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The Logistics of Using Shrooms: Storing, Ingesting, & Maximizing Potency

Explore the various forms of psilocybin-containing mushrooms, understand essential storage techniques, and learn accurate measuring methods for precise dosing. Discover common methods of ingesting psilocybin to enhance both therapeutic and recreational experiences.

Join us as we delve into the intricate logistics of psilocybin mushrooms. We explore various aspects of psilocybin use, from storing methods to ingestion techniques, providing a comprehensive guide for both seasoned users and newcomers alike.

Drawing from a combination of scientific insights and anecdotal experiences, this article discusses the importance of proper storage conditions for psilocybin-containing mushrooms, emphasizing the significance of a cool, dry environment to maintain potency. We share valuable tips on selecting suitable containers and avoiding moisture exposure, shedding light on best practices to ensure long-term preservation.

Moving on to ingestion methods, we’ll cover a range of options, including brewing psilocybin-infused herbal teas, crafting mushroom chocolates, and preparing lemon tek solutions. With each method, we offer practical advice and considerations, highlighting the potential benefits and drawbacks of different approaches based on individual preferences and experiences.

This guide addresses common questions and concerns surrounding psilocybin use, such as dosage accuracy, potency testing, and the effects of heat exposure. We also emphasize the importance of informed decision-making while sharing reliable resources such as the Miraculix potency testing service and online communities like Erowid and Reddit.

This article is inspired by our insightful podcast episode hosted by Psychedelic Passage co-founder, Jimmy Nguyen, which you can listen to on all streaming platforms. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Diverse Forms and Storage: Psilocybin-containing mushrooms are available in various forms such as whole, dried, powdered, and incorporated into edibles. Proper storage is crucial, with glass containers recommended over plastic for maintaining potency and preventing contamination.
  • Measuring and Dosing Precision: Accurate dosing is essential, particularly for microdosing, using high-precision scales that measure to the thousandth of a gram to ensure consistent effects.
  • Method-Specific Ingestion: Ingestion methods include edibles, tea infusions, direct consumption, and capsules, each catering to different user preferences and purposes. Techniques like Lemon Tek can alter the intensity and onset of effects, emphasizing personalization in usage.
  • Psychedelic Passage: Your Psychedelic Concierge — The easy, legal way to find trustworthy psilocybin guides, facilitators and psychedelic-assisted therapy near you in the United States.

Common Psilocybin-Containing Mushroom Forms & Products

Psilocybin-containing mushrooms have different levels of legality all around the world, from the completely legal European magic truffles, to the Natural Medicine Act of Colorado, which allows the gifting of the dried mushrooms while still being federally illegal in the U.S.

While their therapeutic applications gain traction and they increase in popularity and availability, understanding the different presentations of these mushrooms can help users make more informed decisions tailored to their needs and situations. 

Whole, Intact Dried Mushrooms

The most traditional and common form of psilocybin mushrooms is the whole, intact, dried mushrooms. This form involves the cultivation, harvesting, and thorough drying of mushrooms to ensure preservation and potency. 

Dried mushrooms are preferred for their longevity and ease of dosage estimation. The drying process is crucial as it eliminates moisture that could lead to decay while maximizing the preservation of active compounds like psilocybin.

Taking care to handle them delicately in this form protects them against potency degradation, which is easily spotted due to the characteristic blue or purple bruising on the mushroom itself.

 A “bruised” mushroom tells us a few things. One, that psilocybin is present. However, too much bruising tells us that it may have been mishandled and that the psilocybin is degrading.

Powdered Mushrooms and Capsules

For those interested in more precise dosing or discreet consumption, psilocybin mushrooms are often ground into a fine powder and encapsulated. 

These capsules can be particularly useful for microdosing, as they allow for consistent, controlled dosages that are easy to consume without the taste and texture of raw mushrooms.

As we learned from Dr. Felix Blei in our last episode, grinding a whole batch together, stems caps and all, ensures even dosing because potency can vary in individual mushrooms and even in different parts of the same mushroom. 

