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It starts with getting to know you better and ends with you tangibly improving your life through supported psychedelic use.

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How Our Program Works:

Matchmaking Process Begins

Psychedelic experiences require a great amount of trust and vulnerability. You need to find someone highly skilled that you connect with on a human level.

You choose how we get to know you, either through a consultation call or our free matchmaking form. Then you’ll meet with multiple qualified psychedelic coaches at no additional cost. Click below to get started.


Prepare and Plan Together

You and your psychedelic coach will work together to build a program plan that includes substance choice, dosage, and timeline. Under the guidance of your practitioner, you’ll develop the foundation, skills, and frameworks that take you from psychedelic curious to psychedelic capable.

Experience the Power of Psychedelics

The magic of psychedelics is mysterious in many ways. But with the right intentions, expectations, and direct in-person support, they often deliver what you need. Your practitioner will create a safe and supportive environment for your journey, tending to your needs so you can stay fully present in your experience.

Continue Growing In Community

What’s the secret to long-lasting and meaningful life change through psychedelics?

Integration and Community.

Supported by your psychedelic coach, Integration is the process of taking the impact and insights from your psychedelic experience and turning it into action, habit, and practice. We heal through psychedelics to better show up for ourselves and those we love.

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Intended for those who:

  • Need more specialized guidance
  • Aren’t sure if they’re ready for psychedelics
  • Want help from an expert who cares

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Curious what happens after finding your perfect facilitator?

Learn how our therapeutic psychedelic process works.

“If you feel at an impasse with regular therapy and are serious about doing the work of healing, I recommend doing this, and especially recommend Psychedelic Passage to guide the process.”

– Samantha G.


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