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Debbie Sostman Headshot

Debbie Sostman

Baltimore, MD

Debbie Elise (she/her) is a certified psychospiritual and psychedelic integration coach, psilocybin retreat facilitator, and plant medicine guide. 

Through her clinical experience at Johns Hopkins Psychedelic Research Center, facilitation work at Mycomeditations psilocybin retreat, and experiences working with both Psychedelic Passage and the Fireside project, Debbie has gained a multi-disciplinary understanding of trauma, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and collective patterns within the human experience.

From witnessing the intricacies of others’ healing, to experiencing the depth of her own, Debbie withholds that psychedelic medicine used in a western container is best supported with methods that bridge unconscious material to the conscious realm. Her approach therefore draws from internal family systems, jungian-depth psychology, and somatic and mindfulness-based techniques.

Outside of her work with plant medicine, Debbie is both a student and teacher of ashtanga yoga, an avid kundalini and breathwork practitioner, artist, rock climber, hoop dancer, singer, and impassioned world traveler. She loves practicing the Spanish and Hebrew language, reading ethnographies, cooking plant-based meals, and most of all, laughing with her friends.

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