Our Services: How Tripsitting Works

Service Offerings

Private Tripsitting: 1-to-1

These trip sitting experiences include one facilitator for each client and are custom tailored to your needs. Think of it like a co-creative process where we work together to craft the perfect ceremony for you and your desired outcome.

Small Group or Couples Tripsitting

We can facilitate ceremonies for small groups of people and/or couples—with a ratio of up to 1 facilitator for every 3 participants. You get to choose who you journey with. We simply ask that you are comfortable being in a vulnerable state with all chosen participants. Each participant will have to undergo our standard intake and screening process.

Dual-Facilitator Tripsitting (Male & Female Combo)

Some clients feel more comfortable with a two trip sitters present (one male and one female), which is consistent with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) clinical studies protocol. From a shamanic perspective, this is not necessary, but the option is available. Our main priority is that you are in a comfortable environment.

Tripsitting for BIPOC & Low Income Individuals

We recognize that the origins of psychedelic healing come from various indigenous cultures. Yet, today, there are social and financial hurdles that prevent psychedelic medicine from being accessible to communities of color. We believe that this kind of holistic healing should be available to all people—especially those who have been disenfranchised by its prohibition. That’s why we have established a donation fund that allows us to better serve BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and low-income communities.

Psychedelic Community Groups

We get it. It’s challenging to find like-minded people who are interested in personal development in tandem with psychedelic journeys. However, it’s critical to have people you can talk openly with about the nuances of your psychedelic experience. We offer community groups for people at all stages in the psychedelic exploration & healing process. These safe spaces are hosted virtually and provide an immediate outlet for human connection, peer support, and the sharing of experiences.  We invite you to join our supportive community of peers who are interested in self-improvement and self-actualization.

Ongoing Coaching (Preparation or Integration)

All of our psilocybin trip sitting offerings include multiple preparation (pre-experience) and integration (post-experience) coaching sessions. However, we are available for additional one-off sessions for anyone who is interested. These sessions can be specific to psychedelics, spirituality, general life coaching—or a combination.

What to Expect

All Trip Sitting Offerings Include the Following:

We'll Help You:

#1 Adequately prepare your mind(set)

Psychedelics crack you wide open; exposing you to the parts of yourself you try to ignore. Together, we’ll work to clarify your intention during the preparation sessions leading up to the experience—this will serve as your anchor as you explore the depths of your psyche.  We’ll also equip you with a spiritual framework to use when navigating these altered states of consciousness. With our support, you’ll be ready to face whatever arises head on.

#2 Choose substance and dosage for your desired outcome

Taking too much of any psychedelic is not fun, nor is it helpful. Should you consume LSD, magic mushrooms, or DMT? We’ll provide you with researched information to help you choose the correct substance and dosage based on your location and your needs. Regardless of your intention or goals, we’ll co-create a plan that addresses all the variables, improving your chances of achieving your desired outcome.

#3 Create the optimal environment for your psychedelic journey

Setting is one of the most important factors influencing the psychedelic experience. We’ll work together to create a space that is safe, comfortable, and conducive to healing. This includes eliminating physical hazards, reducing external distractions, and adding elements like lighting, music, blankets, and water.

#4 Facilitate your intentional psychedelic experience (trip sitting)

It’s important that you feel safe and supported by a sober sitter you trust. We’ll be alongside you for the entire journey, ensuring that you are never alone. We facilitate your inner healing by holding a welcoming, supportive, non-judgmental space. We utilize proven harm reduction principles to mitigate risk and potential for physical harm.

#5 Reduce the potential for a bad trip

Bad trips are simply misunderstood experiences, though that doesn’t make them any less overwhelming. They are typically the result of a lack of preparation. We’ll equip you with tools to work through potentially intense psychedelic experiences more gracefully. The important part is to know that even if you feel uncomfortable, it is not permanent, and you are never alone.

#6 Integrate the lessons from your experience into everyday life

Insights from these states of altered consciousness can be difficult to process, let alone implement into your day-to-day existence. In the weeks following your experience, we’ll schedule integration calls to help you implement your realizations into tangible actions. We’ll help you hold onto the magic of your journey by acting as a non-biased support system.

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