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Psychedelic Mushroom Therapy in Salem, Oregon

In a previous article on psilocybin and psychedelic-assisted therapy in Oregon, we reviewed the state’s considerable strides toward psychedelic reform. Today though, Salem is taking center stage. We’ll go over the options that Salem residents have for seeking legal therapeutic psychedelic experiences, right now.

An important part of this conversation will surround tangible ways to qualify if a psychedelic therapist is right for you. What are some tell-tale ways to assess if a facilitator has enough experience to provide adequate preparation, integration, and in ceremony support?

Later, we’ll take it a step further by reviewing the role of a psychedelic facilitator or guide. How necessary is it to hire a facilitator, if at all? And perhaps of most importance, where can Salem residents find trusted and knowledgeable psychedelic facilitators in their area? Let’s jump right in.

What Qualifies a Psychedelic Therapist?

Although we’ve already devoted an entire article to assessing the most important qualities in a psychedelic therapist, this instance surely summons a quick rundown. First and foremost, it’s important that we compare and contrast the role of a psychedelic therapist, facilitator, and guide.

By its most precise definition, a psychedelic therapist is a licensed counselor who facilitates psychedelic journeys. Currently though, Oregon is still awaiting psychedelic legalization, with Ballot Measure 109 set to regulate psilocybin use, beginning in 2023. Because legal psychedelic facilitation is still pending, the number of therapists willing to risk their licensure to provide psychedelic services, are few and far between.

It’s here where psychedelic facilitators and guides are able to fill the gap between legislation and therapeutic psychedelic support. The titles of ‘facilitator’ and ‘guide’ are basically synonymous since regulations for psychedelic therapeutics are still being established.

Fundamentally, qualified psychedelic therapists and psychedelic facilitators/ guides should all be providing similar preparation and integration coaching, while also being present during your psychedelic experience. So, what are the exact measures by which any of these professionals can be assessed for credibility?

The number one rule is that a psychedelic facilitator must have a long-established relationship with psychedelics. A psychedelic service provider should have full comprehensive experience on altered states of consciousness, and this can only come as a result of personal psychedelic journeys. After all, how can a psychedelic guide service your journey if they haven’t ever been in the position of journeyer? 

You should resonate with the healing philosophy of your psychedelic guide. To better gauge a guide’s healing philosophy, ask them questions about their personal healing practices, their intentions for entering this line of service, the safety precautions they employ, and on the extent of their involvement throughout your psychedelic process.

Qualified psychedelic facilitators recognize the true healer exists within you. Take notice of the amount of emphasis they place on the relationship between you and the psychedelic medicine. 

A qualified facilitator knows that unless there is threat of serious physical or mental harm, interfering with the organic unfolding of your psychedelic journey will only create internal resistance and would devalue the sacred intelligence of these plant teachers. 

Perhaps one of the most obvious indicators of a qualified psychedelic guide is that they have facilitated a good deal of ceremonies. Thus, you should ask potential facilitators if you can receive access to client testimonials. The more journeys they’ve facilitated, the more knowledge they’ll have on the possible nuances of your psychedelic experience.

One of the most important factors to consider is how comfortable you feel in the presence of your facilitator. Observe their space and take notice of the energy within it. Does it feel natural to be open with this person? Does their presence ease your mind, or is there a lingering feeling of doubt?

It’s likely that the 6-12 hours you spend with this person will hold some of the raw moments of your life. Therefore, your facilitator should always speak with honesty and empathy, and they must stress the importance of your personal accountability over your healing.

What is The Role of a Psychedelic Guide?

Very often, we find that the term “guide” tends to mislead people in terms of their role during your psychedelic experience. It implies that someone is actively swaying and directing the course of your journey. 

As we went over in the last section, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A qualified guide should know that the natural exchange between the journeyer and the psychedelic medicine is unequaled. 

Attempts to sway the direction of the journey would suppose that above the plant medicine, the facilitator knows what is needed for shedding light on our unique and personal truths. Personally, we prefer the title “facilitator”, as it illustrates the role more authentically.

In the simplest terms, guides and facilitators service your psychedelic experience by helping you prepare for, integrate, and navigate the journey. First, they conduct a health screening to ensure that you’re a good candidate for the treatment.

Then, they’ll engage in conversation with you, exploring your emotional circumstances, your personal history, and likely, the quality of your closest relationships. They help you to better align with your healing intentions, while offering insightful tools to manage your expectations for the experience. 

