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How to Choose a Mushroom Strain for Psychedelic Therapy

Choosing the right magic mushroom strain for psychedelic therapy involves understanding therapeutic approaches and dosing intentions. This comprehensive guide encourages a balanced evaluation of factors such as potency, accessibility, and cultivation characteristics.


Dive into the captivating world of psychedelic therapy as we guide you through the intricate process of choosing the ideal mushroom strain for your transformative journey. 

From understanding different therapeutic approaches to exploring the nuances of dosing intentions, we embark on a comprehensive exploration that goes beyond the surface. Uncover the pillars that shape the true essence of psychedelic experiences, overshadowing the singular focus on strain selection.

To determine which psilocybin mushroom strain is right for you, we consider factors such as accessibility and consistencywhere the importance of strain extends beyond a one-off psychedelic experience, and we explore the impact of strain potency, considering factors that are far more meaningful than numerical values. 

Later, we decipher the cultivation characteristics that can make or break your choice of strain, providing insights for those seeking to grow their own mushrooms. Keep reading to gain experiential insights from Reddit users and unlock the secrets of magic mushroom strain selection.

Key Takeaways

  • Targeted therapeutic approaches demand precision and consistency, while exploratory approaches embrace flexibility.
  • The choice of mushroom variety plays a role in shaping the therapeutic environment, aligning with the chosen approach.
  • Therapeutic approaches are not fixed, and dosing intentions may evolve over time, prompting a reassessment of preferred mushroom varieties.
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What’s The Correct Term: ‘Strain’ or ‘Variety’?

Mushroom species like Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe azurescens contain subspecies such as Golden Teacher and Blue Meanie. These subspecies have been colloquially termed ‘strains,’ although microbiologically, ‘variety’ proves most accurate. 

The influence of the cannabis industry led to ‘strain’ usage in the mushroom community. Unlike cannabis however, mushrooms, reproducing through spores, result in unique varieties with each cultivation, making consistent strains an impossibility. 

‘Variety’ accurately describes the diverse genetic expressions within mushrooms, while ‘strain’ implies consistency not feasible in most cultivation methods. 

Moving forward in today’s content, excluding headers, we are committed to using accurate terminology, specifically employing the term “variety” to describe the diverse genetic expressions within the Psilocybe Cubensis mushroom species.

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate a balance between accurate terminology and search engine optimization. Now, let’s continue our exploration into the fascinating world of psilocybin mushrooms.

1. Determine Your Therapeutic Approach

Psychedelic therapy encompasses a spectrum of purposes, ranging from targeted therapeutic outcomes to exploratory journeys of self-discovery. 

A targeted therapeutic approach inherently demands a heightened degree of precision, organization, and consistency. In this context, the intention is often to address particular mental health concerns or achieve predefined objectives. 

Users seeking a controlled and structured therapeutic environment may place emphasis on creating a more predictable setting that facilitates a focused and intentional healing process. As we’ll learn, the choice of mushroom variety can play a role in shaping this environment.

Conversely, an exploratory approach to psychedelic therapy takes a more open-ended and flexible stance. Here, the preparatory process is less about reducing the number of potentially confounding variables and more about embracing the creative and exotic elements of the psychedelic experience.

2. Understand Your Dosing Intentions

Microdosing, characterized by the consumption of micro-perceptual doses, has gained popularity for its potential cognitive and emotional benefits. On the other end of the spectrum, macrodosing involves consuming higher doses, often leading to more intense and transformative experiences in a shorter amount of time.

Therapeutic approaches to psychedelic healing are not prescriptive. This implies that while one may feel drawn to a structured microdosing routine one year, the following year may bring an appreciation for intentional high-dose psychedelic experiences. In fact, some individuals choose to engage in microdosing after a high-dose psychedelic experience.

The intuitive and evolving nature of dosing intentions suggests that factors like mushroom variety may not always remain constant. However, when prompted to alter dosing experiences, you can revisit this article to reassess your variety preferences in light of new intentions.

3. Prioritize Essential Elements Beyond Strain Selection

While the choice of variety in psychedelic therapy has its significance, it is paramount to recognize that the therapeutic value extends far beyond this consideration. Two pivotal factors—preparation and integration—stand as pillars that significantly elevate the overall impact of psychedelic experiences.

