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Choosing Companions or “Trip Buddies” for Your Psychedelic Experiences

When choosing an ideal companion for a psychedelic journey, it’s essential to seek traits like non-judgment, curiosity, flexibility, and emotional intelligence that contribute to a safe and enriching experience. These qualities ensure a harmonious coexistence, turning the psychedelic exploration into a shared odyssey of profound discoveries and transformations.


Embark on a profound exploration of companionship within the realm of psychedelic experiences. This article delves deep into the art and science of selecting the ideal partner for your psychedelic journey, inspired by lively discussions within the Reddit community on navigating the complexities of psychedelic experiences. 

Whether your engagement with psychedelics is for personal enlightenment or therapeutic breakthroughs, understanding the dynamics of companionship, whether with friends or family members, can significantly enhance the depth and safety of your exploration.

We offer a nuanced guide on the qualities to seek in a journey companion, emphasizing the necessity for a partner who is non-judgmental, curious, emotionally intelligent, and capable of maintaining calm in unpredictable situations. 

Drawing from personal insights and community feedback, we highlight how the right companion(s) not only supports the avoidance of challenging trips but also amplifies the positive impact of your psychedelic exploration. We’ll also shed light on the crucial role of companionship in shaping the set and setting, ultimately influencing the overall experience.

Through thoughtful consideration of these aspects, we provide you with a comprehensive framework for choosing a companion or “trip buddy” who can truly complement and enhance your psychedelic journey.

This article is inspired by our insightful podcast episode hosted by Psychedelic Passage co-founder, Jimmy Nguyen, which you can listen to on all streaming platforms.

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Key Takeaways

      • A non-judgmental and non-directive companion creates an open and accepting space, essential for exploring and navigating the psychedelic experience with confidence.

      • A successful psychedelic journey with a companion hinges on mutual respect, adaptability, and the ability to coexist harmoniously, much like in a close friendship or partnership.

      • Comfort with silence and high emotional intelligence significantly enhance the quality of the psychedelic journey, promoting introspection, mutual understanding, and support.

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    Qualities We Look For in a Trip Buddy

    In this section, we delve into the essential qualities that define an ideal trip buddy. The journey into the psychedelic realm is one of vulnerability, discovery, and transformation, necessitating a companion who brings forth certain key traits to facilitate a safe and enriching experience.

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    A Non-Judgmental Companion

    One of the foundational traits Jimmy emphasizes in what he looks for in a “trip buddy” is non-judgment. In the psychedelic realm, where vulnerabilities surface and personas melt away, the last thing one needs is to feel judged. 

    A non-judgmental companion offers a sanctuary where every emotion, vision, and thought can surface without the fear of criticism. 

    This trait goes beyond merely holding back critiques; it’s about embodying an open, accepting space where the experiencer feels free to explore their deepest self.

    The Light Touch of Non-Directiveness

    Another crucial trait is non-directiveness. This doesn’t mean the absence of guidance when necessary but rather avoiding the imposition of one’s own agenda. Non-directiveness is important for the natural flow of emotional states that happen in altered states. 

    The journey should be led by the experiencer’s subconscious and wherever the psychedelic may take them, not directed or constrained by another’s expectations or desires. 

    The ability to allow the experience to unfold organically, without pressure or steering, is the hallmark of a great trip buddy.

    Curiosity: A Companion’s Compass

    Curiosity, as Jimmy highlights, is less about an insatiable need for answers and more about a genuine openness to the experience. 

    A curious companion is intrigued by the unfolding journey, supportive in exploring its depths, and respectful of its direction. This trait is vital as it encourages a shared exploration that’s rooted in wonderment rather than analysis or prediction.

    Flexibility and the Flow of Psychedelic Experience

    An easygoing nature, characterized by flexibility and adaptability, is invaluable. The psychedelic experience is inherently unpredictable, and a rigid plan or a resistant attitude can hinder the natural course of discovery. 

    With their emphasis on real-time discovery, psychedelics inherently require a degree of flexibility to foster a positive and enriching experience.

    A companion who can flow with the unexpected, embodying calmness and assurance amidst the psychedelic tempest, is indispensable for a harmonious journey.

