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Trip Sitters & Psychedelic Guides in Minnesota

Embarking on a transformative journey in Minnesota’s tranquil landscapes, you’re accompanied by a psychedelic guide, who is more than just an ordinary tripsitter. These professionals are specifically trained to guide you through these unique experiences.

The therapeutic process typically involves pre-session preparation, the psychedelic experience itself, and post-session integration. The guide’s role is crucial in facilitating a safe and profound experience, helping you navigate through any challenging moments.

Today, we’ll tell you exactly where to find psychedelic therapy in Minnesota.

Key Takeaways

  • Psychedelic guides play a crucial role in ensuring a safe and enlightening experience during a psychedelic trip in Minnesota.
  • Trip sitters primarily focus on safety, while psychedelic guides actively shape the experience and offer guidance throughout the therapeutic journey.
  • The legal status of psychedelic therapy in Minnesota is complex, with psychedelics being classified as prohibited, decriminalized, or legal with a prescription.
  • Psychedelic Passage: Your Psychedelic Concierge — The easy, legal way to find trustworthy psilocybin guides, facilitators and psychedelic-assisted therapy near you.

Download Our Free Psilocybin Sourcing Guide

For harm-reduction purposes, we provide links to online psilocybin vendors, local stores, delivery services, and spore vendors for growing your own medicine at home.

What is a Psychedelic Guide and Why are They Important?

A psychedelic guide, often referred to as a facilitator, is a person who helps individuals navigate their experiences with psychedelic substances like LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, or DMT. 

These guides play a crucial role in ensuring a safe and meaningful journey for those seeking to explore altered states of consciousness. The term “guide” is indicative of their role in providing support and guidance throughout the psychedelic experience, which can be highly introspective and emotionally intense.

One of the primary responsibilities of a psychedelic guide is to create a comfortable and safe environment for the person undergoing the journey. This may involve setting up a peaceful space, ensuring that the individual is physically safe, and preparing them mentally for the experience. 

Guides emphasize the importance of “set and setting,” meaning that a person’s mindset and the environment they are in can significantly impact the outcome of the trip.

During the psychedelic experience, guides offer emotional support, reassurance, and a non-judgmental presence. They help individuals explore their thoughts, emotions, and insights, encouraging them to delve into their subconscious and address any challenging aspects that may arise. 

Guides can also assist in grounding techniques to manage anxiety or discomfort and help individuals stay connected to their intentions for the journey. After the psychedelic experience, guides can assist with integration, helping the person make sense of their insights, emotions, and revelations from the journey. 

Integration involves reflection, discussion, and the development of strategies for applying newfound perspectives and personal growth to their daily lives. A skilled psychedelic guide can be a valuable asset in maximizing the potential benefits and minimizing the risks associated with the use of psychedelic substances.

The Difference Between a Trip Sitter & a Psychedelic Guide

It’s important to understand that there’s a distinct difference between someone who merely supervises your experience and one who actively helps navigate it. When you’re planning a psychedelic therapy session, guide selection is crucial.

A trip sitter may be there for safety measures, but their role is primarily passive. They ensure you don’t harm yourself or others during the psychedelic journey, like a lifeguard at a swimming pool.

In contrast, a psychedelic guide plays an active role in shaping your experience. Trained in therapeutic support techniques and knowledgeable about different psychedelic substances, they offer guidance before, during and after sessions to maximize therapeutic benefits.

You should consider what kind of support you need when selecting between a trip sitter or psychedelic guide. Are you seeking profound personal change or just aiming for safe exploration? 

Whichever path you choose, remember this: mental health matters and having the right person by your side can make all the difference in your journey towards healing.

Remember also to have all necessary safety measures in place to maintain physical as well as psychological wellbeing throughout this transformative process.

Legality and State Laws Pertaining to Psychedelic Therapy in Minnesota

USA Psychedelic Legality Map

In Minnesota, there’s a growing momentum in favor of reevaluating the state’s stance on psychedelic substances, marking a potential shift in the political landscape. 

The recent legalization of adult-use cannabis and the establishment of a panel to investigate the therapeutic potential of psychedelic medicine by state lawmakers have raised hopes among long-standing advocates of psychedelics. 

