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Some names have been changed to protect client privacy. The names of the facilitator have been changed to “my facilitator”

As a first time psilocybin user I went into this journey with so much anxiety and trepidation since I had no previous experience using psychedelics at all. I just knew that I needed some help and this medicine felt right. However, most of my nerves were put at ease once I met my facilitator. The initial communication was very professional and easy which did a lot to calm any potential nerves.

I knew I had some serious issues to face since I’ve been struggling with pretty bad depression/anxiety, and I knew I needed to do something different because therapy had never helped “release the trauma” that I so often hear needs to be done. From the moment I arrived and met my facilitator in person I knew I would feel safe, supported, and cared for beyond what I had hoped for during my journey. They did an amazing job of explaining what I could expect each step of the way, beginning well before I arrived, during the session, and then how best to approach the integration back into the real world after the session was over.

The medicine, along with the facilitator’s guidance helped me release many feelings, maybe for the first time, I’ve either self medicated into suppression or kept busy to avoid feeling. It wasn’t easy but I knew it wouldn’t be. I am still processing everything and I feel like it will continue to unfold for some time but they did remind me and it became clear after my session that “I didn’t get what I wanted or what I expected, I got what I needed.”

If you’re considering doing this for a first time or even a first time in this way, I can’t think of any safer way, or anyone more competent with whom you can journey into this realm than with Psychedelic Passage.

Greg C.

I was very worried about doing psilocybin. After doing other psychotherapies and reading the recent research, I was interested in trying it as a next step in my therapeutic work for treating social and general anxiety. I don’t like doing any type of drugs and the idea of a psychedelic scared me. Since the beginning of working with my facilitator, I felt reassured and they were always there to quickly answer my questions. They patiently talked things through with me and took everything very seriously.

During the actual experience of the trip, my facilitator’s presence was invaluable, and helped me feel safe and secure the whole time! There was no rush, no pressure, just compassion and holding space. I’m grateful and lucky to have them and the service for my first experience. If you feel at an impasse with regular therapy and are serious about doing the work of healing, I recommend doing this, and especially recommend Psychedelic Passage to guide the process.

Samantha G.

As a psychotherapist, I had the privilege and blessing to be present during a ceremony conducted for one of my clients. My client reached a level of awareness and insight which has led to great progress and deeper happiness. I am endorsing Psychedelic Passage because of the remarkable degree of personal care and concern shown by their network of facilitators. The month-long process of forming intent, conducting the ceremony, and integrating the experience afterward was crucial to my client’s extraordinary success. The level of professional competence and awareness shown, informed by traditional medicine and psychological training, leaves me with full confidence in the program offered by Psychedelic Passage.

Rev. David W. Rennard, LCSW, CSAT-S. DCC

Over the past several years I’ve been fascinated by the power of psychedelics to support psychological healing, spiritual growth & personal development. For quite some time I’ve been looking for just the right opportunity & guide to support my first psychedelic ceremony, but I wanted to ensure that the approach and personality were a match and felt 100% right. When I discovered Psychedelic Passage and read about the thoughtful and responsible approach that Jimmy & Nick take, my gut told me this was the right fit. As I spoke with the team during the initial consultation, it was clear that this was the opportunity I’d been searching for.

At every moment through the preparation meetings, the ceremony day, and the follow-on integration sessions my facilitator was fully present, non-judgmental, extremely knowledgeable, respectful, and supportive of my journey. I came into the ceremony with an intention of gaining clarity on the limiting factors in my life that have held me back from becoming the best version of myself, and to gain the courage to confront and work through them. The ceremony was without a doubt one of the most personally impactful and profoundly moving experiences of my life. The insights gained from the ceremony, many of which I am still exploring and reflecting on, have helped me overcome the sense of “stuckness” I’d been struggling with for years. In the weeks that followed, I’ve found more profound joy and awareness than I’ve had in some time, and was able to apply the clarity and conviction gained from the ceremony to make a long-awaited career transition and pursue a path more aligned with my true purpose. I am forever grateful for my facilitator and the impact they have had on the trajectory of my life

If you’re thinking about exploring ceremonial psychedelic use but perhaps have some uncertainty surrounding the experience, I’d encourage you to speak with Psychedelic Passage to see whether this may be the right fit for you. It certainly was for me, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Zach A.

“The level of professional competence and awareness shown, informed by traditional medicine and psychological training, leaves me with full confidence in the program offered by Psychedelic Passage.”