However, it’s also important to note that powdered mushrooms degrade faster. To maintain potency and freshness, it’s advisable to grind small batches enough for a week’s use. 

This approach prevents the significant potency loss that might occur if you grind a six-month supply at once, resulting in a less effective product over time.

Edible Products, Extracts and Concentrates

Edible forms of psilocybin, such as chocolates and gummies, are increasingly popular. These products can be formulated in different ways and integrate psilocybin into appealing and palatable formats, often masking the earthy flavor of mushrooms with sweet or fruity notes.

“Let’s say you’re getting a mushroom chocolate and they say that there’s four grams equivalent of psilocybin containing mushrooms in there, it would be interesting to know if they use whole dried mushrooms that they powdered down and added into their recipe.

Maybe they actually use some type of extraction method to actually get a psilocybin containing extract, like a concentrate, which as we talked about in past episodes, that’s generally what they were using in clinical trials.”

The evolving landscape of psilocybin products is likely to include liquid formulations such as tinctures and drinks as it hopefully moves through legality in the future.

Reflecting advancements in extraction technology seen in other herbal domains like cannabis, there is a movement toward producing psilocybin extracts and concentrates. 

Such products often utilize extraction methods to isolate psilocybin and possibly other beneficial compounds, potentially offering a more potent and refined user experience. 

Full Spectrum Considerations

Beyond isolated psilocybin, there is growing interest in the potential “full spectrum” benefits of psilocybin mushrooms. 

This approach suggests that other compounds within the mushrooms, such as terpenes and additional alkaloids, may enhance or modulate the psychoactive effects of psilocybin, leading to a more holistic experience.

If that were to hold true, then a psilocybin concentrate would yield a different kind of experience than a whole, dried mushroom.

Get To Know Your Mushroom

With so many options and few legal, streamlined services, due diligence is important. 

“If you can do this, ask a lot of these questions. Ask a lot of questions on the origin and the method in which your products come to you. 

And I speak about these things as products just because it comes in different formats. Whole dried versus powdered capsules versus a gummy versus a chocolate versus a truffle, all different.”

If you feel like you need a better primer to all of this information,, a great established resource on psychedelics, has the “Psilocybin & Psilocin Vault”, which has a comprehensive library of supporting information around psilocybin-containing mushrooms.

Optimal Storage Methods for Psilocybin-Containing Mushrooms

For those exploring the world of psilocybin-containing mushrooms, whether for therapeutic or recreational purposes, proper storage is crucial for maintaining their potency and freshness. 

Importance of Proper Storage Conditions

As mushrooms vary in potency across different parts, including individual mushrooms and various parts of the same mushroom, uniform dosing is assured when using whole, dry, intact mushrooms stored under optimal conditions. 

Without proper storage, you can run the risk of potency loss and mold, but with it you can greatly increase the preservation of your dried mushrooms. In a way, your storage methods can make or break your psilocybin-containing mushroom experience. 

Recommended Storage Containers

For the best results, glass containers with airtight seals, such as those used for pickling or Ball jars with screw-top lids, are highly recommended. 

These containers are preferred over plastic alternatives like Tupperware or rigid plastic containers, and certainly over Ziploc bags, which are semi-permeable and allow for some exchange with the surrounding environment. 

If using a Ziploc bag for additional protection within the glass container, ensure it is placed in a stable, temperature-controlled environment. 

The lack of exposure to light is also advised, drawing parallels with cannabis storage, where light exposure can alter cannabinoid profiles.

Temperature and Humidity Controls

Cool and dry places with minimal temperature fluctuations are ideal for storing psilocybin mushrooms. It’s crucial to avoid places with potential moisture exposure as moisture can introduce mold or mildew, deteriorating the mushrooms. 

The refrigerator or freezer might seem like plausible options; however, these are generally not recommended due to the risk of moisture exposure which can lead to contamination.

Interestingly, insights from the cannabis industry have shown that light and temperature can alter chemical compositions, suggesting that similar principles may apply to psilocybin, which is degraded faster by light and heat exposure.

