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Trip Sitters & Psychedelic Guides in New Hampshire

The terms ‘psychedelic guide’ or ‘trip sitter’ are becoming more prevalent due to the rising interest in psychedelic therapy. These professionals play an essential role in ensuring a safe and effective psychedelic experience.

In New Hampshire, they guide individuals through the psychedelic therapy process, which involves preparation, the psychedelic journey, and integration. Their approach is highly personalized and focuses on forming a relationship of trust with the patient.

These facilitators also help individuals navigate the psychedelic experience, offering support and helping to interpret the journey. They are part of a wide network of professionals offering their services across different states.

Today, we’ll tell you exactly where to find psychedelic therapy in New Hampshire.

Key Takeaways

  • Psychedelic guides have undergone professional training or apprenticeship to provide guidance and support during psychedelic exploration.
  • Guided psychedelic sessions offer significant therapeutic benefits and extend beyond mental health conditions to personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Trip sitters ensure physical safety during a psychedelic experience, while psychedelic guides go through rigorous training and assist before, during, and after the experience, helping with preparation and integration of insights.
  • Psychedelic Passage: Your Psychedelic Concierge — The easy, legal way to find trustworthy psilocybin guides, facilitators and psychedelic-assisted therapy near you.

Download Our Free Psilocybin Sourcing Guide

For harm-reduction purposes, we provide links to online psilocybin vendors, local stores, delivery services, and spore vendors for growing your own medicine at home.

What is a Psychedelic Guide and Why are They Important?

A psychedelic guide’s role can’t be understated. They’re crucial in ensuring a safe and enlightening experience during a psychedelic trip. But what does it take to become one? The answer lies in the keyword: Guide Qualifications.

To ensure safety and optimize the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics, guides need substantial training. They should have an understanding of therapeutic techniques and human behavior, coupled with knowledge about the specific effects of various psychedelics. It’s also key they possess excellent interpersonal skills to assist you throughout your journey.

Evidence-based studies suggest that guided psychedelic sessions can offer significant therapeutic benefits. These benefits aren’t just limited to mental health conditions like depression or PTSD, but also extend to personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

However, remember that these experiences depend heavily on two factors – set (your mindset) and setting (the environment). That’s why a qualified guide is indispensable. They prepare you mentally beforehand, stay with you during the session providing comfort and support, then help integrate your experiences after.

In essence, a good guide turns a potentially overwhelming experience into an insightful journey, maximizing its therapeutic potential while minimizing risks. So when choosing your guide in New Hampshire or anywhere else, make sure their qualifications align with these standards for your ultimate benefit.

The Difference Between a Trip Sitter & a Psychedelic Guide

You’re probably wondering what sets apart these two roles in the realm of mind-altering experiences. Well, both trip sitters and psychedelic guides play crucial parts during trips, but their training, responsibilities, and involvement differ significantly.

A trip sitter is essentially a sober companion who ensures your physical safety during a psychedelic experience. They don’t typically have in-depth understanding of trip situations, so they are not expected to facilitate the journey or interpret its meaning. Their main role is to provide reassurance and support when needed.

On the other hand, a psychedelic guide goes through rigorous guide training to help participants navigate their surreal voyages. These individuals are typically professionals in psychology or related fields who have specialized knowledge about psychedelics. 

They assist you before, during, and after your experience, helping you prepare for the session, guiding you through it, and aiding in integrating the insights gained into your everyday life.

Understanding these distinctions can empower you while exploring altered states of consciousness safely and effectively. Now that we’ve cleared up this difference, let’s move on to discuss legality and state laws pertaining to psychedelic therapy in…

Legality and State Laws Pertaining to Psychedelic Therapy in New Hampshire

USA Psychedelic Legality Map

In a surprising move, Republican Representative Kevin Verville of New Hampshire has introduced a bill aimed at legalizing the possession and use of psychedelics, including psilocybin and LSD, for adults aged 21 and older. 

As states across the U.S. delve into psychedelic reform during the 2023 legislative session, New Hampshire joins the conversation with Rep. Verville’s proposal.