Rev. David W. Rennard, LCSW, CSAT-S. DCC

I am a 55-year-old woman. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. I have been on many different pharmaceuticals over the years. I did not like the way these medications made me feel. Within the last year I weaned myself off of the medication and was on a mission to heal myself. For three years I have been researching mushroom therapy and have kept up to date on the research surrounding it. In the process of looking for a professional guide, I came across Psychedelic Passage and I could not have made a more sound decision. They connected me to my facilitator and she was the perfect fit. From beginning to end I could not have been more pleased. My facilitator was kind, respectful, understanding, and extremely professional. There is not one thing I would change about this experience, and I know that I could not have done this without my facilitator and her kind spirit. This experience has brought many positive changes in my life and I am forever grateful for my facilitator and Psychedelic Passage.

Julia S.

I contacted Psychedelic Passage after reading about the use of psilocybin for psychedelic therapy. have been dealing with depression, anxiety and OCD since childhood. I had tried different types of traditional therapy with limited success. With support of my psychiatrist and therapist I decided to taper off a high dose of SSRI antidepressants after having been on them for over 25 years. I reached out to Psychedelic Passage to see if psychedelic therapy would be helpful.

My facilitator was a very kind and compassionate person who carefully explained what a guided ceremony would offer. As a recently retired 67 year old professional with very limited experience with psychedelics, my facilitator was able to allay my fears and gently help me to make the right decision to do a high dose ceremony. Their careful attention to listening to my needs and answering my many questions convinced me that they were the right person. My facilitator was also very helpful with regard to suggesting several books to read about what to possibly expect from the experience

The facilitator came to my house for the ceremony and their gentle demeanor immediately put me at ease. They were able to allow me to completely surrender and trust the experience without putting any expectations on the experience. My facilitator was a true professional who has dedicated their life to the service of others. They were with me during the preparation prior to and afterwards with integration.

The experience was truly amazing and transformational. I am now working with a therapist to use the new insights I acquired from the ceremony. I would never have attempted to do this without my facilitator’s professional assistance and for that I owe them my gratitude.

For others seeking this type of therapy I recommend without any hesitation to use Psychedelic Passage to locate a trusted and fully knowledgeable guide. 

Alice L.

Jimmy and Nick are true professionals. I had the pleasure of talking to one of the concierges for my initial consultation, and then I worked with one of the facilitators in their network during the preparation, ceremony, and integration phases. This was my first encounter with any psychedelic, and my facilitator made sure I was informed, safe, and supported through the entire process. Their kind presence and wisdom allowed me to relax into and trust the experience that unfolded, especially during the difficult parts. Thanks to their help, I can honestly say both my work and spiritual life barely resemble how they were before the ceremony–I’ve learned and grown so much in the last month! I highly recommend Psychedelic Passage’s guidance to anyone considering using psychedelics, especially first-timers, and I’m looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Tim H.

It was a big decision choosing who to trust for my first psilocybin experience. After thorough research I chose to work with Psychedelic Passage and I’m so glad I did. I have a health professions background, and I’m accustomed to working with capable and knowledgeable people, and my facilitator was as good as anyone I’ve ever worked with. They were empathetic, perceptive, caring, and professional to a very high degree. My facilitator took their craft and art very seriously and seemed like they are always looking to improve. Our preparation sessions paved the way for a beautiful ceremony day which incorporated my intentions and weaved in some traditional approaches which really enhanced the experience. Honestly I don’t think I could have been better prepared or gotten more out of the experience. As my facilitator likes to say, “I did the work”, but they illuminated the path expertly. I’m really grateful.

Daniel J.

Nick and Jimmy are both incredibly knowledgeable about the research on psychedelics and the practical application. They focus on building a container for healing before and during the ceremony. then maintaining that optimal state after the psychedelic ceremony. I felt safe speaking to them from day one.

My facilitator sat with me eight weeks ago. We did two prep sessions leading into my ceremony and we did integration coaching weekly for about 5 weeks after.

I acknowledged deep patterns that needed to be addressed during the ceremony. I’d say the real work happens a bit before and a lot after the ceremony. I’m having mind blowing realizations every day that I take time to reflect and integrate my psilocybin ceremony while I journal.

I highly recommend booking a consultation with Psychedelic Passage for anyone interested or curious about psychedelic experiences.

Ben P.

“If you’re considering doing this for a first time or even a first time in this way, I can’t think of any safer way, or anyone more competent with whom you can journey into this realm than with Psychedelic Passage.”

Greg C.

Jimmy and Nick are top-notch professionals. Their knowledge, expertise, and integrity in assisting individuals through the psychedelic experience is a gift to the world of plant medicine.

Their focus on education and safety allowed me to feel truly supported from my initial phone call with the concierge to the preparation, ceremony, and integration with my facilitator.

