If you're like us, you've likely already tried to address these feelings with...

But if those didn’t work…odds are you still feel like something is missing…

While these are healthy changes, they don’t always result in lasting change.

That’s because there is a difference between conceptually knowing what you need to do and then actually putting those actions into practice.

In fact, you may find yourself on the road to positive change one day only to find yourself back to your destructive habits, limiting beliefs, and egotistical behavior a few weeks later.

Psychedelics have the ability to uncover the subconscious root cause of your symptomatic habits and work best when deployed alongside these tactics above (think of it like a packaged deal).

You've probably also tried not-so-positive techniques such as...

And those definitely didn’t work…

These destructive tendencies are simply coping mechanisms that fail to address the core problem…

Are you making one of these excuses?

(This is your ego working against you)

We’re not here to say if any of those excuses are valid…

But what we do know is if you let yourself continue on your current trajectory, you will inevitably get the same unfulfilling result

This is what happens when you let fear keep you from the psychedelic right of passage: 

NOW is the time to take responsibility for your life and to step into your true power…

And we’re here to help facilitate that process using psychedelics as a tool for lasting, transformational change.

Are You Ready For an Intentional Psychedelic Experience?

Are you ready to overcome your fear and step into your true power?


The Success of Our Clients is Proof That This Program Works

I read Michael Pollan’s book “How to Change Your Mind” and I was interested in trying ketamine to treat my depression, but I had no clue where to start. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information online and I felt like I couldn't get clear, personalized advice but Psychedelic Passage’s one-on-one coaching program led me through the process with ease. I felt comfortable along the way and couldn't be happier with the results!
Chris H.
Thanks again for your guidance and mentorship! It feels so much better to be connecting with my life again rather than trying to control it and then condemning myself when it doesn’t go according to plan. I would not have felt comfortable pursuing the psychedelic experience alone—I’m so happy to have found you!
Molly S.
I had a “bad trip” in the past and the trauma of that experience prevented me from pursuing another psychedelic journey. Through Psychedelic Passage’s mentorship program, I was able to understand that difficult is not the same as bad. In fact, I was able to connect the dots and realize that my challenging experience was essential to my personal growth.
Adam C.

Thousands of people are using psychedelics each day to self-actualize, treat depression & anxiety, work through PTSD, inspire creativity, or to see what’s on the other side of the veil. Letting fear stop you from this type of healing is to ignore what your soul needs in exchange for what your ego wants; perceived safety.

You can thoughtfully prepare for these experiences so you aren’t
caught off-guard if they occur and have the tools to work through the
experience should they arise.

Rather than denying yourself the psychedelic experience altogether, we believe in adequate preparation
instead. Prior to embarking on a psychedelic trip, it’s crucial to
understand how these substances work and to have a framework to guide
you through when things get tough. 

For instance, you may have set an intention, but your trip sitter
(who’s your friend) is not trained in harm reduction, nor do they have
the mental, emotional, or spiritual capacity to hold space for you. Or
perhaps you ate a tab of LSD at a concert expecting to dance the night
away, only to find out you didn’t adequately prepare to address the
skeletons in your closet that inevitably arose under the influence of

Feeling understood, loved, and supported can make all the difference between a spiritual awakening and a psychotic break.

Regardless, we understand that finding a psychedelic mentor isn’t always easy to find given that many of these substances are still illegal and socially taboo. Plus, it’s hard to find someone that you feel comfortable opening up to with similar experiences and needs.

So where do you go for help? How do you find a coach regardless of distance or geography? How do you avoid feeling isolated when your friends may not understand your profound experience?