The legislation explicitly states that the “possession or use of a hallucinogenic drug by a person 21 years of age or older shall not be an offense.” Additionally, it outlines a reduction in penalties for the manufacturing and possession of LSD for individuals under 21.

While the bill does not explicitly list the psychedelics to be legalized for adult use, it refers to the state statute’s definition of a “hallucinogenic drug.” This definition encompasses psychodysleptic substances that “assert a confusional or disorganizing effect upon mental processes or behavior and mimic acute psychotic disturbances.” 

Substances such as mescaline, peyote, psilocybin, and LSD fall under the state’s exemplary list of such substances.

The proposed legislation, currently under review by the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, seeks to amend criminal statutes related to penalties for manufacturing, selling, or possessing LSD and PCP. Notably, only individuals under 21 would face penalties for such activities if the proposal is accepted.

In its supplementary analysis, the bill acknowledges challenges in estimating the potential reduction in criminal cases and associated expenditures. The state judicial branch assumes a decrease in criminal cases, while the Justice Department indicates a hands-off approach to prosecutions related to the bill.

This move aligns with a broader national trend as bipartisan lawmakers in over a dozen states explore psychedelic reform, reflecting a growing interest in reevaluating criminalization measures concerning natural plants, fungi, and the therapeutic potential of entheogens.

New York has recently seen Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal (D) pre-file legislation to legalize specific psychedelics, and Washington State senators have revisited a bill to legalize psilocybin services for adults.

Numerous other states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, and Virginia, are actively engaged in psychedelics reform efforts.

In Oregon, voters approved the historic legalization of psilocybin for therapeutic use in 2020, while Colorado passed a comprehensive psychedelics legalization and psilocybin services measure during the November election.

The evolving landscape in New Hampshire also involves bipartisan efforts toward marijuana legalization in the ongoing legislative session. As the state grapples with the potential implications of psychedelic reform, the conversation around drug policy in New Hampshire is set to intensify in the coming months.

Psychedelic Passage: Your Network of Trusted Psychedelic Guides & Concierges

As we reflect on our personal odyssey, Psychedelic Passage emerges as a beacon of guidance for those seeking profound healing and self-discovery. A decade ago, while navigating the corporate landscape, we found ourselves unfulfilled and adrift. 

This realization led us on a transformative journey through psychedelics, navigating pitfalls before finding mentors who helped us unlock the true potential of plant medicine through ceremonial practices.

Our journey, born from a desire to deepen self-love, has evolved into a mission to share the profound benefits of ceremonial psychedelic use with you. 

At Psychedelic Passage, we stand ready to offer you professional 1-on-1 guidance and companionship on your path to connection with nature, others, and, most importantly, yourself.

Our mission is clear: to facilitate safe containers for ceremonial psychedelic use by providing you with advocacy and access to a network of pre-vetted, professional guides. 

Our vision extends beyond your individual healing, aiming to raise the collective consciousness by empowering you to heal from within and fostering a connection with your authentic self through sacred psychedelic use.

Our Ethical Pledge: Supporting Your Personal Growth and Change

Acknowledging the deeply personal, emotional, and often spiritual nature of your journey to self-empowerment, we make an ethical pledge to provide an environment and experiences that are truthful, respectful, full of integrity, accurate, protective, and humane. We recognize and support your right to a safe and constructive journey, allowing for personal growth and change.

Our Network of Excellence: Vetting Your Guides

We take pride in our network of facilitators, carefully vetted through comprehensive protocols that exceed state licensure requirements. These protocols ensure that only the best facilitators, committed to the principles of sacredness, empowerment, and connection, are part of our Psychedelic Passage family.

The Full Spectrum of Our Services: Guiding You Safely

From journeyer advocacy to access to our network of pre-vetted guides, we provide a comprehensive suite of services. Our commitment is to offer you everything needed for a professionally supported psychedelic experience in the U.S., demystifying the intimidating and confusing process of approaching psychedelics.

In a world seeking alternatives to traditional healing methods, Psychedelic Passage stands as your guiding light, ushering you toward the transformative power of psychedelic exploration. With love and commitment, we invite you to take the next step in your transformational journey, walking the path alongside us.