    An aspect of flexibility is attunement, is your companion present and attentive? Look at how they function in the real world to get an idea of how they may interact with a psychedelic experience. 

    Do they “check out” of reality by spending a lot of time on social media or do you feel they are present in the task at hand when they’re with you?

    Communication and Impulse Control

    Not to be confused with an intuitive need to listen to a specific song or do a certain activity like stretching or dancing during a psychedelic experience, non-impulsivity intertwined with effective communication forms the bedrock of a safe psychedelic experience. 

    “I think that when you are moving and acting in your intuition, there is this almost note of thoughtfulness around it. When I think about non-impulsive, it’s somebody who is just acting and reacting to triggers, impulses, environmental situations and conditions.”

    Having a companion who can pause, reflect, and respond rather than react on impulse is reassuring, especially in moments of vulnerability. 

    Articulating and communicating their thoughts, motives, and actions to you during a psychedelic experience can also offer reassurance and confidence by leaving little room for misunderstandings or feeling disconnected.

    Such mindfulness ensures that interactions are thoughtful and supportive, fostering a space where every action and word contributes positively to the journey.

    Friendship Isn’t a Requirement

    Intimate prior knowledge of the experiencer isn’t always necessary and sometimes, less familiarity can facilitate a more open, uninhibited exploration. 

    This notion upends conventional wisdom, suggesting that the essence of a fruitful companionship may lie more in the traits and attitudes brought into the space than in the depth of pre-existing relationships.

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    More Nuanced Traits For a Psychedelic Companion

    The Importance of Care-Orientation

    Someone attentive to others’ needs, who inquires about your well-being without prompting, inherently builds a supportive space vital for the guided exploration of consciousness. 

    Care-orientation transcends mere presence; it embodies a companion who is compassionately engaged and contributes positively to the collective experience. 

    Some people are naturally more inclined to inquire about others’ experiences while some are more egocentric.

    Tripping with a more egocentric person may cause an unconscious shift in the power dynamics of the experience. Making this distinction allows you to seek out a companion who will be more conducive to a positive, co-created experience.

    The Balancing Act: Depth and Levity

    Our cofounder Jimmy describes one of his most important traits for a good companion, the capability of navigating depth and levity. Holding space for profound, cathartic moments while also infusing lightness and humor when needed is an intuitive trait that can go a long way. 

    Psychedelic experiences often see an oscillation of emotions that flow with an air of unpredictability. It’s not unreasonable to expect switching between moments of deep catharsis and belly laughter.

    “I think levity is somebody who can add a little bit of buoyancy to the experience. Who can instill a sense of humor to the experience without mocking or making fun of the experience. There’s a lot of medicine behind levity when you are in psychedelic experiences.”

    A companion with levity can highlight the positivity in a broad range of situations while remaining open to quick shifts in the journey. 

    This duality encourages a comprehensive exploration of one’s psyche, supporting a journey that can fluidly move between intense, transformative episodes and moments of joyous release.

    Preparedness for Emergencies

    A crucial but often overlooked aspect is a companion’s ability to remain composed during emergencies. The unpredictability of psychedelic experiences necessitates a partner who can keep a cool head. 

    This readiness isn’t solely about handling adverse reactions but extends to managing the collective emotional state, ensuring it remains conducive to a positive psychedelic journey.

    It’s not necessarily about finding an objectively prepared person, but someone who you know you can trust in an emergency situation, whether it be intuitive or based on prior experience. 

    Having prior experience with that person in an emergency situation is really the only way to know for sure how they will react, but this isn’t always feasible.

    Without having prior experience with someone in an emergency situation, a good way to assess how they may react is to evaluate how they respond to personal stresses and challenges in their own life. 

    Jimmy offers an anecdote from his own experience that highlights the idea of collective emotional experiences and how emotional states can be contagious. He found himself in a long line at the airport waiting to check his bags. 

    He recalls a woman also in line repetitively checking the time, asking the front desk attendee if they were in the right line, noticeably anxious about missing her flight. Her emotional state began rubbing off on Jimmy, the anxiety culminating through the whole line. 

