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5 Reasons to Choose Supported vs. Solo Psychedelic Trips

In this thought-provoking episode of the Psychedelic Passage Podcast, host Jimmy Nguyen explores the contrasting realms of Solo and Supported psychedelic experiences. 

He delves into the five key reasons why getting support for your psychedelic journey can be incredibly beneficial, outlining the importance of mental preparation, physical care, maximizing benefits, insightful perspectives, and experiencing post-care support to integrate your insights.

Jimmy also acknowledges the validity and meaningfulness of solo journeys for some individuals. However, he emphasizes the importance of considering the benefits of supported experiences, particularly for those new to psychedelics or navigating challenging emotions.

This episode encourages listeners to explore the different options available and make informed choices about their psychedelic journeys. Whether you choose to go solo or seek support, Jimmy reminds you on ways to prioritize your safety and well-being throughout the experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Preparation & Security: Mental preparation and having a supportive guide to anchor individuals in a state of calm during psychedelic journeys enables a deeper exploration without distractions.
  • Post-Care & Integration: Jimmy highlights how having someone to talk to post-experience acts as a bridge between the psychedelic realm and everyday life, aiding in emotional processing and integration.
  • Validation & Empowerment: Jimmy stresses the therapeutic potential of having a supportive presence, allowing individuals to construct their narratives, fostering coherence, and enhancing therapeutic outcomes.
  • Psychedelic Passage: Your Psychedelic Concierge — The easy, legal way to find trustworthy psilocybin guides, facilitators and psychedelic-assisted therapy near you in the United States.

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Jimmy opens the conversation about the decision between solo journeying and seeking support during psychedelic experiences by recognizing his inherent bias as a key figure in connecting individuals with qualified facilitators. 

His personal history of solo experiences, driven by the lack of accessible support during his early encounters with psychedelics, adds a nuanced perspective. 

In exploring the reasons to have support for psychedelic journeys, he shows why Nicholas and himself felt the need for an organization like Psychedelic Passage.

1. Mental Set: Preparation & Security

Firstly he recognizes the crucial role of mental preparation as well as the apprehension or “butterflies” that come up before any meaningful journey. 

He explains how having a supportive guide can anchor you in a state of calm and confidence, allowing you to surrender more fully into the experience. 

The term “set” in the context of psychedelic journeys refers to the mindset or mental state of the individual undergoing the experience. 


Jimmy addresses the importance of a self-directed preparatory phase as a good foundation for preparing for a psychedelic journey with additional support. 

An experienced support system can help highlight recurring topics or important trends in preparatory notes or conversations.

Support during preparation can also serve as somebody to bounce ideas off of and seek advice from, or just to vent to.

The Solo Journey Mindset

Solo journeys often come with a sense of self-reliance and the need for intense mental preparation. 

“There’s a lot of conversation about psychedelics being these nonspecific amplifiers. There can be these things that are brought up to the surface. And when I’m in a mindset of going into a solo experience, it’s almost like I’m getting ready for battle.”

Approaching a solo experience can be intimidating, creating this feeling of self reliance and a need for metaphorical armor and survival gear. The fear and apprehension associated with solo journeys can sometimes detract from the depth of the experience.

The Assurance of Support

Having a support system, whether in the form of a friend, trip sitter, or qualified facilitator, provides a sense of assurance. 

Jimmy notes that knowing there is someone there to offer support allows individuals to focus on the experience without the constant worry about navigating it alone. This assurance, in turn, enables a deeper exploration of challenging content that may arise during the journey.

Set and Setting

The set and setting encompass the mindset and physical environment, and having a supportive figure contributes significantly to creating a positive mental set. 

Having that tether to the outside world may give you the courage to go deeper into the journey.

This sense of mental security becomes an invaluable lifeline, especially when navigating challenging emotional landscapes.

2. Taking Care of Your Needs & Minimizing Interruptions 

Second, Jimmy sheds light on the importance of physical care. He emphasizes how having a facilitator present ensures that your basic needs are met, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the experience without mundane interruptions. 

“Usually in my own facilitation experiences with clients, I’m asking them, how was your morning leading into this? When was the last time that you ate? How was your sleep?

So just having somebody ask me some of these care-oriented questions can really help me prioritize that for myself.”

This physical care extends beyond simple hydration and nourishment, offering a sense of security and comfort that enhances the overall journey.

Solo Journeying Challenges

Jimmy, drawing from his extensive personal history of over 150 psychedelic experiences, reflects on the challenges of solo journeying. He recalls many times wishing he had support while working through difficult emotions or energetic releases.

During solo experiences, individuals may find themselves immersed in altered states of consciousness, often losing track of time and basic bodily needs, or on the reverse side need to self-regulate which can take away from the experience.

“There were some experiences for me where I literally felt like I was having the need to go to the bathroom for like an eternity. And then imagine the internal fortitude that I had to muster to get myself up or crawl or get myself over to that bathroom.”

The Tangible Benefits of Support

Jimmy acknowledges the significant shift in the psychedelic landscape, with more individuals now having access to support services. He discusses the tangible benefits of having someone around to help take care of essential needs during a psychedelic journey. 