Of course, your facilitator will be able to suggest an appropriate dosage and environment for the ceremony. During your ceremony, facilitators hold a conscious space that welcomes comfort, catharsis, and ultimately, healing. They pay careful attention to your energetic state as means for assessing how they can be of most support to you.

In essence, a guide aids your psychedelic experience by serving as a grounded anchor to your expanded state of consciousness. This level of care and awareness allows journeyers to feel safe in surrendering to the experience. At every step of the process, there exists no judgment on the guide’s end.

Integration is arguably the most important process to ensure a safe and fluid transition between these altered states of consciousness. Facilitators will walk you through this process, helping you implement your new-found knowledge into your day-to-day life.

Is it Really Necessary to Hire a Psychedelic Guide?

Do you need to hire a psychedelic guide in order to have a therapeutic psychedelic experience? No, you absolutely do not, because as we’ve mentioned several times now, you are the true healer of your suffering and you are the number one cause for your personal change.

It may feel intuitive to have a close friend or family member tripsit you. After all, you already know this person so you can trust that they’ll look out for your safety. However, we find that such scenarios can often manifest themselves into a very challenging time with fully surrendering to the experience.

Because our relatives already have preconceived ideas about us and the way we behave, journeys can have a very difficult time truly leaning into the experience. How far can we really surrender when there’s a natural, subconscious instinct to adhere to the persona we adopt around our peers? 

Many journeyers seek a psychedelic experience with the intent to address depression, anxiety, or PTSD. Acknowledging the inherent depth of these emotions and their commensurate level of suppression and release, helps us recognize why a professional facilitator may be the most therapeutic option. 

Aside from that, a psychedelic facilitator is expertly experienced in safety measures and on the influence of energetic presence. Likely, our friends and family members don’t have such knowledge. A professional guide is also experienced in integration processes, while again, our peers likely are not. 

In summary, it is not necessary to hire a psychedelic facilitator for your psychedelic journey, but it is the safest, most supportive option. Just as wearing a life vest isn’t necessary to steer a boat, it does serve to provide an internal sense of safety, stability, and surrender.

Where to Find Legal Psychedelic Experiences in Salem, Oregon

As of the moment, there are two options for embarking on a therapeutic psychedelic experience in Salem, Oregon: Ketamine clinics and guided psychedelic journeys with Psychedelic Passage.

1. Ketamine Clinics

Recently, ketamine has surfaced as one of the most novel forms of therapy, targeting treatment-resistant depression and PTSD. Right around the time that LSD was first synthesized, ketamine began to be studied and used in hospital operating rooms as a dissociative anesthetic.

Because of this, ketamine is not a true psychedelic, though its effects do alter consciousness. Its effects allow journeys to observe themselves from a second person point of view. Its benefits provide a more unbiased and empathetic outlook on the conditions currently influencing our life.

To be fully candid, we want to share that almost 50 percent of our clients at Psychedelic Passage, come to us because of previous failed ketamine therapy or because its benefits were short-lived. This is largely because many ketamine clinics unfortunately do not provide the necessary preparation and integrative support.

Therefore, if you’re seeking to find a ketamine clinic near you, conduct research on the establishment, first. Make sure that the staff is composed of experienced psychedelic facilitators who can provide adequate therapeutic support, before, during, and after your experience. 

2. Guided Psychedelic Journeys with Psychedelic Passage

Here, at Psychedelic Passage we can employ any type of psychedelic substance to facilitate your healing journey with.  Meaning that you have full autonomy, not only over the medicine that you choose to work with, but over your facilitator, and the timing and location of your process.

Our carefully curated network of experienced psychedelic facilitators are located around the country. This means that your options won’t be limited, and that if you wish, you can embark on your psychedelic journey from even the comfort of your own living room. 

Our 5 week program was created with specific intention of personal transformation. It includes preparation, integration, and of course, in-person ceremonial facilitation. We designed our program so that every facet of it can be tailored to your goals, needs, and yes, even your income. 

With our income-based pricing, we’re able to adjust the cost of our program to your specific finances. We acknowledge the challenge that may come with navigating this novel space of psychedelics, which is why we’ve done the work of qualifying facilitators for you.

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Explore How it Feels to be Connected

We hope that the information provided today has offered you with new insights on the role of a psychedelic guide/ facilitator and on options available to you in Salem, Oregon. At this point, you may be looking to learn more about our service or you might feel ready to embark on your own journey.

If that’s the case, we empower you to book a consultation with us. If there are still questions lingering on your mind, head on over to our resources page for more helpful articles like this one. As always, safe and mindful journeying, fellow psychonauts!

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