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Alex Nelson

Minneapolis, MN

I am a plant medicine facilitator, life coach, entrepreneur, and the host of the Through The Veil podcast. I’ve spent the last 7 years working with clients using plant medicines (primarily psilocybin), a calling I felt deeply after curing myself of alcoholism in 2012 through deeply intentional ceremonial work.
My journey has led me on all sorts of twists and turns; starting and selling an asphalt business, working as general manager of a manufacturing company, competing in Muay Thai, and finally settling into my current calling, helping others wake up to their full potential. My deepest commitment is to help people to uncover the tools and skills they have within themselves for healing so that they can live their best life unburdened by trauma.
I consider myself a perpetual student on how people work, how lasting change is created, and how the psychedelic experience can be optimized for our modern day society. I’ve learned from various different types of ceremonies and master healers, taking little pieces from all sorts of lineages to create a container that is not only deeply sacred, but also effective in our current day. It’s one of my core beliefs that each person is their own best healer, and that my highest calling as a facilitator is to hold compassionate non-judgemental space for the individual to go on their own hero’s journey.
In my spare time, I love to read, practice martial arts, be outdoors hiking or snowboarding, lift weights, and spend time with friends. On any given day you can probably catch me cackling like an idiot with my younger brother, or dancing around to any of the music I love. I have a deep belief in the power of play and joy as healers of the highest order, and as such try not to take myself too seriously.

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