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Register for Free Intro Q&A: 4/24/24: 4:30 PST

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Who We Are

We're Nick and Jimmy and in 2019 we founded Psychedelic Passage to provide psychedelic facilitation services to those in need. We quickly realized that undereducated consumers were susceptible to abuse, ineffective journeys, and misinformation. In response, we began advocating for those seeking treatment. We turned our shared practice into a network of high-quality facilitators across the country. We provide educational resources, live Q&A's, integration sessions, and facilitator matchmaking services. We're happy you're here.


“If you're considering doing this for a first time or even a first time in this way, I can't think of any safer way, or anyone more competent with whom you can journey into this realm than with Psychedelic Passage.”

- Greg C.

“The level of professional competence and awareness shown, informed by traditional medicine and psychological training, leaves me with full confidence in the program offered by Psychedelic Passage.”

- Rev. David W. Rennard, LCSW, CSAT-S. DCC

“If you feel at an impasse with regular therapy and are serious about doing the work of healing, I recommend doing this, and especially recommend Psychedelic Passage to guide the process.”

- Samantha G.

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