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Trip Sitters & Psychedelic Guides in California

We Provide Trip Sitting & Guiding Services in Every Major City

This list is not meant to be exhaustive. We provide our trip sitting and guiding services in all major cities in California, including those which are not listed above. If we can physically get ourselves to you, we will sit for you. If you are curious whether we are able to service your area specifically, please contact us.

Substances We Sit With

The one caveat to us being able to provide trip sitting and guiding services is that we cannot provide your substance of choice for personal consumption—we are unable to help with sourcing. Please understand that psychedelics are still federally controlled substances and you assume all the risk associated with possessing and consuming these medicines.

We are here to facilitate intentional psychedelic experiences where you feel supported along the entire journey—from preparation to sacred ceremonial experience to integration. We facilitate your inner healing by holding a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental space.

**Psychedelic Passage does not provide psychoactive or controlled substances nor are we licensed therapists, counselors, or medical professionals. We are a harm reduction company offering trip sitting & integration coaching services.**

Psychedelic Reform in California

We are in the midst of a psychedelic renaissance and the legal status of psychedelic substances is evolving rapidly. The decriminalization of psychedelics in certain states and cities has allowed us to trip sit for people like you while drastically reducing the risk of criminal repercussions (psychedelics are still federally illegal substances). The following section covers the progress of psychedelic reform in California.

Decriminalization in Oakland, CA

On June 5th, 2019, Oakland became the second U.S. city to decriminalize plant- and fungi- based psychedelics with the unanimous passing of a city council resolution “supporting entheogenic plant practices and declaring that the investigation and arrest of individuals involved with the adult use of entheogenic plants on the Federal Schedule 1 list be amongst the lowest priority for the city of Oakland”.

The resolution also states that Oakland shall not “use any city funds or resources to assist in the enforcement of laws imposing criminal penalties for the personal use and personal possession of Entheogenic Plants by adults.”

Decriminalization in Santa Cruz, CA

On January 28th, 2020, Santa Cruz became the third U.S. city to decriminalize natural psychedelics with the unanimous passing of a city council resolution “declaring that the investigation and arrest of individuals twenty-one (21) years of age and older involved with the adult personal use and personal possession of entheogenic psychoactive plants and fungi listed on the Federal Schedule 1 list be amongst the lowest priorities for the City of Santa Cruz.”

The resolution “acknowledges that the use of entheogenic plants and fungi for health and spiritual well-being should be done in consultation with, and under the supervision of trained/medical professionals.”

The Future of Legal Psychedelics in California

In February, 2021 Sen. Scott Wiener (D) introduced Senate Bill 519 which proposes to decriminalize the personal and professional use of DMT, ibogaine, ketamine, LSD, MDMA, mescaline, psilocybin, and psilocyn. Wiener described the proposed bill as an “important step toward a more rational, science-based, and public-health-focused approach to drugs.” The proposed bill would expunge criminal convictions related to possession of these substances as well as establish an oversight commission that would guide further California regulations of this nature.

SB 519 was approved  by the California Senate on June 1, 2021, but the bill has a few more steps before being enacted into law. In late June 2021, the Assembly Public Safety Committee approved the legislation and a few weeks later in July, the Public Health Committee advanced the legislation. Now the bill requires approval from the Public Appropriations Committee before being finalized on the Senate floor and sent to California Governor Newsom for signature. We will continue to update this section as new developments arise.

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