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Psilocybin & Psychedelic Assisted Therapy in Indiana

If there’s anything these past couple of years have taught us, it’s that the current infrastructure of our healthcare and ecological preserve systems are in need of some serious reconsideration. As the impending threat of climate change continues to intertwine itself with a generation already worried about the ethics of unsustainable consumption in a post-COVID world, we’re tasked with remedying this enigmatic and dishearteningly, polarizing dilemma.

As more research continues to reveal the efficacy of psychedelics in treating common mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, and PTSD, our human community is growing increasingly curious about the potential these substances have to reframe our cultural narratives and help us step away from limiting beliefs currently holding hostage our potential for consciousness expansion and integral paradigm shifts.

Legislation on psychedelic- assisted therapy varies across the country, but luckily, we’ve done our homework to answer all of your burning questions on Indiana’s current regulations for guided psychedelic experiences and how you can get in on a piece of the ‘magic mushroom’ pie.

While Oregon is currently the only U.S. state permitting the legal use of psilocybin mushrooms for mental health treatment, initiatives to decriminalize psychedelics are underway in many states across the country. However, it’s important to note that ‘psychedelic-assisted therapy’ is, in its most technical form, the employment of psychedelic substances in clinical settings with the exclusive supervision of a licensed psycho-therapist. Use of these substances outside of their legalized regions pose the risk of medical practitioners losing their licenses and credentials.

Don’t let this discourage you though, because the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic experiences lie in their inherent mechanisms for naturally producing healing effects on the mind and body, and are fortunately not confined to their use in a medical setting. In fact, plants and fungi have been used for over a millenia in ancient indigenious ceremonies for spiritual healing and self discovery. It’s only very recently that our Western society has been recaptivated by the incredibly promising benefits of these culturally motivated practices.

That being said, let’s get right into what exactly psychedelic experiences can do for our minds and bodies, and what options for legal psychedelic experiences are near you, in the great Hoosier state of Indiana.

The Current Legislation of Psychedelics in Indiana

As of right now, Indiana laws strictly prohibit possession of any psychedelic substance as they fall under the classification of Schedule 1 Drugs. If charged for possession of psychedelics in the state of Indiana, subjects can be fined up to $5,000 depending on the circumstances, and may even risk up to one year of incarceration. Interestingly, Psilocybin mushroom spores ARE absolutely legal to purchase and sell in Indiana, exclusively for research purposes. Though, one crucial caveat is that ‘magic mushrooms’ cannot be grown to the germination stage. Once the spores begin to mature, they violate Indiana laws of manufacturing operations.

Despite surmounting evidence supporting the therapeutic and non-addictive properties of psychedelic compounds, it’s not completely unsurprising that Indiana tails on the stricter end of psychedelic legislation. We’ve seen Indiana struggle with Cannabis reform, decriminalizing possession with House Bill 1028, but later amending it, choosing to no longer decriminalize marijuana. In fact, state Cannabis laws still bear risk of prosecution and fines of up to $1,000 for possession of personal quantities.

Though discouraging, Indiana’s uncompromising legislation continues to be challenged by psychedelic activists across the state. Namely, The Psychedelic Society of Southern Indiana is working to educate fellow Hoosiers on safe consumption and push for reform within the matter. With 650 followers it seems that Indiana’s residents are turning their attention toward the nonnegotiable benefits of psychedelic experiences, putting pressure on lawmakers to reconsider the therapeutic applications of these substances. Of course, we can expect marijuana decriminalization to be the first step toward psychedelic ratification. Until then, we suggest reading on to discover what options you do have for experiencing a safe and supported psychedelic journey in Indiana.

The Therapeutic Benefits of a Psychedelic Experience

Results of emerging research on the use of psychedelic compounds for treating illnesses like addiction, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress, are so compelling that the FDA has even deemed Psilocybin mushrooms as a therapeutic ‘Breakthrough’. Substances like LSD, Psilocybin or ‘Magic’ mushrooms, MDMA, and Ketamine are known to induce mind-altering hallucinations often described by journeyers as a profound life-changing experience that provokes a once lost, inner sense of child-like wonder and interconnectedness with the intangible natural fabric of our existence.