From staying hydrated to reminding individuals to check in with their bodies and facilitating trips to the bathroom, a support system minimizes interruptions, allowing for a more focused and undisturbed exploration of the psychedelic experience.

Jimmy emphasizes that even seemingly small tasks, such as filling up a water bottle or providing reminders to breathe, can significantly contribute to a smoother and more immersive journey. 

Some psychedelic substances, such as psilocybin, can act as diuretics, leading to frequent bathroom visits. This assistance allows individuals to prioritize their experience, preventing distractions that could arise from unmet physiological needs.

3. Benefit Maximization

Next, Jimmy ventures into the realm of maximizing benefits. He reveals how a skilled facilitator can assist with note-taking, capturing fleeting insights and profound realizations that might otherwise be lost in the swirling currents of the psychedelic experience. 

This invaluable documentation becomes a treasure trove of wisdom, offering a roadmap for integrating your learnings into your life.

The Art of Note-Taking

Jimmy reflects on his own experiences, acknowledging that some of the most profound insights and revelations often occur during the altered states of consciousness induced by psychedelics. 

He also notes how difficult it is to be able to take proper notes when you’re in a heavily altered state of consciousness.

Having a facilitator present can ensure that these insights are captured in real-time, allowing individuals to revisit and reflect on them later, while maintaining the immersion of the journey.

Cultivating an External Perspective

Jimmy emphasizes the value of an external perspective during a psychedelic journey. While solo experiences can be deeply introspective, a facilitator brings an additional dimension by offering insights and observations from an external standpoint. 

This external perspective can be particularly beneficial in moments of confusion or intensity, providing a guiding voice to navigate the complexities of the psychedelic experience.

Enhancing Integration Through Shared Insights

The podcast explores how a facilitator’s role extends beyond the journey itself. Jimmy suggests that sharing insights with a facilitator during the experience creates a collaborative dynamic, enriching the overall journey. 

This collaborative note-taking can be instrumental in the integration phase, offering a comprehensive record of the experience and facilitating a more profound understanding of the transformative insights gained.

One caveat to this approach is being aware of the difference in subjective experiences, and as a psychedelic facilitator being careful not to override the journeyer’s experiences.

“In my integration work with clients, I’m very, very careful on not overriding their stories and their narratives with my own opinion, beliefs, and recollection and perspective on the psychedelic experience.”

This dynamic can be a positive as long as it stays collaborative and productive. Jimmy shares an example where post-trip he profusely apologized to his guides for being erratic or “too much”, only to be reassured when his guides challenged that perspective.

Post-Care Support Amplified

Benefit maximization also extends into the post-care phase, where a facilitator’s involvement becomes particularly crucial. Jimmy notes that a facilitator, having been present during the journey, can offer personalized insights and support during the integration process

This personalized post-care support contributes to a more holistic and meaningful integration of the psychedelic experience, ensuring that the benefits are not only captured but also amplified through ongoing dialogue.

4. Post-care & Integration

Post-care is so important, Jimmy extends the conversation to thoroughly discuss why. He explains how having someone to talk to after the experience can act as a bridge between the psychedelic realm and the everyday world. 

This supportive presence provides a safe space to process emotions, integrate insights, and navigate any challenges that may arise.

The Journey Beyond the Experience

Jimmy acknowledges that the journey doesn’t end when the effects of the psychedelic substance wear off; instead, it transitions into a critical period of reflection and integration. 

He strongly believes that having someone to talk to during this phase can make a substantial difference in the overall impact of the psychedelic journey.

Jimmy shares personal reflections on how solo journeying, especially during the earlier stages of his exploration, often left him grappling with the profound insights and emotions that emerged. 

The absence of immediate support during these moments made it challenging to process and integrate the experiences effectively. 

In turn, he “tucked away” his profound experiences, leading him to feel like he was reverting back to his old self instead of growing from these experiences.

The Power of Dialogue

Whether it’s discussing realizations, expressing emotions, or seeking guidance on navigating challenging aspects of the journey, having someone to talk to creates a space for a deeper understanding of the experience. 

“Having somebody there to have conversation and dialogue with, somebody to speak to if you’re feeling expressive or emotive, or maybe there was something lingering from your psychedelic experience.

Maybe there was a piece of content that is really forefront in your attention and awareness, and whether that’s talking through it at the time, or just naming what that specific piece of content is bringing up for you.”

It also allows individuals to articulate their thoughts, helping to solidify the lessons learned and providing a sense of closure to the psychedelic journey.

Professional Integration Support

Furthermore, Jimmy recognizes the evolving landscape of psychedelic support services. He discusses the importance of professional integration support, where individuals can engage with qualified facilitators or therapists to delve deeper into the insights gained during the journey. 

This additional layer of post-care support offers a structured and therapeutic environment for individuals to process their experiences with guidance from experienced professionals.

5. Normalizing Psychedelic Healing & Feeling Validated

Finally, Jimmy emphasizes the transformative power of having a supportive guide witness your experience, which can be incredibly healing and empowering. 