    “There’s this collective emotional experience that folks can have. And even if they’re not showing it on the present surface, if somebody was having a little bit of latent anxiety or having some latent fear or some things come up, that can affect the psychedelic container.”

    Valuing Silence

    Comfort with silence is another great quality to look for in a psychedelic companion. Silence within a psychedelic experience isn’t empty but filled with introspection, revelations, and the unspoken communion with the self. 

    A companion who appreciates these moments without feeling the urge to disrupt them can greatly enhance the depth and quality of the psychedelic journey, opposed to someone who feels uncomfortable in silence or a need to fill a silent space.

    Something to note here is that silence is practiced, it’s something that you become comfortable with over time. Once harnessed, it becomes a powerful tool for introspection and discovery

    Emotional Intelligence: The Keystone

    Emotional intelligence, or a high emotional IQ, stands out as a cornerstone for selecting a trip buddy. This is someone who can sense or read other’s emotions and express their own range of emotions, while also being able to hold space for any emotions that may come up for them or someone around them. 

    This positive attribute can significantly influence the collective experience, ensuring it remains safe, nurturing, and inclusive.

    Harmonious Coexistence: The Ultimate Goal

    “In psychedelic experiences you’re co-creating all of this together, so if you have one or two individuals who are self-absorbed, they’re just about their own experience, then you can see how very easily the power dynamics within that psychedelic experience can really shift, even if it’s happening on an unconscious level.”

    Choosing a companion for a psychedelic journey should be akin to deciding on a vacation partner, adventure buddy, or a roommate. Who would you trust to go on an adventure like a backpacking trip? Who would you feel comfortable being roommates with?

    These scenarios demand mutual respect, understanding, adaptability, and a harmonious coexistence—qualities that directly translate to a desirable psychedelic companion.

    The journey through psychedelics is profound and often indescribable, a mosaic of emotions, revelations, and transformations. The right companion can accentuate the beauty of this journey, turning it into a shared odyssey that enriches both participants.

    Client Testimonial:

    “I can’t speak highly enough about my facilitator. The ceremonial experience exceeded my expectations by a lot, and I feel that was as much due to the facilitator as it was the medicine. 

    A sweeter, more knowledgeable soul to facilitate such a ceremony I cannot imagine. Whether we’re talking about the setting and the mood, selection of music, conducting the ceremony, pre and post integration, or simply insightful and pleasant and often humorous conversation.” Psychedelic Passage Client

    “I sense a deep power to the ceremony and it may well prove to be a once in a lifetime experience. This would not have been the same without the facilitator.” — Psychedelic Passage Client

    Incorporating Companionship into Psychedelics: The More You Know

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                Frequently Asked Questions

                1. Why is non-judgement crucial in a psychedelic companion?

                Non-judgmentalness is crucial in a psychedelic companion as it creates a safe space where every emotion, vision, and thought can surface without the fear of criticism, allowing the experiencer to explore their deepest self freely.

                2. How does flexibility contribute to a positive psychedelic experience?

                Flexibility contributes to a positive psychedelic experience by enabling the journey to unfold organically, without pressure or steering. Being able to flow with the unexpected and embody calmness amidst the psychedelic experience is vital for a harmonious journey.

                3. Why is emotional intelligence considered a key trait in a trip buddy?

                Emotional intelligence is considered a key trait in a trip buddy as it allows them to sense and navigate emotional landscapes, both their own and others’, fostering a supportive space that remains safe, nurturing, and inclusive during the psychedelic journey.

                4. What role does comfort with silence play in enhancing the depth of a psychedelic journey?

                Comfort with silence plays a crucial role in enhancing the depth of a psychedelic journey by allowing for introspection, revelations, and unspoken communion with the self. 

                A companion who appreciates and can comfortably embrace moments of silence can greatly enhance the quality of the psychedelic exploration.

                5. How can prior knowledge or a close relationship with a trip buddy impact the psychedelic experience?

                Prior knowledge or a close relationship with a trip buddy may impact the psychedelic experience, but intimate familiarity isn’t always necessary. 

                Oftentimes, less familiarity can facilitate a more open, uninhibited exploration, focusing more on the traits and attitudes brought into the space rather than the depth of pre-existing relationships.

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