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Seeking Psychedelic Assisted Therapy?

We'll connect you with a trusted provider who facilitates psilocybin treatment in the comfort of your home—anywhere in the U.S.

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A facilitator or treatment that isn’t a good match can have detrimental consequences to your well-being.

We exist to help you find a
facilitator you can actually trust.

All you need to have professionally supported psychedelic treatment in the U.S.

For $49 you get access to

Step 1​

A consultation call. Where we get to know your situation, and you get answers.

You will speak with an individual who is highly knowledgeable on the psychedelic space. We will get to know you and your situation and you’ll have all your questions answered.

Learn more about our call >

Step 2

Concierge guidance as an ally from start to finish. A liason between parties.

We serve as an independent body that moderates the network of facilitators who all have their own private practice, which means we can advocate for you without a conflict of interest.

Learn more about our concierge service >

Step 3

Referrals to pre-vetted facilitators that meet your unique needs.

We take into account over 20 different variables surrounding your needs, wants, and preferences around facilitators. Things like gender, availability, specialty, medication, and ability to travel.

Step 4

Pay your facilitator and have a ceremony or start microdosing.

Your facilitator will take you through a health screening and intake process to help ensure psychedelics are right for you and that they have the expertise needed to take you through one of our programs.

In the comfort of your own home

You choose the location--either traveling to a facilitator or doing the session in a private residence.

We prioritized accessibility​

Our network operates on a tiered pricing model and many facilitators offer financial assistance.

You choose your substance

Facilitators can provide psilocybin in Colorado. You provide your substance in other states.

Our service is 100% legal

Psychedelics are still federally controlled substances. You assume all the risk associated with possessing and consuming.

Book your consultation call for $49 and we answer all your questions

Let’s take the first step in your psychedelic journey, together.

Testimonials from 750+ successful ceremonies

See what our journeyers say​


About Psychedelic Passage​

Everything about why we exist, who is behind the organization, and what we stand for.

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Our approach & philosophy

Learn about our healing philosophy and the approach our facilitators take when working with clients.

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Our services

Our way of working has been proven to work. See why thousands of people have engaged with our services

Read our Articles

Research-based education, anecdotal reports, and how-to articles that provide you with actionable advice. Find all you need to know about psychedelics and what they can do for you here.

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Listen to podcasts​

For those who prefer listening over written word, we created our own podcast. Our podcast was in the top 5% most shared globally on Spotify. We cover all you want to know about psychedelics.​


Frequently asked questions

Questions most of our clients ask

Our programs can benefit anyone who seeks healing and/or growth through intentional psychedelic use. Many of our clients feel stuck and are motivated to do whatever it takes to change. Others are curious about what lies beyond the veil of perception and are interested in deepening their spiritual practices. Facilitators in our network have worked with clients who are looking to address: anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, personal growth, spiritual exploration, clarity of purpose, and more. If you’re curious whether we can help, we encourage you to book a consultation with us.

This is a highly personal decision and the answer depends on your unique situation. That said, most of our clients choose to work with psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms. However, we have facilitators in our network that will sit with nearly any psychedelic substance. For more information on the various medicines, we’d suggest reading our complete Guide on How to Choose the Right Psychedelic Substance.

Our network of guides has facilitated over 750+ journeys through Psychedelic Passage.

If you’re an experienced facilitator looking to join our network, please visit the Join Our Network page and complete the application to get the vetting process started.

A network of only the best facillitators

We’ve established comprehensive facilitator vetting protocols that hold facilitators to a higher standard than is required by the state for licensure. They include mechanisms that remove bad actors.

“The level of professional competence and awareness shown, informed by traditional medicine and psychological training, leaves me with full confidence in the program offered by Psychedelic Passage.”

Rev. David W. Rennard, LCSW

Book your consultation call for $49 and we answer all your questions​

Let’s take the first step in your psychedelic journey, together. ​

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