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Season 1 Finale: Reflecting, Recapping, and Revealing Season 2

In this short solo episode, Nicholas closes off Season 1 of the Psychedelic Passage podcast by announcing a short two-week publishing break. With excitement for the start of Season 2 on August 22nd, 2023, Nicholas expresses sincere gratitude for the continuous support and feedback from their audience.

Our co-host takes a trip down memory lane, recapping common themes explored in the past year, and giving insight about the focus of Season 2. He teases a much deeper emphasis on sharing the platform with past clients and journeyers who can offer relatable psychedelic perspectives. 

He assures listeners that subject matter experts will continue to hold a prominent place on the show and offers a sneak peak into the types of guests that Season 2 will feature. Before closing, Nicholas reminds readers to check out the new version of the Psychedelic Passage website, which is linked below. 

This full circle moment is a testament to the growth and expansion of Psychedelic Passage— the nation’s first psychedelic concierge service, connecting people like you with trusted, pre-vetted facilitators from around the country.

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Episode 55 – Season 1 Finale: Reflecting, Recapping, and Revealing Season 2

Nicholas: Welcome to the Psychedelic Passage podcast. This is your co-host, Nick. Thank you so much for joining us this week. You may notice that our episode this week was released a little later than normal, and that is because we have been doing some rearranging of our podcast production, taking that all in-house. 

And I wanna start off by just acknowledging that the Psychedelic Passage podcast has officially made it a year. We’re 54 episodes in to be exact. And I just want to extend a large thank you to all of our listeners, anyone that has tuned in, shared the show with their friends, rated, reviewed. We really appreciate it. 

We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t have listeners like you. So thank you. And the main purpose of today’s episode, it’s going to be short and sweet today. I just want to announce that we’re going to be taking a two week break. We’re going to begin re-releasing episodes with a new season on 8-22, August 22nd. 

That’s going to give us a little bit of time to reset, recharge, and get geared up for the next season of the show. Season 1 really focused on a lot of how-to content for psychedelic curious folk, tips, actionable advice, and real steps on how to move forward, how to think through this, how to consider it. 

And one of the things that we’ve gotten a lot of requests around is to see and hear things from the client’s perspective. You know, it’s one thing to hear our perspective as facilitators and it’s another thing to hear it directly from the client side and So season two is really going to focus on alternate perspectives really looking at healing through the various different lenses and so 

We’ll be highlighting things like what is the experience of the person undergoing the transformation? What do personal stories of psychedelic healing look like? And especially highlighting the more average experiences and not the sensationalized, “I did a journey and it cured me”. 

I mean, we do see those from time to time, but I think what’s more powerful is seeing the reality of what this healing journey looks like. And then we’re also going to have some subject matter experts in as well to just break things up and once again continue to give a different perspective. 

And really these perspectives come from having guests on the show. So we’re going to feature past clients, experts in their respective fields as it relates to psychedelics, as well as some internal psychedelic passage team members. And so it’s going to be diverse. 

And really the goal is to bring in guests that add value to you all as listeners. And also just a quick reminder, if you haven’t already, to check out our new website, we’re really happy with how the rebrand came out. 

And it’s very clear that we’re stepping into the new iteration of Psychedelic Passage as a company and really fully stepping into being the nation’s first psychedelic medicine concierge service. And so we’re really pleased to be able to offer that service to each and every one of you. 

And that’s all for today. I look forward to seeing you all again on August 22nd in a couple weeks here. As always, you can find all of our episodes on all major streaming platforms, whether that’s Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, or wherever else you stream. I wish you all the best in the meantime. Take care of yourselves, and we’ll be back on the 22nd.

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