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What to Look for in a Psychedelic Guide or Trip Sitter

Once you decide you’re ready to have an intentional psychedelic experience, the next step is to find a guide that’s a good fit for you. This is an integral part of the process as you will be sharing space with this person for the full duration of your psychedelic journey. 

This begs the question, “how do I know if someone is qualified?” The answer to this question is subjective—different people will be drawn to different types of guides.

We like to think of it as a spectrum, with each guide or sitter having their own style: 

On one extreme end, you have clinicians who have no first hand experience with these substances and may or may not be doing their own inner work—but they have the right credentials.

On the other end of the spectrum you have people who devoted their lives to plant medicine, spirituality and doing their own inner work so they can show up as a mirror for others—but they lack the credentials.

And then there’s everybody in between.

There is no right or wrong answer—you get to choose based on who resonates with you and the type of experience you’re seeking. Just keep in mind, this is sacred work—one of the highest forms of service—and it’s important that you and your guide view it as such. 

Regardless of your personal preferences, screening your potential guide or trip sitter is a mandatory part of the process.

These are the Qualities You Should Look for to Help Ensure a Safe, Meaningful, and Positive Psychedelic Experience:

Red Flags & Warning Signs

A Note on Price and Convenience

Unlike commodities (think gasoline) where price and convenience rank highest in the decision making process, psychedelic guiding is a niche service that has negative long-term implications to your overall mental health if you choose a provider based SOLELY on price or convenience. 

Fill your gas tank with cheap gas a few times and you most likely won’t damage your car. However, one psychedelic experience with the wrong facilitator can damage your mental and emotional wellbeing, which can take years to resolve. Meaning a good fit between practitioner and client is the strongest indicator of the potential for a successful journey—not price or location. 

Your #1 focus should be finding a practitioner who is a good fit for you—this concept of “fit” is determined using the criteria above, though you will certainly have your own personal criteria as well (notice that our criteria for right fit doesn’t even take price and convenience into account). 

While it’s important to honor your unique financial situation—it shouldn’t be the only consideration. Know that if you are committed to the process and the personal effort that comes with it, you can always find a practitioner to serve you regardless of your financial status or location. 

The question remains: Is the practitioner a good fit for you? It always comes back to this question.

Questions to Ask a Potential Guide or Trip Sitter

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