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Psychedelic Therapy in Aspen: Find Pre-Vetted Guides in Colorado

Denver, Colorado made history in 2019 as the first city in the United States to decriminalize naturally occurring psychedelics, such as psilocybin. This significant milestone marked a pivotal moment in the realm of psychedelics, inspiring other cities to follow suit.

In November, 2022, Proposition 122 was passed in Colorado. Prop 122, also known as The Natural Medicine Health Act, decriminalized entheogens and created state-wide access in natural psychedelic healing.

However, it’s important to note that psychedelics remain illegal at the federal level, as they are classified as Schedule I drugs. Because these psychedelic substances are decriminalized only, psychedelic therapy is not legally accessible in Aspen just yet.

However, Prop 122 will allow the supervised use of mushrooms containing psilocybin for those over the age of 21 at licensed facilities by the end of 2024.

Nonetheless, if you’re seeking a therapeutic psychedelic experience, there are still options available to you. In this article, we will explore the available avenues to help you embark on a transformative journey and shed light on how our services can help.

We will also go over the difference between a psychedelic therapist and a psychedelic guide, the role a psychedelic guide plays in your transformative journey, and outline the qualifications necessary for this role.

Building upon our previous article on psychedelic therapy in Colorado, we will  explore where you can find psychedelic therapy in the city of Aspen. We also encourage you to explore where you can find pre-vetted psychedelic guides in Colorado.

The Difference Between a Psychedelic Therapist, Guide, & Facilitator

When embarking on your psychedelic healing journey, you will likely come across the terms psychedelic therapist, guide, and facilitator. But, don’t these terms mean the same thing?

In essence, psychedelic therapists, guides, and facilitators offer similar services, and their roles may be used interchangeably. However, the main difference lies in their backgrounds and expertise with psychedelics.

Psychedelic therapists are licensed mental health professionals who integrate psychedelics into their practice. They provide support throughout your entire journey, helping you process the experience.

It’s important to note that psychedelic therapists often lack firsthand experience working with psychedelics. This aspect is crucial, as this experience allows therapists to fully empathize with and comprehend your unique journey.

On the other hand, psychedelic guides and facilitators gain their expertise through years of personal psychedelic use and facilitating healing sessions. They may also seek mentorship from other psychedelic professionals to gain a better understanding of the entire healing process.

Because psychedelic therapy is not yet legal in Aspen, finding a psychedelic therapist to accompany you on your journey can be challenging. Fortunately, a psychedelic guide can provide you with the same support and guidance throughout your journey.

What Is the Role of a Psychedelic Guide?

While psychedelic therapists hold medical licenses, they may not be an ideal match for everyone, as they lack the necessary expertise needed to support individuals throughout their psychedelic experience.

A psychedelic guide’s expertise is rooted in firsthand experience with psychedelics. They’re equipped with a range of tools to provide assistance when needed during these transformative journeys.

Their primary responsibility is to ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout your journey. However, their role extends beyond the actual psychedelic session; they are with you every step of the way, starting from the moment you reach out to them.

During the preparation stage, your guide will assist you in getting ready for your journey. They will have conversations with you beforehand to understand the desired outcomes of your psychedelic experience and what you are seeking to achieve.

Similar to therapists, guides also provide you with tools to navigate intense emotions that may arise, such as breathing and meditation techniques. You’ll have the means to navigate and integrate your emotions, ensuring a more enriching and transformative psychedelic experience.

Moreover, guides conduct health screenings to ensure your suitability for the experience. They will look into your medical history, family medical background, lifestyle, and past experiences with psychedelics.

Once your guide determines that you are well-suited for the experience, they will then focus on creating a comfortable setting for your psychedelic journey. The setting plays a crucial role, allowing you to fully open up to your thoughts and feelings and surrender to the experience

Many individuals prefer to have their psychedelic experience in the comfort of their own home, where they feel most at ease. Setting is really all about creating the perfect vibe for you, including elements such as soothing music. 

Some may wonder about having loved ones or even pets around during the experience. While it might seem tempting, it’s worth considering that being in the presence of someone you know in this vulnerable state could actually hinder your ability to fully let go and express yourself freely.

Contrary to their title, a psychedelic guide does not actually guide you throughout your psychedelic journey. The control remains in your hands, and the guide serves as a tool that you can rely on for assistance when needed.

