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Jimmy’s Psychedelic Story: Spiritual Surgery & Birthing

In a transformative psychedelic journey, Jimmy transcended into a realm of healing astral surgery and symbolic rebirth, alongside essential reflections on intentions, preparation, and profound takeaways.

Embracing trust in intuition, afterglow introspection, and building a nuanced relationship with psychedelic medicine, Jimmy’s experience underscores the delicate balance between intention setting and profound surrender to the unknown.

Our co-founder, Jimmy Nguyen, decides to take a brief hiatus from the usual content to delve into the intricacies of his recent psychedelic experience. This article provides readers with a rare, intimate look into Jimmy’s personal journey with psychedelics.

The story unfolds with Jimmy recounting his anticipation for a psychedelic journey, carefully chosen after a period of reflection and integration from his last psilocybin experience in fall 2020. This narrative beautifully intertwines Jimmy’s professional expertise with his personal exploration, revealing the nuanced process of preparing for such an experience, including the choice of a sitter who balances personal connection with professional detachment.

As the story progresses, Jimmy vividly describes undergoing a transformative psychedelic experience that he likens to a spiritual surgery, involving deep emotional processing and encounters with various entities. This profound journey leads him to a symbolic ‘birthing’ process, from which the essence of Psychedelic Passage is reborn, symbolizing growth and new beginnings both personally and for the organization.

Jimmy’s reflections provide actionable insights into the importance of setting intentions, the value of giving experiences space to unfold, and the utility of building a relationship with psychedelic substances over time. His account serves as a reminder of the power of psychedelics to facilitate deep healing and personal growth, emphasizing the significance of preparation, support, and integration in these journeys.

This article is inspired by our insightful podcast episode hosted by Psychedelic Passage co-founder, Jimmy Nguyen, which you can listen to on all streaming platforms. 

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Key Takeaways

      • Trust your intuition and embrace the unpredictable nature of psychedelic journeys to navigate complex emotional and spiritual landscapes effectively.

      • Utilize the afterglow period post-experience for introspection, integration of insights gained during the journey, and finding affirmation in major life choices.

      • Foster a gradual and meaningful relationship with psychedelic substances over time to deepen understanding, self-awareness, and personal growth.

      • Psychedelic Passage: Your Psychedelic Concierge — The easy, legal way to find trustworthy psilocybin guides, facilitators and psychedelic-assisted therapy near you in the United States.

    Learning to Balance Intentions for Psychedelic Journeys

    Our Co-Founder Jimmy Nyugen opens the conversation by sharing his experience leading up to his latest psilocybin journey, wherein lies a lesson about intentions. 

    It started with an ayahuasca experience 18 months ago, a few months later Jimmy feels a calling, a sense of urgency that’s drawing him to have a psilocybin ceremony.  

    A host of various life events, from heartbreak to the birth of his nephew, gave him powerful content to explore, but ultimately he intuitively felt that it was not the right time, leading to postponement of the ceremony over and over again.

    By the time everything aligned for a psilocybin ceremony to happen, Jimmy realized that all the intentions he wanted to bring into the experience, things he sought relief, clarity and answers from, had dissipated and resolved themselves. 

    This prompted him to move into his experience with more of a blank slate, which sounds counter-intuitive because of the emphasis we often put on preparation and intentions for a psychedelic experience. 

    While intentions are still important to set a container and give the experience a purpose, Jimmy warns us not to be too rigid in our intentions. 

    Allowing for the potentiation of the unknown while also remaining clear, direct and focused in your intentions is a balancing act that can be extremely beneficial for your experience. 

    Finding The Right Sitter

    Jimmy’s ideal sitter is an experienced sitter who knew him in a personal or intimate context, but was not in his everyday life. Avoiding someone from your everyday life will ensure that they are not directly affected by the content that comes up.

    “It kind of reminds me of the Earth’s distance from the sun. Meaning that there’s just this perfect spot to where we get enough light, and we get enough, you know, energy from the sun. It’s not too far away, where it’s too cold. It’s not too close, where things scorch. It’s within what, you know, they call The Habitable Zone. So I was really trying to choose a sitter that was in The Habitable Zone.”

    To Jimmy, it was important to find a sitter that was most conducive to a flourishing journey by having a good bond and knowing the psychedelic landscape, and he found just that. 

    With intuition on his side, he decided on an individual who was a founding member of the Zendo Project, signaling a depth of experience in handling intense and complex psychedelic situations, which was crucial for Jimmy. 

    Despite the sitter’s limited private facilitation experience, their personal qualities—being sufficiently unconventional without being overly rigid—aligned perfectly with Jimmy’s preferences and his specific needs. 

    Experimenting With Mushroom Preparation: Lemon Tek

    Jimmy Nguyen’s recent psychedelic experience involved a carefully planned intake of psilocybin through a two and a half gram chocolate gifted to him, supplemented with an additional gram of dried mushrooms.

