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Pilar Brooks, MA, AMFT, SEP

Pilar Brooks, MA, AMFT, SEP

Location: Ojai, CA & Remote

Specialties: Life Transitions/Initiations, Anxiety/Depression, PTSD, Grief, Spiritual Emergence/Divinity, Couples, Shadow Work.

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Phone: 323.813.5228


Pilar Brooks, MA, AMFT, SEP is a Psychedelic Integration Specialist and an Associate Depth & Somatic Psychotherapist working, living, and loving in California.  She received her BA in Fine Art from University of Southern California, is trained in both Trauma-Informed Yoga and Somatic Experiencing™, and earned her MA in Depth Psychotherapy from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Pilar became enraptured with what psychedelic explorations and her studies of the unconscious, brought forth from Jungian + Imaginal perspectives—majorly impacting both her personal and professional life. Her master’s published thesis, Bones of the Therapist’s Chair: An Exploration of Witchcraft and Psychotherapy became a deep dive adventure into the lingering lineages of the unseen world and how they have continued to remain alive within the role of the modern healer.

Being a devoted student of psyche (soul), soma (body), and spirit for over 10 years, Pilar operates from the innate belief that each of us seeks to live an embodied life of truth—and that each truth is unique in flavor. In assisting her psychedelic integration clients prepare, set intentions, and integrate their alternative-states of consciousness, Pilar serves as a psychoeducator and mirror for you to build relationship with the medicine you are calling in. Through empathy, curiosity, and intuition, Pilar supports you through your brave endeavor into the realms within.

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