Preparation is the groundwork for a safe, intentional, and meaningful journey. Its influence surpasses the variety selection, emphasizing crucial elements such as mindset cultivation, intention setting, optimizing the environment (set and setting), establishing social support, and considering appropriate dosage. 

Integration serves as the bridge between the psychedelic experience and real-life application. This phase is equally, if not more crucial than the journey itself. Reflecting on the experience through journaling, incorporating mindfulness into daily life, expressing creativity, and connecting with a supportive community are integral components of integration. 

These facets collectively lay the foundation for a positive and transformative experience, overshadowing the singular focus on variety.

4. Assess Your Relationship to These Strain-Related Factors

Accessibility & Consistency of Strain 

Accessibility becomes crucial in maintaining a consistent supply for a microdosing routine. If a specific variety is hard to obtain or inconsistent in availability, it can disrupt the microdosing regimen.

For individuals adopting a more targeted therapeutic approach to microdosing, where specific cognitive or emotional benefits are sought, consistency in mushroom variety becomes important. Microdosing aims for subtle cognitive and emotional benefits, requiring a more precise and consistent experience. 

By minimizing the variables associated with varying varieties, users can more confidently gauge the effects of the substance over time. Opting for the same variety not only ensures a more reliable and reproducible set of effects but also aids in determining a more consistent dosage. 

While there is variability in active ingredients between different varieties of mushrooms and even within multiple flushes of a single variety, selecting the same strain provides a degree of assurance that if you take the same dose, you are ingesting a relatively consistent amount of psilocybin and psilocin.

In the context of macrodosing, where higher doses are consumed less frequently, accessibility to a specific variety becomes less critical. The one-off nature of these experiences allows for more flexibility in variety selection without concerns about continuous availability.

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For harm-reduction purposes, we provide links to online psilocybin vendors, local stores, delivery services, and spore vendors for growing your own medicine at home.

Average Potency of Strain

The potency of a mushroom variety holds fair importance when deciding which variety to choose for psychedelic therapy, primarily due to its direct correlation with dosage determination and the resulting therapeutic effects. 

In our Reddit exploration of psilocybin mushroom varieties, we found that while most users believe in the overall consistency of potency among varieties, there are notable outliers, such as Penis Envy varieties, Enigma mushrooms, and Tidal Wave, which tend to score above average in potency, but also tend to be unstable, having higher variability in tryptamine content.

“All cubes are more or less the same in potency with the exception of APE, and PE.” – Reddit User

Our research seems to confirm this, and indicates that the average combined psilocybin and psilocin content across various varieties falls within the range of 0.62% to 0.72%. 

While you won’t be able to determine the exact potency of any mushroom variety without a lab or at-home psilocybin potency test, it’s important to be aware of varieties that are commonly known for having higher than average tryptamine levels. 

Popular Psilocybin Mushroom Varieties and Strains Ordered by Potency

“Your average Golden Teacher has a psilo(cybin) content of about 0.7%. Albino Riptide comes in close to 3%. Both are cubensis. That means 1g of albino riptide is close to 4g of golden teachers. They’re exactly the same species.” –Reddit User

Observing the variability between varieties becomes crucial in the context of microdosing. Opting for a mushroom variety with lower potency is a prudent choice, facilitating dosage determination without excessive concern about potential errors in measurement. This approach minimizes the risk of inadvertently consuming higher amounts of a substance rich in psychoactive ingredients.

While a slightly more potent Golden Teacher may pose fewer challenges due to its initial lower potency, selecting a highly potent variety like Penis Envy or Enigma can prove challenging, particularly when aiming for a micro-perceptual dosage. The intricacies of dosing at this level require careful consideration.

Some individuals may propose opting for a stronger variety, assuming a need for less quantity. 

“Why does anyone bother with any strain except the most potent one?” –Reddit User

However, we caution against this recommendation, particularly for beginners, as the potential for unexpected intensity could be overwhelming. 

We also advocate for approaching this journey with a perspective that places less emphasis on large numerical potency values. High potency does not necessarily correlate with an enjoyable and productive journey—“Does The Heroic Dose Downplay The Hero’s Journey?”. 

In larger doses, variety potency tends to matter less, although dosage decisions should still be grounded in assessments of potency. 

To learn more about psilocybin mushroom potency tests, we invite you to check out our article, “How to Test Potency of Psychedelics at Home: Mushrooms, LSD, MDMA”.