Longevity and Potency

Dr. Felix Blei’s anecdotal evidence suggests that even under less than ideal conditions, psilocybin mushrooms can retain up to 50% of their potency over five years, indicating substantial shelf stability. 

This slow decay rate provides a relatively forgiving timeline for storage, though optimal conditions can significantly enhance longevity and efficacy.

Storage Tips for Edibles and Microdoses

For products like psilocybin-infused chocolates and gummies, which may contain other perishable ingredients such as dairy or gelatin, more careful storage in cool, dark places is crucial to prevent spoilage. 

For individuals interested in microdosing, it is advantageous to prepare doses weekly, using freshly ground mushrooms to ensure consistent potency rather than pre-grinding and storing for extended periods.

Tips For Measuring Psilocybin-Containing Mushrooms

Choosing the Right Scale

For most enthusiasts and regular users, high-precision scales, commonly referred to as jeweler’s scales, are recommended. 

These scales measure up to the thousandth of a gram (0.001 grams), providing the level of detail necessary for accurately weighing small, potent doses.

Scientific scales, used in professional settings like dispensaries offer exceptional accuracy but are unnecessary for at-home use. These scales can range from $600 to $1,200, and while they provide supreme precision, jewelers’ scales do the job just fine.

Essential Features of Scales

The tare function allows users to account for the weight of the container holding the mushrooms, ensuring that only the weight of the product is measured. 

By putting the container on the scale and pressing the tare button, it zeros out the weight of the container, only showing the weight of the mushrooms you put in after taring out the container.

Typically scales will have options for different measurement units. If the scale has multiple measuring unit options, ensure the scale is set to grams for consistency, as this is most commonly used in dosing guidelines for psilocybin.

Regular calibration of the scale ensures continued accuracy. Most high-quality scales come with a calibration kit and instructions. Periodic checks against another scale can also help maintain accuracy.

Best Practices for Using Scales

Always use a clean surface and clean instruments when weighing psilocybin mushrooms. Alcohol wipes or rubbing alcohol can be used to clean these surfaces before use.

Use the scale on a flat and stable surface to avoid any errors that might arise from environmental factors like vibrations or unlevel surfaces

This is especially important when dealing with microdoses, where even a slight discrepancy can lead to significant differences in how a dose may affect the user.

Utilizing calibration weights to regularly check the accuracy of your scale helps ensure that it remains reliable over time.

Microdosing vs. Larger Doses

The precision required can vary depending on the intended use. For microdosing, accuracy is crucial, as the goal is to achieve a sub-perceptual effect, where a minor variance in the dose can change the outcome significantly.

While still important, there is slightly more leniency in measurement accuracy in larger doses. Doses tend to increase in quarter or half gram increments (.25g-.5g), where small variances are less likely to significantly impact the overall experience.

Common Methods of Ingesting Psilocybin-Containing Mushrooms

Edibles: Gummies and Chocolates

One of the straightforward methods of consuming psilocybin is through edibles like gummies and chocolates. 

These products typically involve infused psilocybin into a palatable form, making them an appealing option for those who may find the natural taste of mushrooms unappealing. 

Users need to pay close attention to dosage when using edibles to ensure they consume the intended amount of psilocybin.

Tea Infusions

A popular method for ingesting psilocybin mushrooms is brewing them into a tea. This approach often involves grinding the mushrooms into a fine powder and steeping them in hot water.

Non-caffeinated herbal teas are favored to avoid the stimulant effects of caffeine. Additives like honey may be included to enhance the flavor. 

The heat-resistant nature of psilocybin ensures that its efficacy is retained even when exposed to boiling water, making this a reliable method of preparation.

Direct Consumption

Some individuals prefer to consume dried psilocybin mushrooms whole. This method is straightforward but can be less palatable due to the earthy and gritty texture of the dried mushrooms, which might leave residues in the mouth similar to popcorn. 

Although this method connects the user more directly with the raw material, it is less common for regular users due to the uncomfortable eating experience.


Capsulizing ground psilocybin mushrooms is another method employed by those looking for a convenient and discreet way to ingest. 