They help keep you focused on your intentions because psychedelic experiences can be intense and easily lead you astray from your thoughts. Your guide will make sure you stay focused and aligned with what you’re aiming for during your experience.

Given that psychedelics can evoke intense emotional states, you may find yourself trapped in negative thought loops. Your guide is there to support you in navigating these emotions rather than distracting you from them.

Additionally, guides can help you uncover insights and perspectives that you might have missed on your own during the experience.

After the experience, guides continue to accompany you during the integration stage. This phase involves comprehending and incorporating the lessons and insights learned from your psychedelic experience into your daily life.

While the experience itself holds great impact, true growth occurs during the integration process. Without proper integration, the full benefits of the experience may not be realized.

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What Qualifies a Psychedelic Guide?

As mentioned earlier, what sets a psychedelic guide apart is their firsthand experience with psychedelics through personal use and facilitating sessions. But, what actually qualifies them for this type of work?

In the evolving realm of psychedelics, there are no specific certifications or qualifications for becoming a guide, unlike in the case of therapists. The key factor is simply experience gained through personal journeys and facilitating others.

Psychedelic guides know the psychedelic medicine and journey inside and out, as they have personally experienced the range of highs and lows that psychedelics can offer, allowing them to fully empathize and relate to you during your journey. 

Furthermore, guides have been involved in various healing sessions, either guiding or observing. This exposure has given them a breadth of experience, allowing them to provide assistance and support for any challenges or issues that may arise during your journey.

Every guide is unique and brings their own beliefs and approaches to the table, so finding the right guide who aligns with your values and offers the specific support and guidance you require is crucial. Don’t hesitate to ask potential guides questions beforehand to ensure a good match.

These questions should include what services they provide, as not all guides provide trip sitting during the actual psychedelic experience. Some might focus solely on preparing you for the journey and helping you integrate afterward.

It’s important to meet with your guide several times before your psychedelic experience in order to establish a rapport and make sure they’re the perfect match for you. This process sets the stage for creating an environment that maximizes the potential for a transformative experience.

While guides do not possess medical licenses or certifications in psychedelics, their expertise from direct experience often proves to be more valuable than that of therapists who lack an intimate understanding of how psychedelics work.

Where To Find Legal Psychedelic Experiences in Aspen 2023

Although psychedelic therapy isn’t legally available in Aspen yet, it doesn’t mean you’re out of options when it comes to finding a therapeutic psychedelic experience. The main options available include ketamine clinics and guided psychedelic journeys with Psychedelic Passage.

1. Ketamine Clinics

Ketamine therapy has demonstrated effectiveness in treating mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Although not considered a traditional psychedelic, ketamine induces hallucinogenic-like effects.

Ketamine therapy is appealing due to its rapid onset of benefits, unlike current treatments that can take weeks to show any sort of relief. However, it’s important to note that these effects are often short-term in nature, and multiple sessions are required to maintain these effects.

As mentioned earlier, setting plays a vital role in your healing journey and you being comfortable is essential. Ketamine sessions usually take place in a doctor’s office or clinic, and this unfamiliarity can bring on anxiety and might not allow you to fully tap into the healing potential.

To learn more, check out our article on the benefits and pitfalls of ketamine therapy and explore where to find a ketamine clinic near you.

2. Guided Psychedelic Journeys With Psychedelic Passage

At Psychedelic Passage, our main focus is ensuring that you have the transformative and healing psychedelic experience you deserve. While we provide unwavering support, it’s important to emphasize that you remain in full control of your journey.

Through our extensive network of qualified psychedelic guides, we are committed to finding the perfect match for you. Wherever you are located, our network of guides can travel to you. They also work with a wide range of psychedelics and can help you determine which is best for you.

We offer a 5-week program that’s tailored specifically to your needs and desires. It includes two preparation sessions with your guide, a total of eight hours of trip sitting, two integration sessions, text/email support, microdose coaching, and additional resources.

Our network of guides is equipped with the necessary tools to facilitate group sessions, if that’s what you want. Once again, you are in control of your experience, and our program is all about catering to your individual needs and making sure you get the absolute most out of it.

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To get started, we invite you to book a consultation with one of our psychedelic concierges. They will guide you through the process, connecting you with the most suitable psychedelic guides from our extensive network. 

If you want to learn more about psychedelics, make sure to check out our resources page. We have tons of articles about pretty much anything you could think of relating to psychedelics. So go ahead, explore, and get ready to enjoy your journey of self-discovery!

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