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Psychedelic Passage: The Podcast

The world is waking up to the profound healing power of psychedelics, but very few people understand how to actually use these medicines effectively. As professional psychedelic guides, we’ve made it our mission to help others have intentional psychedelic experiences. On our show, we provide tips, best practices, and answer common questions around how to safely use psychedelics for meaningful change.

Explore the various forms of psilocybin-containing mushrooms, understand essential storage techniques, and learn accurate measuring methods for precise dosing. Discover common methods of ingesting psilocybin to enhance both therapeutic and recreational experiences. Join us as we delve into the intricate logistics of psilocybin mushrooms. We explore various aspects of psilocybin

Explore how Dr. Felix Blei’s unprecedented research into mushroom potency, effects, and strains, will pave the way for a new frontier in psychedelic studies. Join the vibrant community research project at Miraculix Lab, shaping the future of psychedelic therapy through a collaborative and inclusive approach focused on understanding the interplay

Exploring the complexities of psilocybin strains and their effects, recent research reveals significant variations in the psychedelic experience. Dr. Blei’s groundbreaking research sheds light on the intricate chemistry behind psilocybin mushrooms, paving the way for a deeper understanding of these compounds. In this article, we welcome Dr. Felix Blei, a

Dr. John Moos serves as a peer reviewer for research articles by Psychedelic Passage. He is a former Trauma and Acute Care Surgeon with over two decades of experience across several hospitals, including Sutter Health Memorial Medical Center and North Valley Hospital District. He earned his medical degree from the

This comprehensive piece offers practical advice on safely embarking on solo psychedelic journeys, emphasizing the importance of preparation, harm reduction, and responsible dosing. Navigating the intricate landscapes of the mind solo, while a fundamental right, is underscored by the critical responsibility of ensuring safety and maximizing the benefits of such

Embark on a journey to embrace fear within psychedelic experiences, exploring the transformative power of self-reflection and emotional depth. This guide illuminates how facing and understanding fear can enhance psychedelic journeys and personal growth alike. In this soul-stirring article, we will embark on a springtime journey of growth and introspection,

Considering a microdose after a macrodose experience requires careful reflection on the profound changes to one’s perception and emotional state. It’s essential to establish a new baseline and assess whether microdosing can support the integration of these transformative insights. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Today, we delve into a nuanced and

When choosing an ideal companion for a psychedelic journey, it’s essential to seek traits like non-judgment, curiosity, flexibility, and emotional intelligence that contribute to a safe and enriching experience. These qualities ensure a harmonious coexistence, turning the psychedelic exploration into a shared odyssey of profound discoveries and transformations. Facebook Twitter

Exploring the interplay between psychedelics and the nervous system, this article delves into regulating trauma responses, such as the fight or flight response, how the body carries emotional pain, and how to prime your nervous system for a psychedelic experience. Learn the importance of embodying the lessons learned through the

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