Though I had a handful of recreational psilocybin trips years ago, I was intrigued by the prospect of a guided psilocybin journey to address my life-long wrestling match with major depressive disorder, medications, and psychotherapy. After looking into the clinical trials of psilocybin and depression, I realized the clinical approach did not suit me. I then stumbled across the Psychedelic Passage website in a Google search for “trip sitters.” What came of that fortuitous inquiry was beyond anything I could have imagined. My hesitance about the preparation meetings taking place over Zoom quickly dissolved when my facilitator appeared on my computer screen. Their genuine nature, kindness and uncanny ability to really listen was evident immediately. They were incredibly thorough in helping me prepare for my journey. It was an honor to meet my facilitator in person on the day of my ceremony. They created a profoundly meaningful ceremonial space for me. They ensured I felt completely safe throughout the experience (my background as a nurse and wilderness first responder made me keenly aware of this). And they have continued to offer the deep insight and support necessary for effective integration.

As for the psilocybin experience, it was nothing like my recreational trips from my youth. It was intense, at times as difficult as it was wonderful. The experience cracked something open allowing me to move into an amazing awareness of what is. The plant medicine allowed me to let go of things I’d been carrying around for far too long. This is powerful, life changing stuff and I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with a skilled, experienced guide.

Nick and Jimmy have put together a solid, well-organized, and credible program of services. I would trust them, without one bit of hesitation, to serve anyone I know and love.

Olivia S.

Thirty years of medical practice and I couldn’t find a conventional way to get to psilocybin. With repeated and persistent efforts to access a clinical trial, psilocybin to help with a terminal cancer diagnosis, I was frustrated. Seven years of living with metastatic cancer can be incapacitating. It was for me. I was hopeless, stuck.

A therapist mentioned Psychedelic Passage and I contacted them. They connected me to a professional guide who facilitated a life-changing trip that is beyond description. Seeking the return of creativity, hoping for a measure of forgiveness for those who had consistently harmed me, my intentions were simple. My trip was anything but that. I was given the most fantastical and difficult journey. Because of it, I am no longer merely existing. I feel alive again.

An organization and its people can serve as an example for one’s personal journey. As a physician, offering standard medical care, I am aware that psychedelic treatments are viewed with an eye of skepticism. It takes boldness and insight to offer, to the public, an option that has been misunderstood and maligned. Psychedelic Passages is doing this. I have been challenged to reenter my world with the courage and creativity that I have witnessed.

I am grateful beyond measure to my guide. She is as skilled a professional as any. More importantly, she offers her care in such a bygone way, unhurried, generous, and respectful of one’s inclinations and personal intuition.

My gratitude and support to my facilitator and to Psychedelic Passage. Thank you all!

Luke M.

My experience with Psychedelic Passage has changed my life. I have been in talk therapy for years, but was frustrated at my lack of progress. So much talking, but nothing was sinking in. I heard the words that were being spoken, but I either didn’t believe them or just didn’t know how to apply them. Out of near desperation, I contacted Psychedelic Passage and was connected with my guide based on my unique needs. 

From the first intention setting session, I knew this was going to be different from my experiences with traditional therapy. My facilitator was sensitive, encouraging, and helped me drill down my original intention to something deeper than I first anticipated. I felt heard and supported. After a couple of sessions, I didn’t feel any fear going into my ceremony with them because I knew that my facilitator would keep me safe. The ceremony itself was absolutely transformational. It was sacred, humbling, solemn, soulful, tearful, wondrous, illuminating, loving, and yet surprisingly ordinary – it was just on my living room rug! 

My facilitator was there to quietly and lovingly encourage me. Metaphorically speaking, they held open a door as I walked through, and never left my side throughout the journey. It was wonderful, and I’m so grateful to them. Our integration sessions have been amazing too – that’s where the magic (and the work) really happens. The way I look at my life has changed so much in the short amount of time since the experience. The loving and tender things that were said on my living room rug – those words came out of my mouth…to myself, about myself, and I meant them!

Maria N.

I had the honor of finding and connecting with my facilitator through Psychedelic Passage. I had been researching for over a year, a few different companies and interviewed several trip sitters until I found the right one for me. After looking for over a year, I was confident I found Psychedelic Passage to be the right company and the facilitator they connected me with to be a wonderful sitter for me.

Of course, I felt a bit anxious about experiencing something new, being vulnerable with someone I hadn’t met but from our initial call, not only was I inspired by my facilitator’s personal transformation journey, I felt at ease because as she answered my many questions and helped me talk through any doubts from the planning to the day of the Ceremony. Needless to say, my experience was absolutely wonderful all the way through. My facilitator’s calm, confident nature is that of a wise grandmother who provided support and comfort to me before, during and after the ceremony. I truly believe I would not have had such a great experience had it been a different facilitator. 

