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Should You Microdose After a Large-Dose Psychedelic Trip?

Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of your relationship with psychedelics? Microdosing in particular supplies a subtle, yet potent potion for healing—almost imperceptible yet still advantageous. 

The concept of microdosing has technically existed since before human history, with other species partaking in their own versions of microdosing in order to increase traits necessary to survival.

However, it’s the contemporary renaissance that has captured the imagination of the world. The allure seems to lie in the potential to unlock the mind’s creative prowess, amplifying focus, problem-solving, and emotional well-being. 

How great would it be to reap these effects while being practically functional in a mundane sense? Without profound disruptions, one can enjoy the heightened and sharpened state of awareness, utilizing it throughout their day.

When it comes to large doses though, the two have widely different benefits and uses, which we will cover later in this article. Regardless, it’s reasonable to wonder what would happen if you were to begin microdosing after a macrodose journey. 

Why Would You Want to Microdose After a Journey?

Large dose psychedelic trips are the pinnacle of psychedelic exploration. Taking substantial quantities of substances like LSD, psilocybin, or ayahuasca can lead to immersive and transformative experiences. 

These journeys are often characterized by intense visuals, dissolution of the ego, and profound emotional states. Users may encounter moments of self-discovery, spiritual insight, and a deeper connection to the universe and the collective consciousness.

The best way to approach this question is by reviewing some of the different uses and reasons for both methods of application. 

Firstly, microdosing can benefit someone who is looking to acquire more gentle, slow, and functional benefits in comparison to a large dose, which provides a cataclysmic event which can shake up change more quickly.

While there is an afterglow period after a large dose in which some effects are felt after you have “come down” (and can be experienced for a longer period of time), microdosing is a sustained and steady practice.

Lastly, microdosing has been shown to have a positive effect on productivity and creativity. A large dose will certainly have those long term effects on creativity and productivity, but you wouldn’t want to try performing at work while fully tripping.

Really the difference is: are you looking to have a profound, mystical experience which can potentially change your life in a day? If not, that’s where microdosing as a practice comes in. 

There are also experiential differences of course. A large dose really has the power to take you into the deep and dark depths of yourself, in which you may confront your shadows, grief, anger, self-hatred, and anything else lurking. 

On the other hand, microdosing really is going to be a gentle enhancer in which you may be acutely more aware of your perceptions and emotions, but not entirely immersed in them.

This brings us to the benefits of combining both techniques, and in a basic sense, the combination is going to give you the best of both worlds. 

Microdosing immediately after a large dose, however, could also serve as a “booster” in which you may find yourself back in some of the states of consciousness you frequented during your full journey. 

There are certainly things to consider before you try out microdosing after a macrodose, and we will cover those considerations next.

5 Considerations For Microdosing After a Large-Dose Trip

While there are obvious benefits of combining both practices, it’s important to understand the potential drawbacks and necessary precautions to take.

1. The Importance of Integration After a Trip

The transformative potential of large-dose trips lies in the process of integration, which involves actively reflecting on the experiences, emotions, and insights gained during the journey, finding ways to apply them to daily life. 

Proper integration is essential for fully realizing the long-term benefits of the trip and fostering personal growth and positive change.

Given the importance of integration, microdosing too soon could potentially bypass this part of the process if it prevents you from returning totally to the “come down” state (not to mention microdosing needs its own integration).

The psychological impact of large dose trips can be intense and emotionally charged. Rushing into microdosing immediately after such an experience may not provide adequate time for reflection and integration. 

2. Be Aware of Tolerance Build Up

One of the most practical, primary concerns when considering microdosing after a large-dose trip is the development of tolerance. 

Following a significant psychedelic experience, the body can rapidly build tolerance to the substance, reducing the effectiveness of subsequent doses.

This phenomenon may impact the efficacy of microdosing if initiated too soon. Waiting for a period of at least several days or a week may be a safer, more optimal practice.

That is why it is so important to follow the correct schedule when microdosing, and to especially consider the large dose when creating that scheduling regimen. 