    He chose to employ lemon tekking for the additional gram of dried mushrooms, a method where ground-up psilocybin mushrooms are soaked in lemon juice. 

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    This technique is believed to facilitate the conversion of psilocybin into psilocin, the substance primarily responsible for the psychedelic effects, by using the citric acid and vitamin C in the lemon juice to break down the mushroom biomass. 

    This pre-digestion potentially eases the physical strain on the stomach and can shorten the overall duration of the psychedelic experience.

    During his session, Jimmy reported that the effects set in rapidly, within approximately 15 minutes, faster than typical onset times for psilocybin, which can range from 30 to 45 minutes. 

    He attributed this quick onset to the Lemon Tek method. Despite the total dosage adding up to three and a half grams, he noted that the intensity of the experience felt stronger, possibly due to the potency of the “hillbilly” strain of mushrooms used, or to a personal sensitivity. 

    The peak of Jimmy’s psychedelic journey lasted until about 8:30 PM, starting from around 5:00 PM, marking a relatively shorter intense period compared to the usual four to six hours.

    Following this, he entered an afterglow phase lasting two to three hours, where he remained in an altered state of consciousness but was no longer heavily hallucinating. This period allowed him valuable time for personal reflection and internal processing.

    Beginning the Journey With Spiritual Astral Surgery

    Covered by a weighted blanket and eye masks, the mushrooms began to set in and entities akin to “grandmother spirits” from ayahuasca traditions began floating above him, which facilitated a spiritual and emotional healing process best described as “astral surgery.” 

    This part of his journey unfolded as if he were on a surgery table, under the concentrated care of these feminine spirits. This sensation extended beyond the mere physical, reaching into his emotional core, where he felt an extraction process occurring directly from his heart space.

    “I was oscillating in real time from moment to moment from crying to ecstatic laughter to grief to tears of gratitude to tears of sorrow to tears of joy and literally feeling all of these all of these emotions like all at once. And that a part of that was what was getting extracted or pulled out of me.”

    This extraction was deeply emotional, suggesting a release of pent-up sentiments and possibly unresolved personal conflicts or burdens that were tied up in all of the emotions he felt.

    Throughout this intense emotional processing, Jimmy remained aware of his external surroundings and occasionally pondered how his varied expressions and reactions might be perceived by his facilitator, whom he knew was nearby. 

    This awareness didn’t detract from his experience but highlighted the dual consciousness often reported in psychedelic experiences, where one is both a participant and an observer of their own inner journey. 

    This phase of his session was marked by waves of intensity, a characteristic element of psilocybin experiences, with peaks roughly every 45 minutes, urging him eventually to take a bathroom break. 

    This break was intuitively felt as both necessary for his bodily needs and as an integral part of the ongoing ‘surgical’ process, with the clear understanding that more of the journey was yet to unfold.

    The Spiritual Rebirth of Psychedelic Passage

    After returning from a break, as he lay back down and reflected, Jimmy sensed a shift in his experience—from intense visual encounters with entity-like figures to a more subdued, introspective state. 

    As he questioned the nature of this ongoing ‘surgery,’ he received a surprising inner message indicating that he was about to “give birth.”

    Despite the initial shock and confusions related to gender norms—given that he is a cisgender heterosexual male—Jimmy embraced the message without resistance, allowing the experience to unfold. 

    This openness led to a powerful revelation: he was metaphorically giving birth to the entity or essence of Psychedelic Passage, which represents his work and aspirations in the psychedelic community. 

    He felt a deep paternal connection to this ‘birth,’ filled with hopes, dreams, and concerns for its future impact, much like a parent envisioning the life of a newborn child. 

    As the psychedelic landscape shifts and evolves, Jimmy holds a deep trust that Psychedelic Passage will be reborn, stepping into something new while recognizing the need to never settle, always working to become its best form. 

    This part of his journey not only focused on his personal and professional growth but also extended to his compassion and responsibilities toward his clients and team. 

    Jimmy shares that he even used the transformative energy of his state to send love and relief to a client suffering greatly, highlighting his deep empathy and the spiritual connection facilitated by the psychedelic experience. 

    The experience culminated in a mix of profound joy and ancestral spiritual pain, symbolizing the birth of new possibilities and roles, thus marking a pivotal moment of growth and realization for Jimmy.

    Jimmy’s Takeaways

    After all was said and done, Jimmy reflected on his experience and shares with us several key takeaways that may help you tailor your own experience. 

    Trusting Your Intuition

    Firstly, trusting his intuition throughout the experience allowed him to navigate the complex emotional and spiritual landscapes encountered, even when they appeared unconventional or nonsensical. 

