Nick Atlas Headshot

Dr. Nick Atlas

Berkshire, MA

I’ve been exploring psychedelics for over 25 years and have had over one hundred personal experiences with a variety of medicines and in a wide range of settings. After a breakthrough with psilocybin in 2001 and following a dear friend’s tragic brain injury, I quit my job at a New York City law firm, dedicated my life to the healing arts, and began supporting others on their transformational journeys.

I went on to travel the world for nearly a decade, studying kundalini yoga, meditation and dreamwork in-depth. Upon returning to the U.S. in 2012, I earned a PhD in Psychology from the University of West Georgia, where I also apprenticed under a master counselor for three years. In particular, my research focused on how we heal through visionary states of consciousness, including lucid dreaming and psychedelic experiences, by learning to “let go,” process embodied trauma, and just “be.” 

Currently, I serve as the Director of Evolutionary Education®, through which I lead a variety of personal & professional trainings, and work one-on-one with clients in any number of capacities, including psychedelic-assisted facilitation, life coaching, sleep & dream work, and ecotherapy. I am also Faculty Chair and an Instructor of Psychology at Atlantic University, the producer of “Earthbeat” (a climate-activism initiative), a musician, photographer, and author of The Light Travelers, a memoir detailing my own “heroic journey.”

While I am available to travel worldwide for ceremony, I am based in the beautiful, Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts (approx. 2 hours from Boston and 3 hours from NYC), am happy to help you find an AirBnB in the area, and invite you to enjoy nature immersion within my private, 25-acre riverside retreat as part of your ceremony and integration experience.