This all-encompassing sense of awareness may be tied to scientific findings which report an increase in neuroplasticity, essentially stimulating our brain’s production of new neural pathways. These very physical changes are met by our mind’s abstract ability to reconstruct limiting pre-conditioned ideas that often heavily contribute to the disruptive mental and behavioral patterns we experience.

In speaking about his own journey of personal exploration, our wise friend, Ram Dass, tells us about humanity’s tendency to become consumers of our own neurosis.

Allow us to paint you a picture… You are born. An inside look at your brain reveals the image of a seemingly untouched prairie of grass. Uncontaminated by the toxins of bias, expectation, and comparison. As you grow older, fleeting moments of new experiences become ingrained into your memory, simultaneously leaving behind trails of mowed grass throughout the prairie. The further our vehicles of thought traverse into this field, the more accustomed we become to the basic nuances of our day to day life, and the more difficult it can be to deviate from the natural course of our conditioning. What once was a masterpiece of cotton candy floating in a deep blue sea far above us, is now ‘the sky’. As adults, we’ve come to understand that overhead are just a few masses of condensed water drops, shielding us from the sun’s intense heat.

As we age, more and more fragments of what we call ‘life on earth’ become systemized and consequently desensitized. In part, to conserve mental energy or what we can call for ‘maximum fuel efficiency’ purposes. But also, desensitization grows us accustomed to prolonged traumatic events, allowing us to execute reflexive defense mechanisms, or for the purpose of our analogy, causing our thought patterns to mow throughout the field of grass using automatic maneuvers. The maneuver which helped overcome a mental block in the past, is likely the one we’ll continue to instinctually practice. As if mowing the lawn with a pair of clippers should be your go-to technique for all future ventures. I think we could all agree that’d be a very silly choice! What Ram Dass meant by becoming “consumers of our own neurosis” is that we essentially drive ourselves in circles, fueling our actions toward the future with defense mechanisms of the past. When used safely, psychedelics allow us to branch out of our usual mental commutes and to adopt more balanced and mindful diets of thought.

Where To Find Legal Psychedelic Experiences in Indiana 2022

Currently, Indiana offers two options for psychedelic experiences: Ketamine clinics and guided psychedelic journeys.

If you’re considering embarking on a guided psychedelic journey, please be advised that you are personally responsible for obtaining your medicine of choice. Psychedelic Passage does not provide any psychedelic substances, but we encourage you to take a look at our Resources page for more information on sourcing.

1. Ketamine Clinics

While prospects for psychedelic reform are still wavering in Indiana, at the CrossRoads of America we see ketamine clinics taking its southern sensibilities by storm. Notably, ketamine isn’t classified as a traditional psychedelic, however mechanisms of actions for treating mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, as well as the overall nature of the experience, is most definitely comparable to other psychedelic substances.

Protocols for ketamine infusion treatments in Indiana vary between clinics, therefore it’s vital that you conduct research on which option is best tailored for your needs and desires. Remember, psychedelic experiences are very personal ventures with diversified objectives that you should be thoroughly involved in developing. Click here to learn more about what you should be looking for in a psychedelic guide/ trip sitter!

If you’re finding it difficult to locate a clinic whose program models you resonate with, consider seeking out psychedelic integration specialists or therapists in your area. Whoever you choose to accompany you on this journey should be highly versed on psychedelic substances and most importantly, ready to hold a self-less, nonjudgmental space, with clear intentions and an open heart.

Need assistance locating ketamine clinics near you? Check out our article for more information!

2. Guided Psychedelic Journeys With Psychedelic Passage

Trust us, we understand how frustrating it can be to find a safe and supportive space to responsibly embark on your psychedelic journey. At Psychedelic Passage we exhaust all of our efforts to offer equal equity in public access to the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics. In fact, we make it a point to increase accessibility by offering income-based pricing.

Regardless of where you’re located in Indiana, if we can make it to you, we will sit with you. Our experienced facilitators will walk alongside you, ready to hold the space and intent for your healing, safety, and comfort. Without judgment and while encouraging healthy surrender to the experience, we prioritize personal autonomy every step of the way!

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