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Nicholas Levich


Bend, OR

I’m an entrepreneur turned men’s work facilitator & psychedelic guide. For years I built businesses while secretly deepening my spiritual practice behind closed doors. Over time, I realized that helping humans was more fulfilling than hitting growth goals, and I transitioned into the role of a healer and facilitator full time.
I’ve spent the last decade plus experimenting with psychedelic  plants, fungi, and synthetic substances in both recreational and ceremonial settings. After realizing the power of these medicines, I embarked on a 5 year apprenticeship under an ayahuascero and shamanic practitioner to develop the frameworks needed to serve others without projecting my own ego.
I come from the same line of spiritual teachers as Ram Dass and my approach includes elements from Hinduism, Buddhism, somatic experiencing, archetypal work, and input from Lakota tribes.
Once I had the direct experience of self-acceptance and unconditional  love that psychedelics can provide, I knew it was my calling to  facilitate this same type of healing experience for others. 

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