“I feel like a part of our ethos as Americans is that we’re independent, we’re self-driven, it’s so individualistic that I think that sometimes there is this forgetting that we’re actually just humans in community who should be supporting and caring for each other.”

This simple act of acknowledging and honoring your journey can be a powerful catalyst for growth and positive change.

Normalization of the Psychedelic Experience

Jimmy draws attention to the power of feeling seen and validated during a psychedelic journey. He acknowledges that the very nature of psychedelic experiences can be intense and unfamiliar, with individuals traversing uncharted mental landscapes. 

Having a supportive presence, such as a facilitator, can normalize these experiences by offering a grounded and understanding perspective, reassuring the individual that their journey is valid and shared by others.

Reassurance Through Connection

The podcast delves into the psychological impact of feeling seen and validated, particularly in moments of vulnerability.

Jimmy shares his own journey, highlighting that a facilitator’s presence can provide reassurance during challenging phases of the psychedelic experience. 

This reassurance stems from the human connection, reminding individuals that they are not alone in their journey and that their emotions and sensations are recognized and understood.

Facilitating Emotional Expression

Jimmy explores the therapeutic potential of feeling seen and validated, emphasizing that a supportive presence encourages emotional expression. 

The facilitator becomes a witness to the individual’s experience, creating a safe space for them to express their thoughts, feelings, and emotions freely. 

“Having this immediate shift from joy, laughter, and love to like pain and suffering and despair and being around somebody who can say, that’s okay, that’s normal, that’s welcome here. I validate you and I honor you in your experience. That in itself is medicine.”

This emotional release, guided by the understanding and validation of a supportive companion, can contribute significantly to the cathartic and transformative aspects of the psychedelic journey.

Validation as a Catalyst for Integration

Beyond the journey itself, feeling seen and validated plays a crucial role in the integration process. Jimmy suggests that the validation of one’s experiences by a facilitator becomes a catalyst for meaningful integration. 

The acknowledgment and normalization of the psychedelic journey facilitate a smoother integration of the insights gained, fostering a sense of coherence and understanding that extends beyond the immediate psychedelic experience.

Empowering Personal Narratives

In conclusion, Jimmy advocates for the transformative potential of feeling seen and validated in psychedelic journeys. 

The supportive presence of a facilitator empowers individuals to construct their narratives, reinforcing the idea that their experiences are valid, significant, and worthy of acknowledgment. 

As the psychedelic community continues to explore responsible and intentional use, recognizing the importance of feeling seen and validated becomes paramount, unlocking doors to enhanced therapeutic outcomes and a deeper understanding of the human psyche.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        1. What is the significance of a “supportive guide” in the context of psychedelic experiences?

        A supportive guide plays a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and meaningful psychedelic journey. They provide emotional anchoring, mental support, and physical assistance, allowing individuals to navigate the complexities of the psychedelic experience with confidence. 

        The presence of a guide can minimize distractions, offer external perspectives, and ensure that individuals’ basic needs are met, thus enhancing the overall quality and depth of the journey.

        2. How does the concept of “set and setting” relate to psychedelic experiences, and why is it important?

        The term “set and setting” refers to both the internal mindset (set) and external physical environment (setting) in which a psychedelic experience takes place. 

        These factors significantly influence the nature, depth, and outcome of the journey. A supportive setting and mindset contribute to a positive experience, while negative or unsupportive conditions can lead to challenging or adverse outcomes. 

        Ensuring a conducive set and setting is crucial for maximizing the therapeutic and transformative potential of psychedelic experiences.

        3. What are some challenges associated with solo psychedelic journeys, according to Jimmy’s reflections?

        Solo psychedelic journeys come with inherent challenges, as highlighted by Jimmy. These challenges include intense feelings of self-reliance and the need for rigorous mental preparation, which can be intimidating. 

        Without immediate support, individuals may struggle with managing basic needs like hydration, nourishment, or physiological requirements, potentially detracting from the depth and quality of the experience. 

        Additionally, the absence of external perspectives and emotional support can make it challenging to process and integrate the profound insights and emotions that emerge during the journey.

        4. How does a facilitator assist in the integration phase following a psychedelic journey?

        A facilitator’s involvement extends into the post-care and integration phase, offering personalized insights, support, and guidance. 

        They provide a safe space for individuals to process emotions, articulate thoughts, and navigate any challenges that may arise as they integrate the insights gained during the journey into their daily lives. 

        This structured and therapeutic support ensures a holistic and meaningful integration of the psychedelic experience, amplifying the benefits and fostering personal growth and understanding.

        5. Why does Jimmy emphasize the importance of feeling seen and validated during psychedelic journeys?

        Feeling seen and validated during psychedelic journeys is crucial for several reasons. It provides a profound sense of reassurance, connection, and human understanding, particularly in moments of vulnerability or intensity. 

        This validation encourages emotional expression, facilitates a deeper understanding of the experience, and becomes a catalyst for meaningful integration. 

        Recognizing and honoring one’s journey reinforces the idea that their experiences are valid, significant, and worthy of acknowledgment, unlocking doors to enhanced therapeutic outcomes and a deeper understanding of the human psyche.

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