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Is Psychedelic Passage Safe and Legit? 7 Questions Answered

At the heart of Psychedelic Passage’s mission is our desire to make accessible educational tools and resources for safe psychedelic experiences, so that your journey can stay focused on healing and transformation.

Navigating so many options within the industry can be confusing. How do you choose the right avenue and people to aid you? We recognize the significance of finding a resonant approach for one’s individual needs and values. 

As we seek effective solutions for mental well-being and personal expansion, navigating emerging trends, companies, and strategies through the lens of legitimacy and safety can help mitigate undesired outcomes.

In this article, we explore some common questions and concerns surrounding who we are as a company, shedding light on our services, practices, and commitment to fostering a positive relationship with and genuine growth in our clients.

Additionally, we address questions related to facilitators in our network, pricing, safety, and legitimacy concerns, and we hope that through open and transparent dialogue we can be an example to others in this new industry.

1. What is Psychedelic Passage? What exactly do we do?

Here at Psychedelic Passage, our primary service is connecting clients with a network of psychedelic guides and facilitators located all over the United States. 

When it comes to the impactful and vulnerable moments during a psychedelic trip, having adequate and positive support can make or break a journey, contributing to either transformative experience or a traumatizing one. 

Psychedelic Passage was built out of a need for journeyer advocacy, facilitator vetting, and accountability. That means we help mitigate risk and remove much of the guesswork associated with finding a trustworthy trip sitter.

Our network is full of professional facilitators who have a variety of techniques, calibers, and qualifications, and each was selected based on our desire to tailor to and connect you with the highest quality support.

While we do offer workshops and free resources like our podcast and articles on topics like how to avoid pre-trip anxiety and the effectiveness of psychedelics for depression, we are primarily a referral service, however. 

That means that when you set up a call with our concierges, you are getting access to the invaluable tool of expert assistance from a psychedelic guide.

Our call-takers ensure that you are matched with someone who is accessible to your location, as well as fits the unique needs and expectations you bring to the table. 

So, whether you want to have a therapeutic psychedelic experience in your own home or would like to travel elsewhere, a facilitator chosen by you can travel to your location for your convenience.

Our facilitators provide day-of harm reduction and professional insights into how to navigate the psychedelic mind-space, especially if the experience becomes difficult or turns into a “bad trip.”

So…what do we do? We help match you with the right facilitator based on your location, desired qualifications, experience level, and unique needs and desires for your psychedelic journey. 

We are committed to the safety and well-being of all journeyers and facilitators, and we encourage you to check out our testimonials page for further insights into client-based perspectives on our services. 

2. Why doesn’t Psychedelic Passage have Google reviews?

The absence of Google reviews for PP is a conscious decision driven by a commitment to providing an accurate representation of our services and fostering a supportive network for our clients. 

The primary reason for not having Google reviews is to avoid a scenario where clients leave reviews solely for individual facilitators. These experiences are deeply personal and can be profoundly influenced by the facilitator-client relationship. 

We continually moderate our network as well, adding and removing facilitators from it regularly, so the best way to get matched with the right facilitator in your area is by speaking with our concierges directly.

As such, we believe that reviews targeting individual guides may not provide an accurate reflection of the broader services, active network, and therapeutic framework that PP offers.

Moreover, personal reviews for individual facilitators could inadvertently create biases within our network of therapists. Such biases may impact the facilitator-client matching process. 

Our priority is to match each client with the guide who best aligns with their unique needs and goals, and we aim to do so with an unbiased approach, free from external influences.

Although we may not have Google reviews for individual guides, we recognize the value of feedback and the importance of ensuring that clients have a voice in their therapeutic experience. 

As an alternative, we encourage our clients to share their thoughts and insights with our team, providing us with invaluable feedback to continually improve our services and share with others how it may benefit them.

3. Is the price justified? What does it include?

Our pricing structure is designed to encompass a comprehensive range of services that extend beyond the day of assistance during the intentional psychedelic experience

When clients invest in our services, they are not only receiving support during the transformative trip, which can last up to 10 hours, but also access to preparation and integration support both before and after the session.

Preparation support is a crucial component of our offerings, where clients receive guidance and resources to ensure they are mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared for the transformative experience. 