Book a Consultation to get matched with a pre-vetted psychedelic guide near you!

Our Facilitator Network Serves Every Major City

Don’t see your city on this list? That’s okay! Facilitators in our network are able to travel to you, wherever you are in the country.

Substances Our Network Sits With

The one caveat to our network’s services is that facilitators cannot provide your substance of choice for personal consumption (except in Colorado). If sourcing is a concern, we encourage you to book a consultation with our concierges, who will guide you in exploring safe sourcing options.

Please understand that psychedelics are still federally controlled substances and you assume all the risks associated with possessing and consuming these medicines.

Download Our Free Psilocybin Sourcing Guide

For harm-reduction purposes, we provide links to online psilocybin vendors, local stores, delivery services, and spore vendors for growing your own medicine at home.

Our network of guides can facilitate experiences with the following substances:

To learn more about your options and explore next steps, speak with our psychedelic concierges. These are qualified professionals who are equipped to answer your questions about every step in the process. 

What to Expect From a Psychedelic Therapy Consult Call

At Psychedelic Passage, our one-on-one consultations offer a gateway into the transformative world of psychedelic therapy. Each call is a unique opportunity for connection and exploration, driven by a shared desire for transformation, connection, and an authentic life.

In a Psychedelic Passage podcast episode, we chatted with Psychedelic Passage concierge– Michelle LaFontaine about What to Expect From a Psychedelic Therapy Consult Call.

Quest for Knowledge: Unlocking Psychedelic Therapy Mysteries

Consultations arise from a quest for knowledge, providing a safe space to gather information, ask questions, and gain a deep understanding of psychedelic therapy. Tailored to individual needs, these calls cater to both committed seekers and those in the exploratory phase.

Empowerment and Clarity: Beyond Information Gathering

Our consultations go beyond facts, aiming for empowerment and clarity. Michelle emphasizes the goal of making callers feel at ease and empowered, creating a safe space for expressing concerns and uncertainties. The outcome varies, from answering personal questions to unraveling the intricacies of the therapy process.

Advocacy Without Conflict: A Unique Offering

Distinguished by advocacy, our consultations ensure your well-being is the top priority. Michelle serves as an advocate, devoid of personal beliefs or conflicts of interest. This ensures guidance genuinely tailored to your needs and intentions.

Client Concerns & Consultant Responsibilities: Navigating Together

Consultations guide clients in expressing concerns and offer constructive questions as a compass in their journey. Common concerns, such as substance selection or fear of a “bad trip,” are addressed, and clients are referred to resources for managing challenging experiences.

Personalized Referrals & Finding the Right Facilitator: A Diverse Landscape

Highlighting the diversity of facilitators, consultations match clients with the perfect facilitator based on their unique goals and intentions. Michelle encourages clients to take advantage of discovery calls to understand each facilitator’s specialty, ensuring a personalized experience.

Navigating the Commitment: A Gradual Process

Embarking on the journey is a gradual process, and commitment begins with curiosity. Clients have the flexibility to meet with facilitators, trust the process, and take time for personal exploration.

Curbing Expectations: Understanding the Journey

Managing expectations is crucial in psychedelic therapy. Success varies for each individual, emphasizing gradual improvements and personal development. Michelle advises caution against red flags like high-pressure tactics, lack of support, and promises of instant cures.

Wisdom From Michelle Fontaine: Trust the Process

Michelle advises trusting the process, recognizing hope and potential within the journey. Regardless of goals, she encourages giving an honest effort, articulating needs clearly, and engaging in adequate preparation.

Educate Yourself: Preparation Is Key

Preparing for consultations by gaining insights from podcasts and articles refines the quality of questions. Being informed expedites the process, allowing participants to explore deeper aspects of their unique journey.

Overcoming Doubts: Embrace Uniqueness

Doubting suitability is common, and Michelle emphasizes embracing one’s uniqueness. Rather than comparisons, focus on personal experience and the potential for healing and growth.

In this exciting era of accessible psychedelic therapy, Psychedelic Passage is ready to provide support, advocate for healing journeys, and be a guiding light in the transformative potential of this therapeutic approach.