After facing the past year filled with severe trauma, multiple surgeries, depression, PTSD, and anxiety, this plant medicine experience has awakened my heart, mind, and all my senses to live again from a place of authenticity, humility and insights. My heart is forever grateful, looking forward to continuing this life long journey. Thank you Psychedelic Passage and thank you to my facilitator for all your time, kindness and dedicating a bit of your life to helping others and me breakthrough negative patterns so I can live a life of joy and peace. Namaste!

Audrey T.

Honestly the fact that something like Psychedelic Passage exists in the first place is surreal. The ability to experience life-changing therapy with guidance from people who have committed their lives to the work, and will come to you?! Crazy. Tack on the cherry which was our facilitator, and it’s truly one of the best things my wife and I have ever done. 

Michael W.

“If you feel at an impasse with regular therapy and are serious about doing the work of healing, I recommend doing this, and especially recommend Psychedelic Passage to guide the process.”

Samantha G.

When I decided that I wanted to partake in a medicinal journey, one of the first thoughts that came to mind was that I was diving into the unknown, and because of that, I thought that being comfortable with my facilitator would be extremely important. Luckily for me, I became comfortable with my facilitator within a few minutes of our introductory call.

I was connected to my facilitator through Psychedelic Passage, and together we embarked upon a total of five calls, as well as the journey itself. My facilitator also texted me regularly, always taking the time to give me genuine, detailed responses, that were specific to me.

I had been experiencing an overall decline in my happiness and purpose over the past years, and with the help of plant medicine, and my facilitator’s expertise and insights, I was able to identify some of the misplaced value systems I had been living by, that were not serving me.

Although I knew that it was the right time in my life to take this journey, there was admittedly a normal amount of fear of the unknown. However, this passed rather quickly for me, and my facilitator’s words and presence made me feel that I was safe, and in good hands, throughout the entire process.

The experience has helped me tremendously, in terms of seeing that true change is possible, that I do not need to live in the past, and that I do not have to judge how well I am doing in life, based on societal standards. These things may seem intuitive, but often we can become stuck in thought, and not realize our true nature or purpose… this is true for me at least.

After our scheduled calls were completed, my facilitator told me that I “had her for life,” meaning I could reach out at any time. It has been several months since my journey, and we are still in touch. They are genuine, kind and extremely knowledgeable. For anybody looking to learn more about themselves, learn self-acceptance, or change current thought processes and behaviors, I highly recommend working with Psychedelic Passage.

Sarah F.

It is with great pleasure that I write in support of Psychedelic Passage and especially of the facilitator they connected me to. Beginning with the consultation call, the process from start to finish was smooth, organized, and, most importantly, conducted with loving kindness. My concierge was welcoming, well informed, and open to all questions. My facilitator was able to arrange a payment plan that met my financial needs, allowing me to access a psychedelic journey that has been life changing.

Throughout my experience, I felt profoundly supported. From starting off each meeting with a meditation to checking in periodically before, during, and after the experience, my facilitator helped me to feel prepared and grounded. They were extremely knowledgeable and, as I was a first time psychedelics user, presented the information in an easily relatable way that put my mind at ease. My facilitator was warm and present throughout the process and worked from both a place grounded in scientific research and psychology, as well as from an incredible intuition.

During the ceremony itself, my facilitator knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it. I felt safe, well taken care of, and loved. Having my facilitator supporting me throughout the experience was fundamental to my letting go and learning what I needed to. After the session, they were extremely helpful in making sense of the experience, understanding its meaning in my life moving forward, and suggesting practices and resources that might help me continue my journey. I will forever have deep gratitude for Psychedelic Passage and for my facilitator!

Charlie D.

I’m so grateful to have found Psychedelic Passage when I looked to act upon my curiosity towards the intentional use of plant medicines. Embarking on this journey can initially feel lonely and overwhelming–I’m so thankful that I had my facilitator to guide me in my psilocybin experience. They helped me feel completely safe and supported in preparation for, during, and following my ceremony. I would have honestly felt lost regarding my experience without my facilitator’s guidance and their thoughtful and wise approach to integrating the lessons from my ceremony into my daily life. The members of the Psychedelic Passage team are true professionals, but more importantly they do this work as a personal calling to help others. I highly recommend Psychedelic Passage for anyone looking to explore the intentional use of plant medicines.

Andrew K.