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s recent directive, urging law enforcement to de-prioritize the enforcement of laws pertaining to psychoactive plants, such as psychedelic mushrooms, adds to this evolving landscape.

With the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) set to control both the House and Senate in the upcoming legislative session, there’s a sense that this might be the most opportune moment to initiate changes that could reduce the punitive measures against individuals who use drugs. 

Marcus Harcus, a board member of Big Psych, a Minneapolis-based psychedelics activist organization, expressed optimism about the possibility of legislation being introduced to legalize mushrooms in the state. However, the outcome remains uncertain, as the path to legalization is laden with various complexities and challenges.

Big Psych’s third annual psychedelic symposium held at the Capri Theater in Minneapolis brought together around 200 individuals, offering a platform for discussions, workshops, and lectures led by experts in the field. 

These experts included psychotherapists, body workers, and researchers who have delved into the properties of plant-based medicines and psychoactive plants. The symposium’s aim was to promote a diverse range of perspectives on psychedelics, emphasizing that there are multiple valid ways to experience these substances.

The movement to ease off enforcement of natural psychedelics in Minneapolis, led by groups like Big Psych, aligns with Mayor Jacob Frey’s directive to consider entheogenic plants as the “lowest law enforcement priority.” 

This shift allows law enforcement resources to be redirected towards addressing more pressing issues like violent crime and the opioid crisis. The move has been well-received by local vendors and advocates, who believe it will reduce the criminalization of low-income individuals disproportionately affected by drug-related offenses.

Despite the potential hurdles and resistance that may arise in the process, there’s growing recognition of the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics, particularly in the context of treating conditions like PTSD. 

Advocates like Cameron Taylor highlight the positive impact of these substances, particularly on veterans and individuals struggling with mental health issues. 

For Marcus Harcus and others who seek to end the war on drugs, the recent legalization of adult-use cannabis is seen as a significant step forward, and the possibility of legalizing psychedelics represents another vital stride in their journey toward decriminalizing all drugs in Minnesota.

Psychedelic Passage: Your Network of Trusted Psychedelic Guides & Concierges

In an era marked by the resurgence of interest in the profound and transformative potential of psychedelic experiences, navigating the landscape of psychedelic therapy can be a challenging and, at times, perilous journey. 

Psychedelic Passage emerges as a beacon of hope and guidance for those seeking to explore altered states of consciousness safely and meaningfully. 

Our concierge service has meticulously curated a network of highly vetted psychedelic guides across the United States, offering personalized referrals and support at every step of the process.

The Mission: Why We Exist

The origins of Psychedelic Passage can be traced back to a fundamental need – to help individuals find trusted psychedelic guides in their local areas. 

Recognizing the growing interest in the healing and growth potential of psychedelics, the platform extended its mission to become an advocate for those embarking on this transformative path. 

Psychedelic Passage operates on the belief that everyone has the inherent right to explore their consciousness using psychedelics, within the safe, meaningful, and sacred context of ceremonial settings.

The Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Psychedelic Passage’s services are structured around a four-step process designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance:

Step 1Consultation Call: In this initial step, you’ll have a consultation call with an expert who possesses in-depth knowledge of psychedelic services. This conversation aims to understand your unique situation, answer your questions, and provide clarity on the psychedelic therapy process. 

You will also gain insights into sourcing options, testing medicine purity, and dosage ranges. Most importantly, you’ll receive personalized referrals to facilitators aligned with your specific needs.

Step 2 – Concierge Guidance: Following the consultation, Psychedelic Passage remains your ally throughout the entire process. We provide ongoing check-ins to ensure you have the support you need at each stage. Our dedicated point of contact will respond to your inquiries within one business day.

Furthermore, we offer you the opportunity to rate your facilitator after the services have been completed. This concierge team acts as an independent body that moderates the network of facilitators, ensuring your interests are always at the forefront.

Step 3 – Referrals to Pre-Vetted Facilitators: The heart of the process involves receiving personalized referrals to pre-vetted facilitators that align with your unique requirements. Psychedelic Passage takes into account over 20 variables, including gender, availability, specialization, and more, to match you with the ideal facilitator. 