Book a Consultation to speak with a psychedelic concierge and find a pre-vetted psychedelic guide near you!

Watch a Psychedelic Passage Client Testimonial

Learn More About Our Network

Explore Resources for Solo Psychedelic Journeys

At Psychedelic Passage, we recognize that not everyone is ready to embark on a psychedelic journey with the guidance of a professional facilitator. Some individuals may prefer to explore these experiences independently. 

In response to this, we’ve expanded our offerings to include a Psychedelic Resources Store, where you can find valuable resources to enhance your personal psychedelic experiences. 

Our store provides access to tools and knowledge that empower you to have safe and meaningful solo psychedelic experiences. Whether you’re interested in growing your own mushrooms or seeking to enhance your understanding of preparation and integration, we’ve got you covered with the following resources:

  • Psilocybin Mushroom Grow Guide – $29.95
    A comprehensive guide for cultivating psilocybin mushrooms at home, including cultivation methods, equipment lists, the mushroom life cycle, and contamination avoidance.
  • Psychedelic Therapy Preparation Handbook – $29.95
    Your valuable companion for preparing for a psychedelic experience. It offers practical tools, thought-provoking questions, journal prompts, guided meditations, and somatic experiencing techniques.
  • Psychedelic Therapy Integration Handbook – $29.95
    Take your insights from a psychedelic journey and integrate them into your daily life with this step-by-step guide. It includes post-journey guidance, practical tools, at-home practices, book recommendations, and ongoing education resources.
  • Psychedelic Therapy Preparation Workshop – $69.95
    Ideal for preparing for a safe and intentional psychedelic journey, this 2-hour video workshop covers the five essential preparation steps, including internal inventory, intention-setting, mind reprogramming, at-home preparation, ceremonial space optimization, and navigating altered states of consciousness.
  • Psychedelic Therapy Integration Workshop – $69.95
    Dive into this 2-hour video workshop designed to maximize the long-term benefits of a single psychedelic journey. Learn about integration essentials, what to expect post-experience, and how to apply guidance for lasting change.

At Psychedelic Passage, our commitment is to provide you with the tools and support you need for a safe, informed, and transformative psychedelic journey, whether you choose to go solo or with a guide. We believe that everyone should have access to these experiences. 

However, it’s important to note that embarking on a solo journey entails certain risks. We do not advise it for the majority of individuals, especially if it is your first time or if you are seeking to address a mental health concern. 

Our formal recommendation is for individuals to have the support of an experienced guide or space holder to ensure safety and minimize harm.

We understand that cost can be a barrier for some individuals looking to embark on psychedelic therapy. It’s important to know that facilitators in our network can offer financial assistance, made possible by the generosity of past clients who’ve chosen to “pay it forward.” 

If cost is a hurdle you’re facing, we want you to be aware of our network’s financial assistance options, which can help make your transformative journey more accessible. Speak with a psychedelic concierge to learn more.

Speak With a Trusted Psychedelic Therapy Provider Today

Hi there! We sincerely hope that you’ve found valuable takeaways that resonate with your current intentions. To explore research-based education, stay updated with psychedelic news, and benefit from practical how-to articles, we encourage you to head over to our resources page.

If you’re seeking personalized advice and are prepared to take the first step toward a therapeutic psychedelic experience, we invite you to book a consultation with our team of experienced psychedelic concierges.

This consultation is more than just a conversation; it’s an opportunity to be matched with a trustworthy local facilitator. You’ll be seamlessly connected to our rigorously vetted network of psychedelic guides, ensuring potential matches align with your needs.

Psychedelic Passage offers confidence and peace of mind by alleviating the burden of having to guess who’s right for you. If you want to discover how Psychedelic Passage can help you, we empower you to learn more about our services and check out client testimonials from those who’ve gone before you.

Your healing path is uniquely yours, and our commitment is to serve you at every juncture. Psychedelic Passage: Your Psychedelic Concierge — The easy, legal way to find trustworthy psilocybin guides, facilitators and psychedelic assisted therapy near you in the United States.