3. Be Sure to Provide Time For Personal Decision Making 

The decision to microdose after a journey is purely a personal one, especially given the distinct and unique experiences that people have with psychedelics. 

The most important thing is to tentatively listen to your body, and to remember that having time for self-reflection and processing can only lead to better decision-making. 

Consulting with your professional facilitator can also help you have a clear and safe plan for microdosing afterwards. We encourage you to discuss this with your facilitator during your preparation meetings prior to your ceremony. 

That way, if your intention is to microdose shortly after, you know which days are safe to do so. Otherwise, consulting with them during the integration stage is also a great idea. 

Lastly, take some time to truly assess your mental and emotional state. If unresolved issues or lingering emotional challenges from the large dose trip are present, addressing them is crucial before embarking on microdosing.

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4. Consider Your Intentions 

Similarly, it may be helpful to consider what your intention is behind your desire to microdose. Intentions are not only an important part of preparation work for large-dose ceremonies, but also for the practice of microdosing. 

Deciding whether to combine microdosing with a large dose trip requires setting clear intentions and understanding the purpose behind the microdosing practice. 

It is essential to avoid treating microdosing as a means to perpetually chase the afterglow or maintain the heightened state of the large dose trip. 

5. Beware of Bypassing The Afterglow Period

Conversely, there is a distinctive afterglow period post-ceremony which you could potentially miss out on if not tended to carefully. 

The afterglow is a beautiful time of heightened sensitivity. It is when the lessons of the ceremony are emotionally felt, processed, and filed away into the “story-maker mind.” 

During this time, you may experience heightened creativity, sensitivity to music and sound, greater emotional feeling, and slight feelings of euphoria.

Microdosing during this period of profound introspection and emotional processing may not be needed and may even dampen the experience, so consider giving more time before the intake of more substances.

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Book a consultation with our concierges today to get started and get connected. We also encourage you to utilize our free resources page which has articles and information about the vast world of psychedelia. Safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Microdosing After a Psychedelic Experience

Q: Can I microdose immediately after a large dose psychedelic experience?

While it is technically possible to microdose after a large dose trip, it is generally not recommended. 

The body quickly builds tolerance to psychedelics after a significant journey, diminishing the effects of subsequent doses. 

It is best to wait for at least several days or a week to allow the body’s tolerance to reset for the microdosing to be effective.

Q: What are the potential benefits of microdosing after a large dose trip?

Microdosing after a large dose trip, if given appropriate time, can act as a gentle bridge between the intense experiences and daily life. 

It may facilitate continued emotional processing and integration of insights gained during the large dose journey. 

Microdosing can also offer subtle enhancements to daily functioning, supporting creativity, focus, and emotional stability during the integration period.

Q: Can microdosing extend the afterglow of a large dose trip?

Microdosing during the afterglow phase may offer a way to prolong the heightened state of emotional sensitivity, creativity, and introspection. 

It’s important to be aware of the fact that an afterglow period alone can be enough, and microdosing once that has worn off can be helpful. Microdosing during the afterglow may add additional sensitivity if done correctly without building tolerance. 

By providing gentle reminders of the transformative experiences, microdosing can contribute to ongoing emotional and spiritual growth during the integration period.

Q: Are large dose trips and microdosing complementary practices?

Large dose trips and microdosing serve distinct purposes, and their relationship is subjective to individual goals. 

Large dose trips offer immersive and transformative experiences, while microdosing provides subtle enhancements for daily life. 

They can be complementary when used mindfully and with distinct intentions, supporting ongoing personal growth and integration.

Q: How long should I wait before microdosing after a large dose trip?

The waiting period after a large dose trip varies depending on individual factors and the specific psychedelic used. 

In general, waiting for at least several days to a week allows the body’s tolerance to reset, ensuring the efficacy of the microdosing regimen. 

However, it is essential to listen to your body and mind, adjusting the waiting period as needed based on personal experiences and integration progress.

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