Nicholas Levich Headshot

Nicholas Levich

Co-Founder & Facilitator

I’m an entrepreneur turned men’s work facilitator & psychedelic guide. For years I built businesses while secretly deepening my spiritual practice behind closed doors. Over time, I realized that helping humans was more fulfilling than hitting growth goals, and I transitioned into the role of a healer and spiritual teacher after apprenticing under an ayahuascero and shamanic practitioner for 4+ years.

Although I’ve spent the last 12 years experimenting with psychedelic plants, fungi, and synthetic substances, my experiences started as purely recreational. After realizing the power of these medicines, my experiences naturally began to shift to intentional—and eventually—to ceremonial.

This shift was largely the result of meeting an ayahuascero and shamanic practitioner who would eventually become my spiritual mentor. I began working with this teacher to overcome my own feelings of self-hate and not-enoughness; and the relationship transformed into a multi-year apprenticeship directed towards serving others.

Once I had the direct experience of self-acceptance and unconditional love that psychedelics can provide, I knew it was my calling to facilitate this same type of healing experience for others.