Connect With Psychedelic Passage

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Find a Trusted Psychedelic Guide in New Hampshire?

Your psychedelic journey is a deeply personal and potentially life-changing experience. By partnering with Psychedelic Passage, you can rest assured that you are in the hands of experienced, compassionate, and ethical facilitators. 

We take the guesswork out of the equation and provide you with the guidance and support you need at every step of your journey. Psychedelic Passage takes into account various factors, including your preferences and needs, to make personalized referrals to 2-3 facilitators that align with your goals. 

Our facilitators have dedicated their lives to this work, and we have stringent vetting protocols that ensure they meet a higher standard than state licensure requirements.

Book a consultation call with us today and unlock the profound potential of your psychedelic experiences in New Hampshire. Your well-being and transformation are our top priorities.

2. Are There Any Risks Associated With Using Psychedelics?

Psychedelics can be potentially destabilizing and result in mental, emotional or spiritual distress. However, this is often temporary and is a direct result of the psychedelic method of action–they bring about temporary mental and physiological changes that alter your state. This is why professional support is so important. 

That said, there are several factors that greatly increase the risks associated with psychedelic use:

We’ve written two articles that delve into this topic in greater detail:

If you’re unsure whether or not psychedelics would be a good fit for you, we suggest booking a consultation with one of our concierges.

3. How Much Does a Session With a Psychedelic Guide Usually Cost?

You’re probably curious about the expenses tied to hiring a psychedelic guide in Delaware. When contemplating the cost of psychedelic-assisted therapy, it’s crucial to weigh the value it contributes to your overall well-being.

Our ceremonial pricing structure, which ranges from $1.5k to $4k and offers income-related tiers, encompasses not only harm reduction and in-person guidance during your transformative journey but also comprehensive assistance for pre-trip preparation and post-trip integration.

You have the flexibility to choose from a diverse network of facilitators in your locality or opt for them to travel to you, allowing you to select the most suitable environment for your journey.

For those interested in our microdosing program, the price is $850, inclusive of four one-hour coaching sessions, a comprehensive microdosing guide, and ongoing text and email support from your dedicated facilitator.

The investment in your well-being and personal growth is at the heart of our pricing, making the journey towards transformation a valuable and enriching experience.

4. What Should I Expect During My First Session With a Psychedelic Guide?

Starting your journey with a psychedelic guide is an exciting and transformative step towards self-discovery and healing. Whether you’ve chosen to work with a guide through Psychedelic Passage or on your own, understanding what to expect during your first session is essential. Here, we’ll outline the typical components of your first meeting with a psychedelic guide.

Health Screening: Your initial session with a psychedelic guide usually begins with a health screening. This step ensures that you are physically and mentally prepared for your upcoming psychedelic experience.

The guide will ask you about your medical history, current medications, and any pre-existing conditions. This information is vital to ensure your safety and to make any necessary adjustments to your journey.

Discussion of Intentions: One of the fundamental aspects of working with a psychedelic guide is clarifying your intentions. Your guide will engage in a conversation with you to understand the goals you hope to achieve during your psychedelic journey. 

Whether it’s personal growth, healing from past traumas, or exploring your consciousness, discussing your intentions helps your guide tailor the experience to your unique needs.

Getting to Know Your Facilitator: Building trust and rapport with your guide is paramount to a successful journey. Your first session is an opportunity to get to know your guide better and assess if you feel comfortable working with them. 

Open communication and a sense of connection are essential for a positive experience. If, for any reason, you feel that the guide may not be the right fit for you, this is the time to discuss it.

Outlining the Process: Your guide will provide you with an overview of the journey process. They will explain what to expect, including the timeline, the setting, and any specific practices that will be part of the experience. This helps alleviate any anxieties or uncertainties and ensures that you are well-prepared mentally for the journey ahead.

5. Can Psychedelic Therapy Be Used to Treat Specific Mental Health Conditions?

Absolutely, psychedelic therapy has a history of being used to treat various mental health conditions. In fact, it is gaining recognition for its potential in treating depression, PTSD, and addiction, among many other conditions.

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