It’s been almost 4 months since my ceremony, and my life remains transformed for the better. My work is flowing quite smoothly and without the usual anxiety; I’m more relaxed, light-hearted, aware, and compassionate; and I’m even in a loving relationship with my then-friend who was my emergency contact for the ceremony (your results may vary). There’s no other way to say it than this: psychedelics changed everything. That day is the dividing point in my personal history. There’s only before it and after it. But I can’t stress enough my belief that if you are going to use these potent substances, you MUST have a well-trained, responsible, and sober guide with you. The potential risks, for me at least, seem as large as the potential benefits, and a good guide will help you minimize the risks and maximize the benefits. Trusting some random guy I found on the internet to be my guide was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Charlotte N.

This was my first psychedelic experience and I am very happy it was through Psychedelic Passage. From the first consultation, everything was clear and concise what to expect and what a strong influence intention is.

I specifically was dealing with Generalized Anxiety Disorder from a very young age; I had done many things to overcome it along with SSRIs for 20 years. I learned about psilocybin treatments and found Psychedelic Passage to potentially have another tool to regain some ground on freedom of my life. I was connected with my facilitator and they heard my concerns and made sure all steps were understood.

The experience itself is nothing to be afraid of and in my perspective, very stress relieving. The real work is integration that comes after the ceremony. There really is a time that you are given the real tools and ability to change your patterns for the better. This isn’t a consistent elevation of mood, this is a structural change in your day to day and your prevailing thoughts.

35 days after, this is the longest I have ever been off SSRIs in my life. I have been more active, healthy, social and motivated in my career than in many years if ever. Nothing about this feels temporary, I am now able to influence my own thought patterns and adjust as needed rather than a constant state of flight or medicated dullness. It is new as a long term SSRI consumer but being able to influence your own day to day is a true superpower that I forgot I possessed since I was a kid.

This being said, guidance is certainly needed for this to be truly therapeutic and medicinal. I am very happy I was paired with the right facilitator to make this happen. There is nothing that can compare to the experience and the profound benefits it provided. I do not believe I would have benefited as well without the guidance they provided.

Hannah V.

It has taken me some time to write my testimonial as I have been having a hard time finding the words to fully illustrate how incredibly life changing my experience was with Psychedelic Passage. Although the psilocybin was the teacher, it is important to me that I mention that my facilitator was a huge part of making my journey so comforting and special. Throughout the process, my facilitator and I had a handful of deep zoom meetings where we were really able to break down my intentions and what I was looking to get out of the ceremony. 

Going into it, I had the worry of not being able to fully connect with the person that I was going to end up being so incredibly vulnerable around but that was never a problem and I couldn’t be happier that I had them there to lead me on such a spiritual, meaningful, life altering journey. Everything that came up during the ceremony was everything that I needed to face whether I really knew it or not. 

A little fun fact from my personal journey was that there was a point in time where I saw an image of an ultrasound and then a baby boy. Fast forward, I am now pregnant with my first child, and it is indeed a baby boy. Like I said, it is really hard to put into words an experience that is so unique to each individual but all I have to say is that I would recommend Psychedelic Passage 100 out of 10 times. My facilitator is a very special soul. To say that I am thankful is a complete understatement.

Emily S.

As an executive, I was looking for a professional and credentialed service that would also respect my need for confidentiality. I had been thinking about this type of journey inside the mind for some time, and after interviewing four guiding services, selected Psychedelic Passage. The experience was everything I had hoped for, and my facilitator was a great listener, a tremendous guide, and in the end a friend and confidant that I trust with one of my most sacred assets – my mind. I intend to leverage Psychedelic Passage services once a year to “baseline” and continue my work to become the best version of myself possible.

James A.

I came to Psychedelic Passage hoping to heal myself of a lot of things like addictions, depression, anxiety, etc. and came out of this experience not “cured” but with new perspectives that have changed the direction of my life for the better.

I chose my guide because she was closest to me but now I believe it was a spiritual connection that brought us together. She was very patient with me as I took a few months to finally commit to doing the ceremony. We had many conversations about the process and at no point did I feel like she was trying to sell me anything. She genuinely was there to help me.

During the ceremony, my facilitator made me feel safe which allowed me to be completely vulnerable as I met my inner child. She was there for me every time I needed her presence in the exact way I needed her to be. There was only compassion from her. The music she chose for the ceremony was also perfect. If you’re not spiritual, you might be after this experience.

After the ceremony, my facilitator stayed behind with me way longer than she needed to because I was still feeling very raw and couldn’t be alone again so soon. She went above and beyond what I was expecting and still continues being there for me.

Overall, I am glad I came to Psychedelic Passage and trusted them to pair me with my facilitator. She is an extremely competent guide and I can’t recommend her enough.

Ethan H.

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