All facilitators in our network have dedicated their lives to this work and meet rigorous vetting protocols, ensuring a higher standard of quality than is required by state licensure.

Step 4Ceremony or Microdosing: Once you have been referred to a facilitator, the final step involves coordinating with your chosen guide to embark on your sacred journey. 

Whether you opt for a ceremonial experience or microdosing, your facilitator will guide you through a health screening and intake process to ensure the safe and suitable use of psychedelics. 

You will work with your facilitator directly to schedule and prepare for your ceremony, and the process is designed to be both scientifically informed and spiritually enriching.


To access our comprehensive services, there is a fee of $49. This fee covers the consultation call, personalized referrals, and ongoing concierge support. The cost for ceremonial experiences ranges from $1,500 to $4,000, depending on your annual income. 

The investment includes a sacred ceremony, tailored programs, and a wealth of preparation and integration resources. Psychedelic Passage’s commitment to ensuring safe, meaningful, and transformative journeys with psychedelics exemplifies a profound dedication to the well-being of those seeking to explore the mysteries of consciousness. 

As the renaissance of psychedelic therapy continues to gain momentum, Psychedelic Passage stands as a trusted and invaluable resource for individuals yearning for personal growth, healing, and a deeper connection to the world within and around them. 

Embark on your healing journey today with Psychedelic Passage and explore the boundless possibilities of your consciousness.

Our Facilitator Network Serves Every Major City

Don’t see your city on this list? That’s okay! Facilitators in our network are able to travel to you, wherever you are in the country.

Substances Our Network Sits With

The one caveat to our network’s services is that facilitators cannot provide your substance of choice for personal consumption (except in Colorado). If sourcing is a concern, we encourage you to book a consultation with our concierges, who will guide you in exploring safe sourcing options.

Please understand that psychedelics are still federally controlled substances and you assume all the risks associated with possessing and consuming these medicines.

Download Our Free Psilocybin Sourcing Guide

For harm-reduction purposes, we provide links to online psilocybin vendors, local stores, delivery services, and spore vendors for growing your own medicine at home.

Our network of guides can facilitate experiences with the following substances:

To learn more about your options and explore next steps, speak with our psychedelic concierges. These are qualified professionals who are equipped to answer your questions about every step in the process. 

What is The Role of a Psychedelic Guide?

The role of a facilitator in a psychedelic experience is multi-faceted and highly dependent on the context and the specific needs of the individual undergoing the journey. 

Facilitators play a crucial role in creating a safe, supportive, and nonjudgmental space for those partaking in intentional psychedelic experiences. This safe and supportive environment is often referred to as a “container.”

Key points (that we haven’t yet mentioned) about the role of a facilitator in a psychedelic experience, include:

  • Reflecting and Not Interfering: Facilitators often act as mirrors, reflecting the journeyer’s experiences and emotions back to them. They do not impose their own beliefs, interpretations, or agenda onto the experience. Instead, their role is to be present and provide support as needed.
  • Balancing Power Dynamics: Facilitators must navigate the inherent power dynamics that exist in the facilitator-journeyer relationship. It’s essential for journeyers to be aware of their agency and co-creation of the experience, rather than seeking approval or feeling subordinate to the facilitator.
  • Holding Space: Facilitators should not act as “fixers” trying to correct or control the experience. Instead, their role is to hold space for the journeyer, offering support, tracking time, ensuring physical comfort, and assisting with practical matters like trips to the restroom.
  • Supporting Inner Resourcing: Facilitators aim to help journeyers develop their ability to resource from within. This means that individuals learn to draw from their own internal wisdom and strength to navigate challenging experiences, with the facilitator’s guidance.
  • Building Trust and a Pre-Journey Relationship: Establishing a trusting relationship with the facilitator before the psychedelic experience is considered vital. This relationship helps journeyers feel safe and supported.

What Qualifies a Psychedelic Guide in Our Referral Network?

In a field where self-proclaimed “facilitators” can emerge due to the lack of formal regulation, the importance of trust cannot be overstated.

To address this, we’ve curated a network of pre-vetted facilitators who have undergone a rigorous evaluation process. No longer do you need to rely on guesswork; we’ve done the groundwork for you.

