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Psychedelic Integration Workshop: The 5 Essentials for Lasting Change

Join Nick Levich and Jimmy Nguyen, professional psychedelic guides and co-founders of Psychedelic Passage as we share with you the exact same method we teach our clients to properly integrate a psychedelic experience. 

This workshop is perfect for you if:

You'll Learn the 5 Essentials to Integration

1. Understanding integration: what even is it?

2. Why integration is the most important part of the process

3. What to expect post psychedelic experience

4. How to apply integration guidance and frameworks

5. How to implement tangible practices for lasting and meaningful change

BONUS: All attendees will receive our comprehensive integration guide PDF for free! 

By the end of the workshop, you'll have the tools you need to properly integrate a psychedelic experience so you have the highest potential for life-long, lasting change after a single journey!

Why is integration so important?

If you don’t properly integrate, you run the risk of:

That’s precisely why we put this workshop together, so you don’t make any of the mistakes above!

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