SSRI consumer but being able to influence your own day to day is a true superpower that I forgot I possessed since I was a kid.

Hannah V.

As an executive, I was looking for a professional and credentialed service that would also respect my need for confidentiality. I had been thinking about this type of journey inside the mind for some time, and after interviewing four guiding services, selected Psychedelic Passage. The experience was everything I had hoped for, and my facilitator was a great listener, a tremendous guide, and in the end a friend and confidant that I trust with one of my most sacred assets – my mind. I intend to leverage Psychedelic Passage services once a year to “baseline” and continue my work to become the best version of myself possible.

James A.

It’s been almost 4 months since my ceremony, and my life remains transformed for the better. My work is flowing quite smoothly and without the usual anxiety; I’m more relaxed, light-hearted, aware, and compassionate; and I’m even in a loving relationship with my then-friend who was my emergency contact for the ceremony (your results may vary). 

There’s no other way to say it than this: psychedelics changed everything. That day is the dividing point in my personal history. There’s only before it and after it. But I can’t stress enough my belief that if you are going to use these potent substances, you MUST have a well-trained, responsible, and sober guide with you. The potential risks, for me at least, seem as large as the potential benefits, and a good guide will help you minimize the risks and maximize the benefits. 

Charlotte N.

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