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Sarah Hope

Colorado Springs, CO

Sarah Hope is a guide, teacher, nature connected coach and entheogenic priestess. She has been guiding and leading ceremony for the last 8 years.

Sarah teaches courses on entheogenic guideship and microdosing. She specializes in guiding people through major life transitions such as divorce, menopause, and empty nest. 

Sarah can help you reconnect to your true nature and assist in your healing by recognizing that you are already whole. She will help you release yourself from the past traumas that bind your life force so you can begin living into the fullness of your unique existence.  

Sarah also leads retreats for spiritual and cultural exploration in sacred spaces in Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Sarah has studied with guides and medicine women in Oaxaca and Central Mexico. She holds degrees in Psychology, Spanish, and Education as well as trainings in Nature Connected Coaching, Gestalt, Partswork, and various entheogenic and earth-based traditions.

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