We handpick facilitators who demonstrate unwavering dedication to ethical standards and an authentic commitment to serving the best interests of their clients. We believe in facilitators who approach their work with a sense of responsibility towards the sacred medicines and the individuals they guide.

We understand that true expertise comes from diverse experiences and backgrounds. Our network comprises facilitators with a wide range of qualifications, including:

  • PhD’s in Psychology: Experts in the human psyche, offering deep insights into the mind’s intricacies.
  • Yoga Instructors: Bringing a holistic approach to wellness, integrating body and mind.
  • Certified Psychospiritual Coaches: Specialists in guiding individuals on their spiritual journeys.
  • Certified Psychedelic Integration Coaches: Offering support and guidance for integrating psychedelic experiences into daily life.
  • Doctors of Acupuncture: Practitioners who understand the body’s energy systems and healing potentials.
  • Psychotherapists: Providing therapeutic expertise to address psychological challenges.
  • Retreat Facilitators: Seasoned guides for transformative retreat experiences.
  • Master Ceremonialists: Experts in creating safe and sacred spaces for profound ceremonies.
  • Transformational Coaches: Guiding personal growth and change.
  • Rehabilitation Counselors: Equipped to support individuals in their recovery and healing processes.

We recognize that state licensure, while important, does not inherently guarantee qualification as a guide in the realm of psychedelic experiences. Our facilitators are held to a higher standard, focusing on ethical conduct, client well-being, and the art of facilitating deeply transformative experiences.

Psychedelic Passage facilitator details

Our commitment is to ensure you have access to facilitators who can genuinely support and guide you through your journey with wisdom, safety, and empathy. We’ve done the due diligence, so you can confidently choose from our network of exceptionally qualified facilitators. Your transformative experience is our top priority.

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Learn More About Our Network

Explore Resources for Solo Psychedelic Journeys

At Psychedelic Passage, we recognize that not everyone is ready to embark on a psychedelic journey with the guidance of a professional facilitator. Some individuals may prefer to explore these experiences independently. 

In response to this, we’ve expanded our offerings to include a Psychedelic Resources Store, where you can find valuable resources to enhance your personal psychedelic experiences. 

Our store provides access to tools and knowledge that empower you to have safe and meaningful solo psychedelic experiences. Whether you’re interested in growing your own mushrooms or seeking to enhance your understanding of preparation and integration, we’ve got you covered with the following resources:

  • Psilocybin Mushroom Grow Guide – $29.95
    A comprehensive guide for cultivating psilocybin mushrooms at home, including cultivation methods, equipment lists, the mushroom life cycle, and contamination avoidance.
  • Psychedelic Therapy Preparation Handbook – $29.95
    Your valuable companion for preparing for a psychedelic experience. It offers practical tools, thought-provoking questions, journal prompts, guided meditations, and somatic experiencing techniques.
  • Psychedelic Therapy Integration Handbook – $29.95
    Take your insights from a psychedelic journey and integrate them into your daily life with this step-by-step guide. It includes post-journey guidance, practical tools, at-home practices, book recommendations, and ongoing education resources.
  • Psychedelic Therapy Preparation Workshop – $69.95
    Ideal for preparing for a safe and intentional psychedelic journey, this 2-hour video workshop covers the five essential preparation steps, including internal inventory, intention-setting, mind reprogramming, at-home preparation, ceremonial space optimization, and navigating altered states of consciousness.
  • Psychedelic Therapy Integration Workshop – $69.95
    Dive into this 2-hour video workshop designed to maximize the long-term benefits of a single psychedelic journey. Learn about integration essentials, what to expect post-experience, and how to apply guidance for lasting change.

At Psychedelic Passage, our commitment is to provide you with the tools and support you need for a safe, informed, and transformative psychedelic journey, whether you choose to go solo or with a guide. We believe that everyone should have access to these experiences. 

However, it’s important to note that embarking on a solo journey entails certain risks. We do not advise it for the majority of individuals, especially if it is your first time or if you are seeking to address a mental health concern. 

Our formal recommendation is for individuals to have the support of an experienced guide or space holder to ensure safety and minimize harm.

