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Download our Free Psilocybin Sourcing Guide

Register for Free Daily Introductory Q&A at 4:00 PST

Register for Free Daily Intro Q&A at 4:00 PST

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Free Educational Resources

Our articles, podcasts, live webinar Q&A’s, and sourcing guide are designed to equip you with the knowledge to take your first steps into psychedelic therapy safely. We take pride in providing this information for free, so you can make informed decisions about your care. We have resources for all stages of the psychedelic journey. Click the button to start learning.

Try Psychedelics Without Hallucinating

Microdosing at home is a great first step into psychedelic therapy. The bundle below gives you everything you need to source psilocybin, follow a treatment plan, and make tangible improvements in your life.

At Home Microdosing Bundle


Start your psychedelic therapy exploration with this educational resource bundle. These guides will equip you with the resources and knowledge to source and grow mushrooms as well as how to start a micro-dose program. This bundle includes:

  • Psilocybin Sourcing & Harm Reduction Guide
  • Mushroom Grow Guide
  • Micro-dosing guide + Daily Journal
Bought separately these resources would cost $58, but you can purchase all three guides for just $39 total.

Professional Psilocybin Therapy at Home

Join the 1,500+ people who’ve made profound life improvements through professionally-led psychedelic therapy. Let us match you with the perfect psychedelic provider today.

Find My Facilitator Program


Let us match you with a local provider who’ll be your partner in psychedelic therapy. This program includes everything you need to get safe and effective treatment in the comfort of your own home. Here’s what’s included:

  • 30 Minute Matchmaking Call
  • Access to Facilitator Network
  • Dedicated Concierge Support
  • Unlimited Facilitator Intro Calls
  • Education Resource Bundle
  • 1 Included Month of Community
Take your first step to meeting your psychedelic facilitator by scheduling your consultation call below.


Turn Your Experience Into Lasting Change

Whether you had your psychedelic experience with us or someone else, integration is the most important step to turning your journey into lifelong change. Two integration sessions are included in our Psychedelic Therapy Program, but we offer one-off Integration Coaching Sessions to anyone.

Integration Coaching Session


Spend an hour of 1-on-1 time with a psychedelic expert digesting your psychedelic experience. Over the course of your phone call, your integration coach will help you work through and fully understand your experience. Integration is what creates lasting change. Benefits from an integration session include:

  • Get professional support on demand
  • Make sense of your psychedelic experience
  • Learn practices to continue growing after the session

Integration sessions are available to anyone processing a psychedelic experience. We look forward to supporting you, book your Integration Coaching Session below.


Join a Community of Like-Minded People

We created an online community where people with psychedelic experiences can discuss and grow together. This community provides peer support, human connection, and a safe space for self-expression. Learn what makes our community special:

  • High Quality Participants: Only available to those who have completed treatment through our network
  • Professionally Moderated: The community is moderated by a psychedelic integration expert
  • Easy to Join: Hosted virtually so you can log in from anywhere.
  • Regular Meetings: The community meets once a month at a set date and time.

Click below to learn more about our community offering.

Why We Exist:

We’re Nick and Jimmy and in 2019 we founded Psychedelic Passage to provide psychedelic facilitation services to those in need. We quickly realized that undereducated consumers were susceptible to abuse, ineffective journeys, and misinformation. In response, we began advocating for those seeking treatment. We turned our shared practice into a network of high-quality facilitators across the country. We provide educational resources, live Q&A’s, integration sessions, and facilitator matchmaking services. We’re happy you’re here.


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