Capsules can provide a straightforward means to manage dosage effectively, although one must consider the materials of the capsules, such as vegetable glycerin or meat-based gelatin, which could cause stomach upset if consumed in large quantities.

Enhanced Techniques: Lemon Tek

A specialized method known as “Lemon Tek” involves using lemon juice to marinate the ground mushrooms before ingestion. 

The citric acid in the lemon begins converting psilocybin into psilocin—the substance that produces psychoactive effects—before the mushrooms are consumed. 

It’s widely believed that it helps combat nausea, and on the flip side anecdotal evidence suggests that this method can lead to a faster onset of effects and potentially a more intense experience, albeit often with a shorter duration.

Contextual Considerations

The method of ingestion might vary significantly depending on the setting and goals of the user. What might be appropriate for a therapeutic session under professional supervision could differ drastically from a casual recreational experience. 

The preparation for a microdose intended to enhance productivity or creativity at the start of a workweek would also differ from preparations for more substantial doses used in other contexts.

Unfortunately there isn’t enough scientific research out there for us to be able to discern strain-dependent effects, but with the tremendous efforts from companies like Miraculix and their community-based research, we’re moving in the right direction.

Information is Power! Further Reading into The Logistics of Using Psilocybin-Containing Mushrooms

Luckily for us, we live in a society that demands scientific inquiry into just about every aspect of life as our natural curiosity drives us for answers to our most pressing questions.   

  • Ethical Considerations and Industry Insights: For those navigating the psychedelic space, gain critical perspectives into consumerist traps in the psychedelic industry and the media’s influence surrounding psychedelic therapy.  
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  • Looking For A Professional?: As psychedelics still sit in a legal gray area, find out how you can still get professional help close to home.
  • Learning More About Consumption: Take a look at a more in depth overview of popular ways to consume psilocybin-containing mushrooms.
  • A Complete Guide To The Magic Mushroom: With every question we answer, another seems to appear! Explore our comprehensive guide that covers cultivation to therapy and everything in between.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the key differences between the various forms of psilocybin-containing mushrooms available?

The key forms include whole, intact dried mushrooms which are traditional and offer ease of dosage estimation; powdered mushrooms and capsules which provide discrete and precise dosing options; and edibles like chocolates and gummies that offer a palatable alternative for those who might dislike the natural mushroom taste. Each form is suited to different user preferences and settings.

2. Why is proper storage of psilocybin mushrooms important, and what are the best methods for storing them?

Proper storage is crucial to maintain the potency and freshness of the mushrooms, prevent contamination, and avoid potency loss. The best methods involve using airtight glass containers stored in cool, dry places with minimal temperature fluctuations. Avoiding light exposure is also recommended as it can degrade psilocybin similarly to other substances like cannabinoids.

3. How can one ensure accurate dosing when using psilocybin mushrooms?

Accurate dosing can be ensured by using high-precision scales that measure to the thousandth of a gram. It’s important to use the tare function to account only for the weight of the mushrooms and ensure the scale is set to the correct measurement unit (grams). Regular calibration of the scale is also necessary to maintain accuracy.

A potency test can also help you determine how strong or how much psilocybin is in any given dried mushroom sample to maintain even further accuracy. 

4. What are the considerations for choosing the method of ingesting psilocybin based on different personal or therapeutic goals?

The choice of ingestion method can depend on personal preferences, therapeutic goals, and situational needs. Edibles like chocolates and gummies are discrete and can mask the taste, making them suitable for those who dislike the mushroom flavor. 

Tea infusions can offer a gentle experience, while direct consumption or capsules provide more direct and potentially quicker effects. Understanding personal sensitivity to psilocybin, desired duration of effects, and personal comfort with the ingestion method are key considerations.

5. How does the Lemon Tek method potentially alter the psilocybin experience?

The Lemon Tek method involves marinating powdered mushrooms in lemon juice before ingestion. The acid in the lemon juice starts converting psilocybin into psilocin before consumption, which can lead to a quicker onset of psychoactive effects, potentially increase the intensity, and may shorten the duration of the experience. This method is often favored by those looking to manage nausea and enhance the psychedelic experience.


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