We understand that cost can be a barrier for some individuals looking to embark on psychedelic therapy. It’s important to know that facilitators in our network can offer financial assistance, made possible by the generosity of past clients who’ve chosen to “pay it forward.” 

If cost is a hurdle you’re facing, we want you to be aware of our network’s financial assistance options, which can help make your transformative journey more accessible. Speak with a psychedelic concierge to learn more.

Speak With a Trusted Psychedelic Therapy Provider Today

Hi there! We sincerely hope that you’ve found valuable takeaways that resonate with your current intentions. To explore research-based education, stay updated with psychedelic news, and benefit from practical how-to articles, we encourage you to head over to our resources page.

If you’re seeking personalized advice and are prepared to take the first step toward a therapeutic psychedelic experience, we invite you to book a consultation with our team of experienced psychedelic concierges.

This consultation is more than just a conversation; it’s an opportunity to be matched with a trustworthy local facilitator. You’ll be seamlessly connected to our rigorously vetted network of psychedelic guides, ensuring potential matches align with your needs.

Psychedelic Passage offers confidence and peace of mind by alleviating the burden of having to guess who’s right for you. If you want to discover how Psychedelic Passage can help you, we empower you to learn more about our services and check out client testimonials from those who’ve gone before you.

Your healing path is uniquely yours, and our commitment is to serve you at every juncture. Psychedelic Passage: Your Psychedelic Concierge — The easy, legal way to find trustworthy psilocybin guides, facilitators and psychedelic assisted therapy near you in the United States.

Connect With Psychedelic Passage

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will your psychedelic therapy program help treat my condition?

Intentional psychedelic use has been shown to help treat a wide variety of conditions. If you’re curious about the scientific and anecdotal healing potential of psychedelics, we suggest you check out our article titled: Which Diseases Can be Treated with Psychedelics?  

We also suggest checking out our testimonials to get a better idea of what participants who’ve been through our programs have to say. Ultimately, we don’t make any claims about treatment outcomes and you should be extremely wary of any providers that make guarantees around results and success rates.

2. How old do I need to be to partake in your psychedelic therapy programs?

All participants must be at least 18 years of age. At this time facilitators are unable to work with minors.

3. Are there any conditions that preclude me from participating in psychedelic therapy?

Yes. At this point in time, we don’t have any facilitators in our network who will work with folks diagnosed with Schizophrenia or psychosis. Additionally, severe cardiac or respiratory issues may preclude you from participating. If you are uncertain whether your condition applies, we encourage you to contact us.

4. How many psychedelic therapy sessions will I need?

The concise response is that the number of ceremonies required varies. While some clients find that multiple ceremonies over time are necessary to maintain their desired results, it’s worth noting that the potential for profound progress can be achieved with a single, well-prepared ceremony.

Our guidance to clients is to approach this journey one ceremony at a time. The key lies in embracing each ceremony with utmost care and reverence, giving full respect to the preparation and integration phases. 

This comprehensive commitment to preparation and integration is what enables you to fully unlock the value and significance of a single ceremony. Many of our clients choose to return for additional ceremonies, typically spaced between 1 to 12+ months after their previous journey. 

It’s essential to understand that the path to healing and self-discovery is an ongoing process, with each ceremony bringing us closer to our authentic selves. Our ultimate aim is to empower our clients to maintain their desired state of well-being without relying on psychedelic medicine.

5. How much does your psychedelic therapy program cost?

It depends on which program–we’ll outline the costs for each below:

Microdosing Program: This program costs $850 for 4x sessions with your facilitator. You can find the complete description of what’s included by visiting the Microdosing Program Page

Ceremonial Program: This program price varies depending on your income tier. In an effort to make psychedelic-assisted therapy available to as many people as possible, our network of facilitators offer income-based pricing tiers ranging from $1,500 to $4,000+. 

Higher priced tiers directly offset the financial hurdles for lower tier categories and sponsorship programs, so that everyone has access to psychedelic healing. You can find the complete breakdown of the pricing tiers and a description of what’s included by visiting the Ceremonial Program Page.

Book your consultation call for $49 and we answer all your questions

Let’s take the first step in your psychedelic journey, together.


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