The total fees include: a consultation call for $49, preparation support, ceremony support, and integration support by a pre-vetted psychedelic professional at a sliding scale of $1500-$4000 depending on your income.

Those in our network also offer microdosing consultations in a package of $800 for 4 sessions with your facilitator. 

This preparatory phase helps individuals undergo a screening process as well as set intentions, address any concerns, and gain a deeper understanding of the process they will undergo.

During the transformative session, clients are accompanied by experienced and qualified facilitators who provide continuous support, ensuring their safety and well-being throughout the journey. 

Our facilitators possess a profound understanding of the substances involved and have extensive experience in guiding individuals through challenging mental states.

Integration support forms an integral part of the journey as well. After the transformative experience, clients receive guidance and tools to help them integrate the insights gained during the session into their daily lives. 

This integration process is vital in ensuring that the transformative experience has a lasting impact on personal growth and well-being.

4. Is there financial assistance?

Yes! We do offer financial assistance via sponsorships for those who qualify: those with fixed incomes, student stipends, unemployment, disability social security, and/or members of the BIPOC community. 

While our pricing reflects the comprehensive nature of our services, we recognize that the cost may be a consideration for some individuals. 

As part of our commitment to accessibility, we are dedicated to accommodating diverse needs and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to access the medicine in a safe way.

You can find out more about our pricing on our FAQs page or by booking a consultation with us to find out if you are qualified for financial assistance. 

5. Does Psychedelic Passage have licensed therapists? Why are some facilitators not licensed?

At Psychedelic Passage, we understand the significance of licensed therapists and the trust that clients place in their therapeutic support. 

Most importantly, some facilitators in our network do indeed possess professional therapy licensure, and once speaking to our concierges, you are able to pick who best serves your needs for your psychedelic experience

Our stance on licensed therapists is rooted in a commitment to providing the highest standard of care while navigating the complexities of legal and regulatory frameworks.

One concern that some may have is why we don’t explicitly advertise licensed therapists within our network. The reason for this approach is to protect the integrity and standing of our facilitators’ licenses. 

In most jurisdictions, offering substance-assisted therapy may raise legal considerations and licensing implications. By not overtly advertising licensed therapists, we safeguard their professional status and maintain compliance with local regulations.

While not all facilitators in our network may hold specific licenses, they possess a wealth of expertise and qualifications that make them invaluable assets to our therapeutic approach. 

Our selection process prioritizes individuals who have a deep understanding of the substances utilized in the therapeutic framework and have substantial experience in supporting clients through challenging mental states.

We acknowledge that clients may desire the reassurance of working with a licensed therapist, and our focus is on guiding individuals toward a guide that can help foster personal growth and healing on a profound level.

Our commitment is to ensure that clients are partnered with facilitators who possess the level of experience, expertise, and empathy needed for a profoundly transformative journey.

Download Our Free Psilocybin Sourcing Guide

For harm-reduction purposes, we provide links to online psilocybin vendors, local stores, delivery services, and spore vendors for growing your own medicine at home.

6. How is Psychedelic Passage legal?

Because we are a concierge service connecting clients with facilitators, our services are entirely legal. It is important to realize, however, that in most jurisdictions, possession of psychedelics is still illegal.

You can find more about the legality surrounding psychedelic-assisted therapeutic experiences in our article, “Is psychedelic assisted therapy legal?” since certain states and jurisdictions have now decriminalized substances like psilocybin or magic mushrooms. 

7. What screening process do the facilitators go through?

Our process of screening facilitators involves ensuring that each guide possesses the right qualification, experience, capability, integrity, and repudiability. 

Our vetting process is one we take very seriously, and our top priority is ensuring that clients are being paired with competent and compassionate souls who can help you navigate the experience from start to finish.

Check out our network page to discover the variety of qualifications possessed by those in our web of facilitators.

Find the Right Psychedelic Guide For You

We encourage you to book a consultation with us directly if you have additional questions or concerns, and we would be happy to help you start your psychedelic experience process. 

Also, please utilize our resources page for more articles on how to have a meaningful trip, for up-to-date scientific research on the benefits of psychedelics, and what to expect for the therapeutic process when working with these medicines. 

We appreciate the opportunity to serve our community of journeyers and wish everyone a safe journey!

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