Dr. Felix Blei's Miraculix Qtests

It is critical to note that while variety potency is a significant factor, it does not singularly dictate psychedelic effects. Other factors, including individual biology, serotonin receptor receptivity, and medications (especially SSRIs and antidepressants known to dampen psychedelic effects), play an equally pivotal role in shaping the overall psychedelic experience. 

Thus, a comprehensive evaluation of factors beyond variety potency is essential when embarking on psychedelic therapy.

Cultivation Characteristics & Availability of Information

Cultivation and the availability of information are important factors when choosing a variety of psilocybin mushrooms, particularly for individuals interested in growing their own mushrooms. 

There are various reasons why some people opt to cultivate their own mushrooms rather than acquiring them whole. Many of our clients find that nurturing their own mushroom cultivation project fosters mindfulness and a deeper connection to the plant medicine they will use during their psychedelic experience. The cultivation process becomes a meaningful and intentional aspect of their overall journey.

However, choosing a mushroom variety becomes more complex when you start to consider what cultivation characteristics are important to you. We can’t make this determination for you, but we will offer examples of some properties that growers commonly seek out. 

Some individuals prioritize varieties that exhibit faster growth characteristics.

Others are interested in cultivating varieties known for their higher yield potential.

While others seek more resilient varieties, placing emphasis on characteristics such as resistance to contamination.

Certain growers seek varieties that are most suitable for specific climates.

Others are drawn to exotic varieties and prioritize creativity in their cultivation endeavors.

Some focus on growing locations, specifically seeking varieties that are ideal for cultivation in monotubs.

While for others, simplicity is key, and they prioritize finding the most beginner-friendly varieties to grow.

We don’t blame you. Growing mushrooms can be tricky business.

Most frequently, P. Cubensis Golden Teachers are discussed as an excellent choice for beginners due to their reputation for relatively quick colonization.

byu/morristheapostle from discussion

As we’ve uncovered, selecting a variety involves a multifaceted process, especially when venturing into growing your own mushrooms. For beginners, we recommend simplifying the cultivation process as much as possible.

While the choice of variety holds significance, the cultivation method is equally vital. The ‘Boomr Bin’ Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit by Northspore is an excellent option for beginners, offering a user-friendly monotub kit that streamlines the mushroom growing experience. Crafted by mycologists, this comprehensive starter kit includes everything necessary for successful home mushroom cultivation.

North Spore Mushroom Grow Kit

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To delve deeper into the straightforward process of growing mushrooms using a grow kit, we encourage you to explore our informative article titled “The Best Mushroom Grow Kits For Psychedelic Therapy.”

But don’t forget– the ease and support in growing your own mushrooms often hinge on the abundant availability of information about the variety online, particularly in discussion forums like Reddit. 

Established varieties with a rich history tend to have a wealth of information, making them more accessible for cultivation. In contrast, newer varieties may lack extensive documentation, making it challenging to find comprehensive guidance and support in the cultivation community.

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      Frequently Asked Questions About Psilocybin Mushroom Strains

      1. What factors should I consider when choosing a psilocybin mushroom strain for psychedelic therapy?

      This article provides a comprehensive guide covering various factors such as therapeutic approaches, dosing intentions, accessibility, consistency, and cultivation characteristics. We advise on understanding your therapeutic approach and dosing intentions, and emphasize the importance of elements beyond strain selection, like preparation and integration.

      2. Can I rely on strain potency alone when selecting a psilocybin mushroom strain?

      While potency is discussed in this article, we emphasize that therapeutic value extends beyond strain potency. Other factors, including individual biology, serotonin receptor receptivity, and medications, play crucial roles in shaping the overall psychedelic experience. We suggest a comprehensive evaluation of factors beyond variety potency is essential.

      3. What is the correct term for different varieties of psilocybin mushrooms – strain or variety?

      We discuss the terminology debate, stating that microbiologically, “variety” is more accurate than “strain” when describing different varieties within mushroom species. 

      4. How important is accessibility and consistency when choosing a mushroom strain, especially for microdosing purposes?

      Accessibility and consistency are deemed crucial, particularly for microdosing routines. This article explains that consistent availability of a specific variety is essential for maintaining a reliable supply. For targeted therapeutic microdosing, where cognitive or emotional benefits are sought, a more precise and controlled experience is recommended.

      5. How do cultivation characteristics influence strain selection?

      We delve into the cultivation process, discussing factors like growth characteristics, yield potential, resistance to contamination, and suitability for specific climates.

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