    His ability to move through the experience unencumbered was further facilitated by the loving and non-judgmental presence of his friend who sat with him, affirming the importance of having supportive company during such deep explorations.

    Utilizing the Afterglow

    Another significant takeaway for Jimmy was the value of the afterglow period, which provided an essential space for processing and integrating the insights gained during the peak of the experience. 

    This time allowed him to reflect on his life’s complexities and confirmed some of the major life choices he was contemplating, leading to affirmations and signs that reassured him of the path forward.

    Cultivating a Relationship With the Medicine

    Furthermore, Jimmy reflected on the evolution of his relationship with psychedelic substances. Despite having over a hundred experiences, he emphasized that each encounter offers a new level of intimacy and understanding with the medicine. 

    “For many folks, where they’re just kind of getting started with psychedelics, just the level of interaction with that psychedelic can be somewhat limiting and surface level, because your first experience is really just getting to know the medicine.”

    He likened beginning experiences with psychedelics to starting a new relationship, emphasizing the importance of not rushing profound expectations or healing. 

    “You kind of might be on a first date with psilocybin mushrooms. And you’re coming in showing up saying, I want you to heal all my childhood trauma. I want you to give me this relief from suffering and anxiety and depression. 

    I want you to show me the pathway on where I need to go. And when it’s your first date, you’re like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, this is a lot.”

    Just as one would not expect immediate life commitments on a first date, approaching psychedelics with colossal demands from the outset can be overwhelming and unrealistic.

    This comparison underlines the need for gradually building a relationship with psychedelic substances, allowing each experience to deepen one’s understanding and connection with the medicine. 

    Jimmy advocated for patience, suggesting that a deeper relationship with these substances—and consequently with oneself—develops over time. 

    While recognizing that some people don’t need or can’t have multiple experiences, and that they can be years apart, he encouraged his listeners to consider multiple encounters with the medicine, to build familiarity and trust incrementally, respecting the medicine’s potent nature and the personal growth it can facilitate.

    Learn More About Intentional Psychedelic Use and How to Prepare for It.

    As the psychedelic landscape evolves, so will our understanding of this fascinating side of plant medicine. 

                • Not Sure How to Approach Your Doctor?: Not everyone will talk to their primary care doctor about intentional psychedelic use, but if you should need to, we have compiled all you need to know to feel confident moving forward. 

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                I felt supported, held, safe and truly appreciated the videos, the prep and integration. I’m certain that these videos helped me feel safe and grounded during my journey, my first one. I’m beyond grateful for the work that you do. Thank you. Thank you.” — Psychedelic Passage Client

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                    Frequently Asked Questions

                    1. How did Jimmy’s approach to intentions evolve throughout his psilocybin journey?

                    Initially driven by specific intentions for relief, clarity, and answers, Jimmy found that as his journey unfolded, these intentions dissipated and resolved themselves, leading him to enter the experience with a blank slate. 

                    This shift allowed him to move away from rigid expectations and towards receptivity to the unknown, striking a balance between setting intentions and being open to the transformative potential of the experience.

                    2. What preparation method did Jimmy employ for his psilocybin journey and how did it affect his experience?

                    Jimmy opted for the Lemon Tek method, involving soaking ground-up psilocybin mushrooms in lemon juice. 

                    This technique facilitated a quicker onset of effects, leading to a shorter but more intense experience, possibly due to increased potency. This process is believed to aid in the conversion of psilocybin into psilocin for easier digestion and heightened effects.

                    3. What was the significance of Jimmy’s metaphorical rebirth of Psychedelic Passage at the end of his journey?

                    The symbolic birth of Psychedelic Passage represented Jimmy’s work and aspirations in the psychedelic community. 

                    This revelation marked a pivotal moment—a mix of joy and spiritual pain, symbolizing the birth of new possibilities and roles within his professional and personal growth journey as the psychedelic landscape continues to evolve. 

                    4. What insights did Jimmy gain regarding the cultivation of a relationship with psychedelic substances through his experiences?

                    Through over a hundred encounters with psychedelics, Jimmy realized the importance of developing a nuanced and deepening relationship with psychedelic substances over time. 

                    He likened the process to building a relationship, emphasizing the need for patience, gradual exploration, and the deepening understanding of the medicine’s effects on personal growth and self-awareness.

                    5. What qualities did Jimmy seek in an ideal sitter for his journey?

                    Jimmy values a sitter experienced in handling complex psychedelic situations, who is familiar enough to him to have a bond, but not from his everyday life. 

                    He sought someone who possessed a unique blend of unconventional traits without excessive rigidity. He likens it to The Habitable Zone, where Earth is just the right distance from the Sun to allow life to flourish.


                    Grof, C., & Grof, S. (n.d.). Spiritual emergency: The understanding and treatment of transpersonal crises. International Journal of Transpersonal Studies.


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