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Psilocybin Sourcing & Harm Reduction Guide

This guide includes everything you need to know about sourcing mushrooms:

  • Online vendors that ship to your door
  • Local psilocybin dispensaries
  • Options for growing mushrooms at home
  • Exclusive discount codes
  • How to navigate the current legal landscape
  • Information on the Colorado Gifting Law

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Free Intro to Psychedelic Therapy Q&A

These bi-weekly webinar meetings are the perfect place to get answers to all of your questions about psychedelic therapy! They are hosted by psychedelic facilitator and Co-Founder of Psychedelic Passage, Jimmy Nguyen. Gain an understanding of psychedelic therapy, our unique program structure, and how we support you through every step of the process. Click below to sign up for the next free webinar.

Suggested Beginner Reading

We curated this selection of articles to bring you up to speed on how and why psychedelic therapy works.

The Psychedelic Therapy Process a Step By Step Guide

If you’re reading through this guide, it’s likely that you’ve already acknowledged your interest in seeking psychedelic-assisted therapy…

man standing on edge of cliff

It’s no surprise that research into the efficacy of psychedelic-assisted therapy has gained these trip-inducing medicines an admittedly bountiful following…

woman holding balloons in a field

How durable can we expect the results of psilocybin-assisted therapy to be? We see news articles and studies framing its benefits as ‘long term’…

Suggested Beginner Listening

Our podcast is where we discuss the most pressing topics in psychedelic therapy, pick a starting point below:

Determining Therapeutic Psilocybin Dosages

Our hosts discuss how forcing the process, rushing it, relying on external influences, or being too attached to a specific outcome, may negatively affect your decision-making and broader healing process. 

How To Support a Loved One Through a Psychedelic Experience

Explore everything from typical screening/ onboarding processes, to preparation logistics, the importance of setting ground rules, and exactly what should be expected on ceremony day…

best medicinal mushrooms

Understand the difference between microdoses and large doses of psychedelic medicine, the significance of setting intentions, understanding one’s internal landscape, and the context of one’s life when deciding…

Why We Exist:

We’re Nick and Jimmy and in 2019 we founded Psychedelic Passage to provide psychedelic facilitation services to those in need. We quickly realized that undereducated consumers were susceptible to abuse, ineffective journeys, and misinformation. In response, we began advocating for those seeking treatment. We turned our shared practice into a network of high-quality facilitators across the country. We provide educational resources, live Q&A’s, integration sessions, and facilitator matchmaking services. We’re happy you’re here.

“I’ve been blown away by your resources, blogs, podcasts, addressing safety concerns, careful outlines of steps in the journey, and your professionalism.”

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